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Masturbation in the woods

Sunbathing leads to masturbation

There is a clearing in the woods a couple of miles from where I live and in the summer I cycle there to sunbathe in the nude. When there I usually masturbate. It is quite safe to be naked there because I've never seen anyone else come along the track. On this occasion, however, things went quite differently.

I had undressed and put my clothes on a fallen log. When naked, I lay on the leafy ground to soak up the sun, intending to masturbate later. I was lying on my back with my eyes closed against the sun when I heard something. On opening my eyes I had a shock. A young woman was standing on the track and holding a bicycle and she could see me.

There was nothing I could do. My clothes were several feet away from me and I couldn't cover myself. I stood up and apologised for giving her a shock and said I would dress.

"I wasn't shocked but rather surprised to see you like that. You are the first naked man I've ever seen and I must say that I like it. Please don't get dressed for my sake. I want to look at you for a while."

"Why did you stop and not ride on?" I asked.

"Because I came here to sunbathe in the altogether, which I sometimes do."

"In that case I'd better dress and leave you to your sunbathing."

"No. Don't do that. I don't mind sunbathing with you but I'll lie down some way from you."

Some yards from me she undressed. My word, she had a wonderful figure with firm breasts which I liked and my cock grew a little. She had only a slight sun tan so I guessed that she didn't come here very often. She lay on her back on the ground.

"I am Sue" she said.

I'm Robert but most people call me Bob."

Then she cried out "It's swarming with ants here. I'll have to move. As far as I can see you have the best place. Can I come nearer to you?"

"Of course you can, Sue. There are no ants here."

She stood up and brushed the ants from her naked body. Then she came and stood near me. Looking up, I was staring at her pussy which was unshaven. Satisfied that there were no ants she lay down on her back beside me.

"I've never seen a naked man and now I'm lying next to one. Quite nice and rather naughty."

"I have the same thought. I've seen naked women on naturist beaches but I've never lain close to one. I like us being naked and close to each other. I find it rather exciting".

"Is that why your cock has grown a little?"

"So you've noticed? I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. I find it interesting. I know, from reading some naughty novels that a man can have a big erection when excited. I'd love to see yours fully up."

"Happy to oblige, Sue. Here goes" I said.

I stroked myself to full erection. It seemed to please her. I told her that I usually go further when I'm alone. In fact I masturbate. 

"I do, too" she said.

"As you've never been naked with a man you must be a virgin".

"Not quite" Sue replied. "I sometimes use my fingers to masturbate but sometimes use a dildo so I don't think I'm a virgin though I've never been done by a man".

"Well. As we both masturbate why don't we do it together?" I suggested.

"I'd like that. I've never seen a man masturbating. I'd like to see it happening".

Sue remained on the ground and I stood up so that she would be able to see me cumming. Holding my swollen cock in the palm of my hand I continued stroking it. She put her fingers into her cunt and moved them around in there. Soon I began to cum and it shot out on to the ground close to her and I could hear her panting and saw her writhing as she had an orgasm. I could see that she was watching me cumming.

"So that's what it looks like when a man masturbates?" she said. "Did you enjoy it as much as I did when I masturbated?"

"Yes, I did. Especially knowing you could see me cumming and I liked hearing and seeing you having your orgasm".

"I haven't finished cumming, Bob. I want to cum again. Will you cum again for me as I do it?"

"I'm afraid I can't cum again for a couple of hours but I'll watch you masturbating as many times as you like" which she did, several times.

"We could do it tomorrow. Can you make it, Sue?" I asked.

"Yes, I can."

"Maybe you could masturbate me and I masturbate you, tomorrow".

"I've never been masturbated by a man nor masturbated one. I'd like to try it. It would be very naughty because we'll both be naked when we do it".

The next day we masturbated each other. We stood up to do it. Afterwards Sue said said it was somehow better when I did it to her than when she did it to herself. I said it was the same for me.

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