Masterbation for Two

By probie

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Wishing it was in her pussy, or that it was her hand stroking my cock. My mind has lost all thought

It all started about a week ago, I was walking home from my favorite bar after having a couple of drinks. While walking home I had been thinking of this rather attractive women from the bar and wondering how good she would be in bed. I decided to take a short cut through a yard that leads over to my block. As I was cutting through the yard I passed by a sliding door at the back of the house, looking to see if anyone was going to see me cut through the yard I got the surprise of my life. My head did a double take to be sure my eyes saw what my mind thought I saw. Yes, it was true, there was a woman lying on a sofa, her robe open, her one hand on her breast and the other down between her legs.

Quickly I looked around to see if anyone could see me in the yard. All the other windows I could see were in complete darkness. So I moved a little closer to the door, but not close enough to be seen. I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants as I watched this beautiful site unfolding in front of me.

My hand began to move over the front of my pants, my cock getting harder and harder with each stoke of my hand. My forehead starting to get beads of sweat as I made one more quick look around. I reached for my zipper and zipped it down, reaching inside I pulled my cock out, letting in stand straight out in front of me. I could see the woman’s hand moving frantically of her pussy in small circles, so I knew she was playing with her clit. Her other hand working her nipples and gently tugging at them. I could see the flicker of a television off in the corner and hear a gentle moaning; ”She is watching porn.” Her eyes fixed on the TV. as she slowly pleasured herself.

My fingers slowly move around my cock and I began to stroke its length. Feeling the veins getting ever bigger as my cock gets harder and harder. My hand stroking   the full length, the thought goes through my mind, “Not to fast.” My other hand reaches for my balls and gently squeezes them as my eyes remained fixed on the woman. I feel my mouth and lips getting dry and as I lick my lips I think, “I wish it was your pussy I was licking.”

My hand continues its slow movement up and down the length of my cock as I watch her hand change its position and movement. Her hand now slips a little deeper and the movement is in and out. Her legs have parted and her eyes are half closed. I say to myself, “Yes baby stick your finger in deep. Fuck yourself for me. Make yourself cum.” My hand begins to stroke my cock faster; I feel the head of my cock as my hand slips over it. It is harder than I can ever remember it being. My hand sliding the length of it, in and out it goes. Wishing it was in her pussy, or that it was her hand stroking my cock. My mind has lost all thought of being caught at this point.

Her eyes close and her hand begins to move faster, I can tell she is getting close to cumming. I start to stroke my cock faster, gently squeezing my balls and rolling them in my hand. The tension building in my cock as I stroke and admire her pleasuring herself.   She pushes her chest forward, arching her back; her legs spread wide and her finger slamming hard into her pussy. My cock begins to twitch in my hand, a sure sign of what is to come.   Biting down on her bottom lip she begins to thrash around, my legs tense up as I near exploding. My hand stroking my cock so fast that I begin to feel exhausted. Her free hand grabs her breast and squeeze it hard as she lets out a loud moan. My whole body tenses as I feel the first drop of cum approaching. I stroke one last slow stroke from the tip of my cock to the base, my body goes stiff and the cum shoots from my cock. Spurt after spurt of cum explodes from me. I stand there looking at her as her body relaxes, and feel my cock getting soft in my hand. The thought races through my mind, “I wish this would never end.”