Masturbation in caravan

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Two campers masturbate me
I was in my caravan on a campsite in France. One day a married English couple arrived. They were riding bicycles and erected a small tent (I think it is called a bivvy) close to my caravan. I spoke to them and they told me they were Val and Steve and I told them I was Peter.

That night the heavens opened and the noise of the rain on the roof of my van woke me up. Suddenly there was a banging on the door and Steve`s voice asking me to let them in. When I opened the door they came in, soaked to the skin. As for me I was stark naked as I always sleep like that.

"What on earth happened?" I asked them.

"There was a rip in our tent and the rain came in on us. We hoped you would give us shelter" said Steve.

"Of course I will but you must get out of your wet clothes. I`ll give you towels to dry yourselves".

"That would mean we would be naked" said Val.

"So what? I`m naked, Go ahead and undress".

Rather reluctantly, both took off their wet clothes so they were as naked as I was. I handed them each a towel and tghey dried themselves. The towels were now rather wet so I hung them up from where I had taken them. I had no more to give them to cover their nakedness. I had been sleeping in a single bed so we all sat side by side on my bed.

I must say that I was surprised by Val`s figure. I suppose she was 30 or 35 years old. Lovely, firm breasts, slim waist and long legs. I couldn`t help myself for my cock grew at the sight of the naked woman.

"My word, Peter. Seeing Val like that seems to have affected you somewhat" said Steve.

"I`m sorry. I couldn`t help it".

"For goodness sake, don`t be sorry. It gives me quite a boost to see how seeing me naked has affected you. But surely it can be much larger than that given, the right motive" was Val`s comment.

"Of sourse it can be".

"Why don`t you show us?" asked Steve.

I stood up. Held my cock between finger and thumb. In front of them I stroked to full erection.

"That`s quite a size. Can you make it bigger?" asked Val.

"No. If I try something will happen".

"You`ll cum" said Steve.

"Yes. Of course".

"Well. Why don`t you" was Val`s reply.

"No fear. I don`t think I should masturbate in front of you".

"Why not let Val do it for you. Then you won`t be doing it" was Steve`s comment.

"Only if she wants to" I replied.

"Oh, I want to. I`ve never done it to anyone but Steve. It will be something new for me".

"I`ll get some kitchen paper from a roll so that my cum will fall on it when you masturbate me, Val".

She held my erection and finished me off. My cum shot out on to the kitchen paper. I was panting as she masturbated me. I was in heaven. When I`d finished cumming I made a double bed and we all slept on it. All nude but Val was quite safe from me as I didn`t get another erection.

The morning was sunny. Steve spent some time sewing up the the tent and I covered the repair with glazing tape. It would keep out any future rain.

They left for their next destination with my good wishes and their`s to me