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Masturbation Marathon II

The continuation and culmination of my first ejaculation of my evening.
Part II
When I'd caught my breath, and could move without ending it all, I held the watermelon firmly and began to slowly push myself deeper into the hole the broom handle had made for me. It was so warm! And tight, but really slick; I kept on pushing, easing in -- just as my furry mound pressed against its entrance, I felt the head of my dick barely touch the bottom of the hole ... perfect again! The only thing that could have been better would have been to have a big, carefully sculpted cucumber in my ass (god, I love cumming while I'm geting fucked!), but this was ten years prior to the similar Friday night session in 1996 with the xxx tapes that awakened the long-slumbering feminine side of my smouldering bisexuality!

I lay on my left side and began to fuck the hole in the watermelon -- it was so very, very much like fucking a woman! -- but I had only my own pleasure to think about, and I lost myself so utterly in the host of sexual fantasies the forever lured me to find a secret place, if only for a stolen moment, and have myself. But this was not a stolen moment, and I delved deeper into than I had in a long, long time as I pushed and pulled, in and out ... I found that it required much more concentration to govern the sense of urgency doing this than with my fingers -- several times I almost lost it!

Over and over again I let it build deep inside, only to stop just in time to prevent rhat swiftly swelling sensation rising up! So lost I became in what was happening to me that I completely lost track of time as I floated from one swale to another (of which I lost count after fourteen!): finally, as I was recovering from one that was really good for me, I happened to see the clock on the night-stand -- it was 10:22! I'd fucked that watermelon in every position I could manage: for a long time at first on my left side, with it lying out in front of me; then I got up on top of it (had to place a folded pillow under one end to get the angle right); I'd lifted it up and bounced it up and down on me as my hips rose and fell, and several others!

Now, I was back on my side as I had begun; I needed to cum badly now, and I began to fuck my petrified, aching man-cock into it with a purpose -- faster, harder, more savagely than ever! Tears of joy and wonder at what was building inside me overwhelmed me as I pounded myself into it -- harder than I'd ever fucked my wife! I felt myself approaching that beautiful, long-awaited yet long-denied point-of-no-return, and I began to gasp and grunt and wail and cry -- it had never been like this for me before!

I desperately wanted to cum into the watermelon I was pounding myself into so furiously, but I wanted to watch and feel it in my hand when it started to happen, too! At the last possible moment, I jerked my splitting cock out and rolled onto my back, grabbing and clutching myself and slamming my fist hard down against my rising mound, pulling it back with all my manly strength just as the first sledge-hammer contraction of ejaculation slammed into my crotch, knocking the breath out of me as it lifted my hips up off the bed and sent the first geyser of hot cum gushing up thru me and leaping out (and quickly scalding!) the end of my bursting cock! It had been held back for so long it had literally been melted by my body's inner heat -- it was clear and very thin, almost like water!

It wasn't easy to keep my feverish eyes open, but I somehow managed to watch it spew high above me and rain back down, spurt after spurt, all over me -- my chest and face and hair! -- and my bed ... even the headboard and the wall behind it, as my parched throat finally opened up and filled the room with my loud, plaintive, anguished wail! Alone in the house in the rural area in which I lived, I held nothing back, but cried out again and again as my heaving, churning belly pumped my hot cum out everywhere, sobbing shamelessly in my indescribable joy until at last, I fell back to my bed, spent and empty and satisfied beyond my wildest hopes -- for the moment! I looked over at the clock and smiled -- it was 10:31.

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