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Miss Karen

Part 1 of my introduction to a Dominatrix
We met one early summer evening at a big gay bar in DC down by the Navy Yard. I was there to share my cuteness with the sybarites and she was there to find subs for her subterranean playroom in the suburbs.

Karen was butch but femme, and a bigger more seductive pair of brown eyes would have been hard to find. She sat down beside me at the bar as I was chatting up the sweet little bartender with the great ass and seductive moves, who in the course of any evening could probably lift a hundred cocks. She interested me right away. I am a bisexual through and through so a sexy woman will always interest me. (One thing liking men had done is raise my standards in women) Her full raven hair was in a page-boy cut. Her face was more than easy on the eyes, it drew you in. The smile she cracked now and then was more than a little impish and very inviting. She was voluptuous without being fat. Curves were everywhere and with them came deep recesses where you just knew pleasure abounded.

She was denim clad, wearing a pair of exotic black leather riding boots, with the emphasis on leather. She would surely attract the attention of the large throng of leather-lovers that turned out every Saturday night.

One thing about her was that she was somewhat restless. Her eyes darted about the sanctuary and she would abruptly jump down from her barstool and make haste toward the ladies restroom. This happened at least four times. After an especially long absence she sidled back onto the stool. She had a different look in her eye—like she had found something she wanted. Like the cat that’d spotted a bird nest.

By then it was around eleven o’clock and I was ready to head for my car for a lift. I invited her along. As we were partaking and any inhibitions I might have brought with me were gone I began raving about how I wanted to grab that bartender’s crotch. “He’d let you,” she said turning toward me. I then asked her where she took off to all the time. “The restroom,” Very matter of fact was she. “The last time you went,” I said locking in on her big eyes, “you came back with a great look. I know when I drink beer I like to wait as long as I can before I piss. Letting it go is a little orgasmic.” That went without reaction.

She looked straight ahead. “I got to play with her boobs,” she whispered turning to me with a smile. “Who’s Boobs,” I asked breathlessly. “Haven’t you seen me watching that redhead with the three guys at the table by the dance floor?” I really hadn’t noticed. I had been obsessing over Carlo’s ass as he flounced around behind the bar.

“How did you get to play with her tits?” I asked incredulously.

“She could see me against the wall while she touched up her face--In the mirror. Our eyes met when stood up and stopped. I dunno, I just took a couple of steps toward her. I couldn’t help myself. We locked in a gaze and my hands went up to her chest.” I remember I moaned or something and she let out this sigh…”

“Karen, I have to jerk off.” I reached inside my shorts and pulled out my cock by now pointing skyward.

“Oh yeah, sure”, she said flatly and then continued: “She says to me ‘You like them?’ I said something like ‘Oh fuck, yeah’ as I felt her nipple harden up and spike through her blouse. Then she breaks away and says ‘come over to my table later’ and drops her eyes to my boobs… and of course my lights are on. Then she walked out.” Long pause still staring straight ahead. “God, that was hot.” She said with gusto.

Meanwhile, I’m leaning back pounding my meat as I feel an orgasm build.

“You have a nice cock there.” She says after dropping her eyes toward my lap. I rotate my hips slightly and push shirt out of the way so she can see it all. “Thanks,” I managed to whisper. Her hand came over and I relinquished my grip as her soft hand fisted around my shaft. “Oh yeah, very nice.” She pumped it a few times and wiped the pre-cum off the head. She turned her head toward the back as if to see if anyone was coming, and then dove. Her tongue had managed to cover every square millimeter of my penis in a matter of seconds. “Oh my God,” I muttered. Almost immediately I got the tingle. Her warm mouth was drawing my thick shake out of me like she was sucking on a straw. With every millimeter it travelled down the length of my tube the pleasure built.

“Oh, Karen, I’m com-i-n-n-n-g.”

With an “Aaaaaagh” they could have heard inside the club I blew a big load into her beautiful mouth. I heard her moan softly and felt her swallow—twice. My head fell back and time just stopped as I savored the waves of pleasure as they slowly receded and my cock began to release its blood. After maybe fifteen seconds she lifted her head and said, “You were horny…fuck!” She grabbed a Kleenex from her bag and pulled down the sun visor. The light came on and I saw her dab at a pearly droplet of semen at the corner of her mouth.”

“You’re lucky you weren’t in my basement tonight, you’d have had to earn that orgasm.” I catch her eyes in the vanity mirror.

“I’m a dominatrix,” she said very matter-of-fact. I think you need to come over to my basement so I can teach you not to be a bad boy.” Then she slammed the visor shut and exclaims. “Let’s get back inside. I don’t want that chick to leave.”

As we’re walking toward the door I remember saying: “Would you like some gum.” She had said in the car how she’d have the taste of semen in her mouth the rest of the night. “Pussy juice will kill the taste, trust me.” She said picking up the pace of her steps.

“Are you going to be around for a while longer,” she asked as she was about to head for the redhead’s table. “Oh yeah,” I replied. “Good! Because I think you need a session in the dungeon.” As she strode toward the dance floor my still wet cock stirred at the thought of something very kinky in the future.

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