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Michelle's unrequited desire

Michelle is used to getting the girls, and is horribly surprised when Jenny turns her down
I am a lesbian. That's something I decided when I was 16, when I lost my virginity to my best friend. I had dabbled a bit with men, but decided that I didn't like sex with them very much. Most of them finished too quickly, for one thing, and most of them weren't very creative. But I would gladly tolerate them if it was a threesome, foursome, or gang bang with other girls. But usually I love the taste of pussy and I'm not looking back. I work at a lesbian bar, but just as a stripper. It does help me to get women, often the customers want to experience me fully. Normally it's easy for me to pick up a woman. The amount of women I have brought back to my apartment well exceeds 200. I often turn straight women lesbian, even if just for a night. I'm not going to lie, I'm gorgeous. I'm 164cm tall, weighing 50kg. My skin is tanned and I have perfectly round 36D breasts, brown hair and green eyes that can trap you with a glance. There are very few occasions on which, after a few drinks and some flirting, I have been refused.

But that was before I met Jenny. Jenny is absolutely stunning. Built very much like me but with long and shiny blonde hair and captivating blue eyes. I met her at a party I was attending at the house of one of my fuck buddies, Christy. Christy and I often meet for sex, and she's good, but not amazing, and not especially sexy either, although I suppose she is above average. Anyway, Christy had invited me to a party.

"Just to relax," she had said. "It'll be fun."

So I had gone, not really knowing who would be there, but hoping to pick up one or two girls to bring home. I had dressed up incredibly sexily, I wore a tiny little black dress that was highly provocative. It was mostly sheer and you could see every little curve of my body. The material solidified when it reached my crotch, covering up my vagina and ass, as well as my breasts. Although, my under boobs were showing quite clearly and the dress was short enough that if I bent over, everyone would be able to see that I was going commando.

I worried a little that I had completely misjudged it, and I would get many odd glances. But if worst came to worst, I could always borrow something from Christy.

I arrived to loud music and sweaty dancing people. I wove through the crowd until I spotted Christy. She was dressed almost as slutty as me, in a tight miniskirt and a too small bandeau. She walked up to me, and we hugged, then kissed passionately for bit while we groped each other's boobs. She felt under my dress to make sure I hadn't worn panties and flicked my pussy. Maybe we would have sex later if I didn't find someone else. Christy walked with me over to a group of women. She started introducing them. I looked at the group, judging their faces, their make up, their dresses. I mentally made a note of who I thought was just there for some dancing, and who was likely to be trying to get lucky. As I scanned their faces, I paused on one of them. God she was gorgeous. Perfect features, sexy long blonde hair.

I barely even listened to Christy except when she introduced the bombshell, "Jenny". I looked at Jenny, trying to figure out whether or not I'd be able to get her in bed. I wanted to taste her, to feel her boobs. She was dressed revealingly enough. Wearing a dress similar to mine, except red and a bit longer. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples showing right through the fabric. Just the thought of squeezing them made me wet. Maybe she wasn't wearing panties either. My final assessment was that she was up for some sex, and I made it my nights mission to get her in bed.

I joined the group, making sure to stand right next to Jenny. I brushed my arm against hers a few times, and 'accidentally' brushed against her nipple when making an arm gesture. But she didn't seem to notice me. I turned to her to try and make conversation, but she ignored me. How was I going to fuck her if she wouldn't even talk to me? She instead just spoke to the girl next to her. Half an hour in, I was sure I'd be able to get at least half the girls in the group to have sex with me, but not Jenny. Suddenly, she got up and walked over to a guy standing on the other side of the room. I realized that they must have been 'glancing' at each other all night. How stupid of me not to have noticed it! She smiled at him and walked past, running her fingers lightly over his crotch as she did so. She then made her way to the stairs and walked up. He followed.

I was crushed. I couldn't believe she was going to have sex with some random guy, instead of me. I needed a plan. I excused myself to the bathroom and went upstairs. I had been here before, usually to have sex with Christy, but sometimes for lunch. I knew my way around, but instead of the bathroom, I headed straight for the spare bedroom where I was sure Jenny would be. I opened the door to see her lying spread out on the bed, completely naked with the guy thrusting his quite small cock into her pussy. She was even sexier naked. Her dress had not left much to the imagination about her boobs, which were similar to mine and perfect. Her pussy was occupied with a dick, but I could see that it was tight, and shaved too. I lusted for her.

"Whoops!" I said, acting as if I had entered the wrong room. "Sorry!"

She looked up briefly, smiled at me, then went back to moaning. The guy didn't even notice. I made to leave, closing the door, then quickly opened it again.

"Hey, um, would you mind if I joined?"I had never resorted to such desperate tactics before.

At this, the guy turned around and starting staring at me. Even pausing in his clearly pleasurable fuck to ogle. I was sure that he was about to gladly welcome me in. But I wasn't interested in him. Jenny looked at me, and I thought I saw irritation flash across her face.

"Sorry," she said. "I'd prefer to give Dave my undivided attention."

Embarrassed, I left, closing the door behind me. But I wasn't going to give up. I trooped downstairs, an image of the naked Jenny suddenly flashing up in my mind. She was so hot. I felt really wet, and I nearly actually went to the bathroom to pleasure myself. But no, I wanted Jenny to do that for me.

I rejoined the girls, and after a few minutes of dancing and chatting, I whispered to Christy, "Hey, what are the chances of me grabbing Jenny?"

Christy smiled sympathetically. "Absolutely and 100% zero. I tried once. She's hot right? You are not getting her no matter how hard you try though. She's such a slut, but completely straight. Won't even do threesomes with other girls. Sorry babe."

I smiled, "It's fine. I've got you and half the girls here. I won't worry." I gave her a quick peck. But I did worry. I needed Jenny. I couldn't help it. 

The guy Jenny had fucked came down the stairs, doing up his belt and looking pleased with himself. I couldn't blame him. He'd just banged the second hottest girl at the party. A few minutes later, Jenny joined us. The girls all smiled knowingly at her, and she grinned back. She didn't even glance at me.

I was dejected for the rest of the night. I didn't even take any of the girls to the spare room. I got a bit drunk and groped a few of them, and when the dancing and music grew boring, we went into the kitchen and played spin the bottle. Childish, but not for drunkards. I had a couple of passionate kisses with the girls. But Jenny stayed behind and danced. That saddened me. If I wasn't going to have sex with her, making out and some feeling up wouldn't have been bad. But she seemed stubborn about her straight only rule.

When I stood up to leave, some of the girls who were still left looked up at me expectantly, as if waiting to see who I would take home. Even Christy was surprised, though, when I hugged and kissed them all goodbye without asking anyone to accompany me. She had probably thought that I would leave last and we could get some action. But she could probably guess that I was thinking too much about Jenny.

"Don't you need someone to come with you, Mich?" asked Christy.

"I'm OK thanks," I smiled. She could guess what I was thinking. If I couldn't have Jenny, I didn't want anyone.

When I got home, I opened my computer and typed 'Jenny Ire' into my browser. The first result was her Facebook page and then some work profiles from an accounting firm, and then some sex meet up sites. Those sites were very different to dating sites. Nobody on those is really interested in getting to know the person, or long term relationships. They just wanted sex. I clicked on one of those. Jenny's profile came up and immediately I knew I'd hit the jackpot. Her profile picture was of her naked, posed seductively, squeezing a boob in her one hand and holding her pussy in the other. My mouth watered. I clicked on her albums. She seemed to have had a couple of professional photo shoots done, all naked, seductive, gorgeous. One of the shoots was of her with a guy, posed all over him, one of the pictures was even her riding him. I didn't care for the guy, but god those pictures were hot. I was so turned on and I'd been holding it in all night. I needed to masturbate.

I tore off my dress and got straight to it. I stuck a finger inside my by now soaking pussy, moaning in appreciation. Finally! I needed the pleasure. I ran my finger up and down, wanting to please myself, but not wanting it to be over too quickly. I brought my finger out. Oh how I loved to tease myself! I started playing with my boobs, imagining that it was Jenny doing it for me. I pinched my nipples, imagining her teeth. I groaned, and my hand drifted to my pussy. I couldn't help myself, thinking of Jenny just got me going. I looked up at my computer, where her pictures were still open. I put my finger inside my pussy again and started fingering myself vigorously. I stuck in another finger, and ran them up and down, sighing.

A third finger. Usually I would stop there, content to just thrust my three fingers inside me, but not tonight. Tonight I was imagining all sorts of naughty things I would do to Jenny if she succumbed. I moaned, pushing my fourth finger into my aching pussy. I started going faster, making myself groan. But it still wasn't enough, not with thoughts of Jenny's perfect body. I decided to do what I had barely ever done to myself, only ever had done to me by others. I stuck my whole hand inside my pussy and started fisting myself violently. My bed shook and I emitted a brief scream of pleasure, pain and lust, all mixed together. Oh how I wished that was Jenny's hand! It felt good though, I pleased myself better than a lot of my partners. I carried on fisting myself, going harder and faster as I went. I was close to cumming and I didn't resist. I climaxed brilliantly, my juices flowing onto my hand. I brought my hand out and up to my face where I started licking it. I loved the taste of myself, but I was sure that Jenny tasted even sweeter. I spread my cum all over my breasts, and sucked the rest off my hand.

For a few minutes I just lay back on my bed, but then I realized that I still wasn't satisfied. When I was sure that I was ready for more, I went over to my bedside cabinet and opened it to reveal an extremely wide array of toys. When you choose the lesbian lifestyle, it is essential to have toys. I looked over my big collection then selected something that was perfect for that night. It was a vibrator, not huge, but bright pink. I had ordered it online, and it was slightly customized. The reason it was special was because it was both shaped and textured like a tongue, even though it was quite a bit bigger. I turned it on and ran it slowly up and down my clit, the slightly rough feeling sending tingles through my body into my nipples and my pussy.

I gently started pressing it into my cunt, then pulling it out, pressing in and pulling out. It felt good. I knew a tongue felt very very different, but it was nice to just rub it into my pussy and imagine Jenny, eating me out. And imagine I did. I imagined fucking her so well that she dreamed of me for days and came back begging for more. I imagined fucking her so hard that she could barely walk. I imagined kissing her, kissing her boobs, kissing her pussy. When she finally welcomed me I would bang her perfectly and with such lust that she would realize her mistake in straightness. I wanted to have sex with Jenny every night for the rest of my life. Oh god!

With these thoughts running through my mind, I fucked myself hard and long with the vibrator. Thrusting it into me, feeling it move, hitting all the right places, bringing such pleasure to my aching pussy. It took me a while to finish. The vibrator was not huge, and I had not helped it in any way. But when I did finally finish, it was probably one of the best orgasms I had ever had by myself. I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, and once again, licked my juices off it, imagining that I was kissing Jenny, my juices still in her mouth. 

Just thinking about her got me turned on, and I would have happily masturbated to thoughts and pictures of her a third time, were I not so exhausted. I looked at my clock. 5am. Wow, I needed to sleep. I had no work the next day, but I wanted to be up early. The early bird catches the worm and I knew just what my worm was.

I fell asleep, dreaming pleasant dreams of having sex with Jenny. I could not wait for Mission Jenny to begin.

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