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Masturbation on subway train

This happened a long time ago - year 96 or 97 I think. I remember it was late in November or probably early December. I was a student and I would take the train from Harvard to Quincy. One day, I was returning home very late, close to midnight. I usually got into the last car of the train, because it would usually be less crowded. On this particular trip, I was the lone person on the car (probably next one also).

A couple of minutes later, I realized I was totally alone in a public space and that brought back my frequent fantasy of masturbating in a public space. As luck would have it, I was already pretty aroused from having had fun with a group of students - some of whom were really hot girls - on campus.

I got to the end of the car in a corner between last two seats - one seat was sideways and one was facing in direction of train. There was a slight space between them and a metal bar which, just a little bit covered the view from nearest door. I crouched into the space with my face towards the door and kept my backpack standing up on the seat for additional cover. So even if anyone entered the car from that door and looked directly in my direction, they would probably not get a view of my junk and would give me a couple of seconds to pull up my pants.

I pushed my pants down; all the way down to the ankles. My dick was already hard as rock. I fondled myself a little bit over the undies, then pushed them down as well. It was hard to stroke the dick in my usual 'one hand fist' style, since I was not able to spread my legs wide apart without taking off pants. So instead I switched to the 'two palms rub' style. Took the dick head between two palms and started rubbing. I tried to reach my anus, but it was difficult to reach through the narrow gap between legs. For kink, I even fantasized about being spotted by a group of girls entering the car.

It took just few minutes of stroking for me to start spewing my load. I tried to cup my palm and catch as much of it as possible, but couldn't scoop up all of it. I was shooting a lot of thick hot and creamy spunk and some of it dribbled down on my balls and thigh. For a minute I was in heaven, with my eyes closed and that out of world sensation of my semen shooting through my dick, overflowing my palms. I could actually feel dribbles of hot wet goo go down my thighs to my ass checks and between the crack.

I recovered and licked the cum I had cupped in my palm. I especially loved the sweaty, steamy smell of my crotch. Wiped as much of cum as possible from my thighs and balls and licked clean both my hands. I remember smelling my sticky fingers.

When I was done, I was in a mess with both my hands, my face and my genitals all sticky with my spunk. I was sure there was a tiny puddle on floor. I licked my lips, gulped down all the semen in my mouth. Then to clean up, I brought a lot of saliva in my mouth and spat generously on my dick and balls. Spread it everywhere on dirty thighs with hands and cleaned up as much as possible. Finally, again wiped my thighs with my hands and licked it all off.

I was finally coming to my senses. I quickly pulled up my pants, properly zipped up and sat up. I looked around to where the train had reached and realized that I was fast approaching my stop. I was still alone in the section, but noticed a few heads in the next to last car of train. I stood up and noticed a spoonful or so of my white semen on the floor. I thought, what a shame to waste that much of my semen.

Threw my backpack over my shoulder and walked to the door as the train entered station.
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