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Middle of Nowhere

Last year my parents decided they didn’t love each other anymore and got divorced. No one asked me if this was okay, but I guess my opinion did not matter much to them at the time. I figured we would get through it and things would remain halfway normal, except I would have two home’s instead of one, spending half my time at my mothers and the other half of the time at my fathers. I did not know at the time how wrong I was.

After the divorce was final, my father accepted a promotion though his work, which led him to live on the other side of the country. I begged him not to go, but he told me it was what he had to do, and he was gone, leaving me to live with my mother.

For the entire school year I was angry at my father, mostly for leaving me behind to live with my now crazy mother. Growing up she was normal, the kind of mom people expected to have, but as soon as my father left, she changed. She turned into the woman who was on dates every friday night and didn’t come home at times because she was to busy getting laid. So by the time summer came around, I had a great amount of resentment for both of the people who meant the world to me.

“Addison,” my mother’s voice called through the house, pulling me from my thoughts. “Addison honey, are you home?”

I slowly got up from my bed and made my way out into the living room where my mother was sitting with her new “boyfriend” or whatever he was supposed to be to her. Instantly I wanted to turn around, but she motioned for me to sit down on the couch beside her, so I did.

“What’s up,” I asked her, looking back and forth between the two of them.

“Well,” she began, looking to him for what looked like support. “Kyle and I are going to be going to France for the rest of the Summer.”

“What?” I asked, slightly angered, “You are going to leave me here by myself while you go have sex with some guy you barely know in France?”

“Addison,” my mother raised her voice at me, “You do not speak to your mother that way, more so when there are people in the house. You apologize to Kyle right now.”

“I am not apologizing to anyone,” I yelled, standing up and heading towards my room, “running away with the boyfriend does not make you a good enough mother to deserve an apology.”

Slamming the door behind me, I flung myself on my bed and cried. I just wanted them to leave now so I could get on with my summer.

Well that is what I thought.

That was three days ago, and am I sitting at home by myself, doing whatever I please while my mother is in France? No. I get to be sitting on a plane, headed to the middle of nowhere to stay with my father, the man I had not talked to in the past six months. This summer was already sucking and it was only bound to get worse.


Day two at my fathers house. Still not having a great time. He is never here, which strangely makes things a lot better. I have not been interested in seeing him as it is anyways. I see him in passing through the halls and we do not talk. So basically its like being at home by myself, minus my friends, cable and people.

My father works for some farming company and he lives out in the middle of fucking nowhere. Like the closest neighbor to him is a mile away. Being as I am 16 and still yet to get my license, I am stuck here with nothing to do. If it was not for the fact that my father has the internet, I would probably have offed myself the first day.

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addybaby01: anyone interested in chatting? I am seriously bored.

harleyman: I would be more then happy to keep you company.

addybaby01: that would be awesome. I am Addy, 16/f/Unknown, what about you?

harleyman: Well I am Richard. I am 37 Male and also from places unknown, is that okay?

addybaby01: That is cool. How come you are not at work or something, its like 10 am. Well here it is anyways. 

harleyman: Well it is my day off, well my few days off actually. I worked most weekends, so my days off tend to be in the middle of the week.

addybaby01: That is cool, what do you do for a living? If that is okay for me to ask?

harleyman: I am a bartender actually. Not very exciting I know.

addybaby01: Seems pretty exciting to me.

Anyways, that is how it all began. I had made a new friend named Richard. Sure he was older but we got along great and we chatted about everything. For some reason I could talk to him about anything and I think that he felt the same way. We talked for a few weeks though messanger and email, then he asked if he could text me, and though I was a little nervous, we exchanged numbers and began texting.

We talked all day now. When we weren’t online, we were texting. Even if he was at work, every free moment he had, he was texting me and reverse. I was glad that I had free texting or else questions would arise from my parents.

Text to him: What are you up to? 

Text from him: Not a lot, just got home. What are you up to?

Text to him: Sitting around, doing not a damn thing Lol

Text from him: Would you be interested in chatting on the phone?

I did not respond right away. Did I want to hear his voice? Would I be able to talk to him without completely freaking out or panicking? What if he did not like the way that I sounded or if I sounded like a stupid child over the phone? I was not sure if I was ready for this, but I did not want to ruin what we had going.

Text to him: Sure when?

Text from him: Tonight around 9?

Text to him: Can we make it 10?

Text from him: That works for me. Would you like me to be the one to call?

Text to him: Yes, that would make it easier.

Text from him: Alright, I will call you at ten. 

Text to him: Alright. So how was your day?

We went on chatting like normal after that, but there were still a million nerves bunching themselves together in my stomach. Was I making the wrong decision? Should I tell him not to call? By the time 9:45 rolled around, I knew that it was then to late, the decision had been made, he was going to be calling soon.

I anxiously paced back and forth in my room. My dad had come home about an hour ago, grabbed something to eat and locked himself in his room. I was not sure if he was asleep or not, but I knew that he was not going to be bothering me. Though we were talking more and more now, we still gave each other space and left things to brief conversations. Plus, his room was far enough away that he would not notice I was on the phone, so I knew I did not have to worry, about him at least.


As the ringer on my cell phone went off I jumped. I knew the call was coming, but for some reason, deep down, I did not believe it to be true. As I pulled the phone up and noticed his name across the screen, I debated whether I should answer it or not. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I pushed the talk button and pulled the phone to my ear.

“Hello,” I whispered in a nervous, cracked voice. I almost couldn’t even get my simple hello out, as the words got choked in my throat.

“Wow,” he whispered on the other end. “It’s one thing knowing you are real, its another hearing it.”

“Yeah,” was all that I could respond with.

“How are you,” he asked, as if he was not sure what else to say.

“I am okay,” I said softly, as I sat myself down on my bed. “How are you?”

“I am great now,” he said with a slight nervous laugh, “it is so good to finally hear you.”

There was a brief pause. I tried to talk, but words were not coming to mind. So many things were going through my head, before he began to talk again.

“I have imagined for the longest time what you sounded like.” He said with a bit of a calm coming over him, as if he was getting more comfortable talking to me. I hoped that I could get there soon as well. “But you sound much more amazing then I imagined, thats for sure.”

“Same to you,” I said with a blush, thankful that he could not see me.

“So what are you doing right now,” he asked me with curiosity.

I looked around my room and then down at my legs. Unsure of what to say, I laid back against my bed and looked up at the ceiling, thinking of the best answer.

“Just laying here,” I answered, wondering why it was so hard just to come up with three simple words that were the truth to begin with.

“Yeah,” he said quietly, “same here.”

“Cool,” I responded, hoping that he would take more control of the conversation because I was at a complete loss of words.

“You all ready for bed,” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said with a small nervous laugh, “It is ten after all. You know me, can’t seem to keep myself up late.”

“Yeah,” he laughed, a real honest laugh this time. “I know better then to message you after eleven. If I do, gotta wait until the next day for an answer.”

I smiled, as things seemed to be relaxing between us.

“So Addy,” he began, “what is it that you wear to bed. Just out of curiosity. You don’t have to tell me.”

I looked down at myself, even though laying down did not give me the best view. I was not sure if I should tell him what I really wore to bed, or if I should make something up. I had not lied at all as of yet, maybe starting now was not such a good idea.

“Shorts,” I said, as if it was a a simple question that I was asked all the time and had in turn given the answer a million times. “Also a tank top. Its been kind of hot at night. What do you wear to bed?”

I instantly felt my face get red, the burning taking over every inch of my cheeks. I had never asked a single person that question, nor did I ever expect to ask the question to anyone.

“Just boxers,” he answered calm and collect. “Its been hot like you said, otherwise I might put on some pajama pants.”

The nerves in my stomach were starting to untangle themselves and our conversation went on. We talked about random things, whatever came to our heads, just like we did when we texted or talked online. Soon it was as if we talked on the phone all the time and it was no big deal. Things were going great, until he asked me a question that sent all of the nerves back into a wreck of a mess in my stomach.

“Would you be willing to take your pajama’s off,” he asked, the nerves building in his voice, which I could hear through its shaky tone. “Wow, I can’t believe I just asked that.”

“Okay,” I responded.

I think it was my answer that made me nervous the most. I was not nervous about the fact that he asked, I was nervous about the fact that I had agreed.

“Oh,” he responded, shocked by my answer. “Okay.”

“Can you hold on for a moment,” I asked him.

“Yes,” he answered.

I set the phone down on my bed and crawled off, bringing myself to my feet. Taking a deep breath I pulled my tank top over my head, the warm summer air hitting my chest, which was not very big, but I was not ashamed of it. I then slide my thumbs into the side of my shorts and pulled them to the ground, stepping out and leaving them in a pile on the floor.

Once I was naked, I stood there for a minute, trying to gain control of my heartbeat again, which was beating heavily in my chest. What are you doing Addison?

“Okay,” I said quickly as I laid back down and brought the phone back to my ear. “I am back.”

“Welcome back,” he said happily. I could hear the smile in his voice, and this made me smile.

“So,” I began, “Are you going to take your clothes off too?”

“I already did,” he answered quickly,” Figured I would jump ahead since you were doing it already.”

“Oh,” I said nervously, wondering where this was going. “Okay.”

“What are you doing now,” he asked me.

“Nothing,” I responded, “still just laying here. What are you doing?”

“Laying here,” he responded. “Addison, I want you so badly.”

“I,” I could not seem to get the words out of my mouth. “I ... want ... you too.”

Before I knew it he was whispering how much he wanted me in my ear. Telling me that he wished he could be laying beside me, his arms wrapped around my body.

“I want to kiss you,” he continued. “Holding you tight against my body, your breasts pressed up against my chest.”

I was silent, scared of saying the wrong thing, though my body was excited and hoped that he would continue on.

“Do you want that Addy?” He asked me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“What else do you want?” He asked another question.

“I,” I once again was at a loss for words, before finally admitting, “I don’t know how to do this.”

“That’s okay,” he said with a slight laugh, “How about this? How about I tell you what I want and you just listen? You can just let me know you want more by telling me you want more or by moaning, and if you want me to stop, just tell me to stop and we will talk about something else. How does that sound?”

“That sounds good to me,” I answered, glad that I was not going to have to do a lot of talking.

“Okay.” He responded. “You want me to continue or do you want me to stop Addy?”

“I want you to continue,” I answered.

“Mmm ... good.” He moaned quietly into my ear as I closed my eyes. “Laying you down onto your back, I want to kiss your lips, rolling my tongue over them gently. My hands running down the side of your body, lightly caressing your warm soft skin.”

“Mmm,” I moaned into the phone, as my free hand began to run down my side, trying to imitate his words.

“Kissing down your chin, working my way along your jaw, up to your ear, lightly nibbling on your ear lobe. Then I would softly bite my way down your neck until my teeth hit your collar bone. I would then kiss my way along your shoulder, down your arm, over your fingertips and then back up to your neck.

Once I am down with your shoulders, I will bring my hand back up the side of your body and take your breast into my hand, while I lightly lick the other one with my tongue. Running my tongue around the sides and over your nipple, feeling it harder under my tongue.”

My hand began to rub my breast, lightly pinching my nipple to make it hard. Slight moans were escaping my mouth, my breathing getting heavier.

“Mmm,” he moaned into my ear, “you sound so amazing baby, I want to have you. Be mine Addy.”

“Always,” I answered, knowing that he already had me.

“I would lick and suck on your breasts for a while, before kissing down your stomach, running my tongue around your belly button.”

My stomach rose and fell as he talked about his lips against it. It was almost as if I could feel them warm against my skin.

“Making my way down further,” he continued. “Can I lick it baby?”

“Please,” I moaned into the phone.

I had never done anything sexual with anyone except myself. I knew what it looked like though. Being alone at home with the internet has introduced me to porn. Still, the experience itself had never happened.

“Kissing down to the bottom of your stomach, my hands running down your sides. I would slid myself down between your legs and bring them up over my shoulders, my hands grabbing lightly onto your ass.”

My hand worked its way down between my legs, rubbing over my pussy lightly, but not opening it up just yet.

“Kissing along the outline of your beautiful pussy, feeling it burn against my lips. Smelling how amazing you are before pushing your lips apart with my tongue and sliding it against your clit.”

My fingers mimicked his words, sliding between the lips of my pussy and up against my clit. I moaned loudly into the phone and began to rub at it slowly. He whispered to me about how he was licking and sucking at my clit. When he said he was licking slow, I rubbed it slowly. When he told me that he was sucking it into his mouth, I pinched it between my fingers and rolled them back and forth around it.

My hips bucked up against my hand, my mind convincing myself that it was his mouth buried against my pussy.

“Sucking harder, grabbing your ass tight and pulling you into my mouth.” His words were broken with moans and heavy breathing.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned loudly into the phone. “I think I am gonna cum.”

“Yes baby,” he moaned loudly into the phone, “Cum with me, I am going to cum too, Cum inside of my mouth. Let me taste you.”

I rubbed harder at my pussy, my hips pushed up, my ass no longer touching the bed. I rode my body against my fingers as I felt my orgasm push through the surface.

“Oh fuck,” I screamed, my body shaking against my fingers as I forced myself to continue rubbing my clit, even though it was wanting to pull away, I refused to let it go until he was done.

“I am cumming Addy,” he moaned into the phone, soon he was grunting and his breathing seemed to stop. “Oh fuck addy, yes baby, oh my god”

His words were so powerful I felt that I was going to cum again, my fingers still rubbing bard against my clit.

Soon the breathing began to calm and my ass fell back against my bed. I took a few deep breaths and looked up to the ceiling, sad that he was not laying beside me at that moment. It was then that I noticed a silence on the other end of the phone, that almost alarmed me.

“Are .. you there?” I asked with broken speech.

“Yes baby,” he answered, “I am here.”

“Good,” I answered.

“That was amazing baby,” he said through a deep breath. “How I wish I was there with you now.”

“Maybe,” I began, unsure of where my words were coming from, but knowing I meant them. “Maybe next time you can be.”

“Serious,” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“When?” He asked again, this time stumping me. I was not even sure where it had come from telling him that we should do it in person.

“How about Friday,” I asked. “My dad is going out of town for the weekend. You could come over and we could hang out or something.”

“Okay,” he said sounding excited. “I would love that.”

“Good,” I said nervously, but also somehow very excited. “It’s a date.”

“Yeah,” he answered, still slightly out of breath. “It’s a date.”

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