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Jen gets an unexpected Sunday call.
The alarm slices through the peace of a Sunday morning without a trace of sympathy. I wearily lift my head from the pillow and slam my fist against the snooze button.

Last night had been such a blast. I hadn’t been out with my best friend, Jess for over three months, her new boyfriend seemed to occupy all of her spare time now. Our evening had gone so well and It felt just like old times, the two of us getting drunk and causing mayhem without a care in the world.

We finally rolled up back at my place as the sun was rising, and both crashed out in my king sized bed, Jess gently snoring within minutes. She doesn’t seem to have moved position since, and the snoring has gone up a notch on the volume scale!

I look at her figure, as she lies with her back to me. I’ve always been jealous of her tiny waist and endless legs, topped off with a cascade of thick blonde hair. I just hope her new man, Ewan knows what a catch he has, and was treating her right.

The alarm goes off again and I decide not to fight a losing battle, switching it off and rising to my feet. The sudden movement brings a pain to my head, and I regret drinking all those shots one after another. I decide if I have to suffer, then so does Jess, as I shake her shoulder vigorously.

“Come on sleepy head, time to get up.”

I eventually rouse her and by the screwed up look on her face, she feels as bad as I do.

“Why did you wake me, Jen? It is Sunday morning you daft cow.”

I smile broadly, she always calls me a daft cow, I never take it seriously.

“I think if you can see straight, you’ll realise it is now Sunday afternoon.”

She sticks her tongue out at me then smiles. She looks stunning even after a heavy night. We sit and pick out the best bits of out night out, including the moment when she poured a drink all over a very leery young lad on a stag night. After half an hour s idle chat she gets to her feet, gingerly.

“Jen, can I grab a shower please? I’ve got to meet Ewan at three. I’m being paraded to his family.”

“You don’t usually ask you smelly cow. “

She smiles and pulls a face at me before sloping off to the bathroom. As my bedroom door shuts I sight inwardly and wish I could have the old days back, the days before Ewan. I realise this is so selfish, but I miss Jess so much.

I’m thinking about the fun we had last night when the room is suddenly filled by a shrill and tacky ringtone. It seems to be coming from the side of Jess’s pillow. I stretch over and pick up her mobile phone, seeing the name EWAN appear on the screen. I decide to answer, just in case it’s urgent.

“Hello Ew...”

He doesn’t give me time to finish his name, his voice seems gruff and impatient

“What are you wearing, you dirty bitch?”

My mouth must have dropped open. I find myself speechless, which is very rare.

“Bet you’ve got the red silk ones on that I love so much. My cock is hard just thinking of you in them.”

He carries on like this for a few moments more, before I manage to stop him

“Ewan, Ewan please stop now. This is Jen, I’ve just answered because Jess is in the shower.”

The line goes silent for a moment. I’ve only ever met Ewan once, but he doesn’t strike me as the shy type.

“Err, sorry, Jen. I just wanted a little fun with her, she does love phone sex.”

We make small talk for a few moments before things become a little awkward and the line goes quiet.

“So where are you, Jen if Jess is in the shower?”

I explain that I am sitting on my bed.

“What have you got on?”

“Excuse me!”

“You heard me, what have you got on?”

I should cut him off, but his gruff voice and blatant cheek are working on me.

“Just a blue pyjama top, and white panties.”

“Sounds nice, no bra underneath? Just your tits?”

I gasp a little, telling him no bra.

“That is fucking hot, Jen. I’m stroking my dick thinking of you. I caught a glimpse of your tits when we met, nice and big.”

I feel a ripple of arousal as he confesses in his deep voice. The image of him getting aroused by the thought of my breasts.

“Take the jacket off. NOW”

His tone is sharper, and it shocks, but turns me on too. I undo the four buttons and slip it off. My nipples are aching and erect.

“Look at yourself in the mirror and touch your breasts, slowly.”

I do as he asks; holding the phone in one hand, the other slowly touching the pale skin of my breasts, and feeling my nipples stiffen.

“Your nipples are all hard aren’t they, Jen? Imagine I’m there with my hands squeezing and pressing your tits, and then my tongue tip on your left and right nipples. You’d love that wouldn’t you, dirty little slut?”

I can’t lie to him, and tell him I’d love that.

“Dirty slut, I know you would. Pinch your nipples for me, and imagine it’s my hand.”

I do it, enjoying my own touch.

“Are you getting a little bit wet there, Jen? I bet you are, I am certainly getting really hard now. Nearly fully erect, and I’m eight inches full on.”

I gasp, he’s right I am feeling a little moisture in my panties. I can hear his hand working his cock on the other end of the line. This turns me on even more.

“Take your knickers off. I insist. I want you naked. NOW.”

I think I’d pretty much do anything he said right now. My panties are off within seconds.

“I’ve done it, Ewan. I’m naked now. Naked and wet and ready”

“You dirty bitch. Is your pussy all nice and juicy for me?”

“Yes Ewan.”

I can hear his breath becoming quicker, and by the sounds, his cock stroking getting more urgent.

“Touch it now, Jen. I want you to touch your pussy. I want you to finger fuck yourself.”

My pussy is now soaking wet, as I slide a finger inside and start working it in and out. I move the phone down so he can hear what I’m doing. I quickly add a second finger.

“Can you hear that Ewan? Hear how wet I am?”

He grunts and I can hear his hand working even quicker.

“Dirty little slut. If I was there I’d pin you down to the bed and fuck your little pussy so hard you wouldn’t walk for a week. I’d fill you with my thick cock. Not stopping until I filled you with my thick come.”

I begin to lose control, gasping as his words and my fingers work magic.

“You’re close aren’t you? Touch your clit with your thumb as you finger yourself. I want you to come with me.”

I am one step ahead of him, already stroking my clit feverishly as I plunge two fingers deep inside myself, the waves of pleasure sweeping over me, and the noise level increases. I have to be careful as the walls are thin and Jess might hear me.

I can hear Ewan’s breathing on the other end of the line, becoming shallow and rapid. Knowing he is close to orgasm makes me work my swollen clit harder and my fingers delve deeper and deeper.

“Fuck, I am so close, Jen. Are you ready sweetheart?”

“Oh fuck yes, yes I am.”

I hear a low grunt from him and I know he is ejaculating. I wish he was here now so I could devour his cock. Thinking of this along with the skilful work of my fingers takes me over the edge. A huge overpowering orgasm renders me a shaking gibbering mess on the bed, breathless and spasming.

After a few moments I manage to pull myself together and speak to him.

“Ohh Ewan, I just came so hard, and really quickly, you dirty sod. I wish you were here now. I’d let you fuck me senseless.”

My sense of excitement isn’t matched by his...

“Yeah, was good for me too. Tell Jess to call me back as soon as she can. Bye.”

It was as if we had just had a conversation about the weather, not the most amazing phone sex. I have to quickly push these thoughts aside however as I hear Jess making her way back from the bathroom. I hurry to put my panties and pyjama top on just as she enters the bedroom. I try to look as normal as possible.

She looks stunning, just in a bath towel, her long hair still soaking wet. I find it hard to look into her eyes though. She guesses something is wrong.

“What have you been doing, you look all flustered? Your pyjama top is all buttoned up wrong too. I bet you’ve just played with yourself haven’t you?”

I look up, reddening even more. I don’t answer, still struggling to come to terms with the last few minutes.

She giggles her soft little giggle and informs me she’s just done exactly the same in the shower. This eases the atmosphere and we both end up laughing uncontrollably, like we used to do all the time. We seem to gaze into each other’s eyes for an eternity before she breaks off.

“Did I hear my phone go off? I heard you answer it before I got into the shower. I guess it was Ewan right?”

I tell her it was without adding anything else.

“Did he leave me a message?”

An awful moment of pure naughtiness comes over me.

“He just said to forget this afternoon, he’s going off on a drinking session with his mates. Said not to bother ringing him back today now.”

Her face drops for a second, looking so crestfallen. Calling him all the names under the sun.

I go to her side and give her a big hug, smelling her freshly showered skin, I can’t help but give her a gentle kiss to the neck. She doesn’t seem to mind.

“Oh well, Jess. You can spend some quality time with your best friend now instead.”

She nods and smiles. Her smile is pure sunshine.

I gently move forward and pull the towel off as if unwrapping the best Christmas present ever. She doesn’t move a muscle to stop me.

“Shall we go back to bed Jess?”

She doesn’t get chance to reply as I drag her under the sheets and begin to explore her body, stopping only to press the power off button on her mobile phone.

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