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Modern Love

My dad always said, 'your generation loves two things: technology and themselves'.
Magically the screen lit up and Darren's message appeared:

What are you wearing?

Chloe sat cross-legged on her bed, her IPhone clutched between her fingertips. She starred out of her window dreamily for a moment before expertly keying in her response:

Lol - nothing very exciting. Pink t-shirt. Denim shorts. x


She chewed her bottom lip furiously, wiping her long straight blonde hair behind her ears before tying it back into a loose pony tail. Her phone sat on her knee; she watched it silently with one eye as she adjusted her hair using the mirror on the back of her bedroom door. Chloe reached her fingers into her tight shorts and retrieved some lip balm. She gently applied it to her lips before pouting at herself in the mirror. She smiled and glanced back at the idle phone.

The single tick next to her message morphed into two ticks.

Darren had received her message.

Chloe had arrived at university only last week and poor Darren had been frantic from the very beginning. He had stayed in their hometown and she was now living the high-life over six hundred miles away. Chloe could understand his anxiety she supposed. Still, there had been several phone calls and emails but they were normally just newsy and fun. This last message felt a little more sexually charged to Chloe. She didn’t mind particularly. Darren was amazing and she was always keen to make him happy.

The screen lit up and she grabbed the phone, analysing the words carefully:


She smiled, this was so naughty. The thought of driving Darren wild from such a great distance suddenly seemed very appealing to Chloe. Her skin started to tingle with excitement as she considered what to type next.

Then she decided to let him wait. She checked Facebook briefly before heading back to Messenger. She playfully started to type:

Underneath? Lol. I'm wearing my pretty white panties. The ones with the cute red bow on the front that you said you liked. Sky blue bra with a lacy white trim. I'm not matching today I'm sorry to say x


Chloe's pussy tightened a little between her legs. She was certain that before very long she may well have to change her pretty white panties. She wiggled her bare toes impatiently waiting for Darren to pick up the message.

The single tick next to her message morphed into two ticks.

She smiled wondering for a moment if this was making him hard. God she missed his cock. They’d only made love a handful of times, but he was an amazing lover; very gentle and very kind. Chloe rolled her eyes, trying to push the thought of his massive cock to the back of her mind.

Her phone lit up once again.

Send me a pic. I want to see your panties.

Chloe froze for a moment, reading the text a second time. Was he being serious ? She tapped the phone idly on her knee before placing it carefully on the bedside table and standing in front of her mirror her hands on her hips.

“What shall I do?” she said to herself.

The reflection didn’t answer.

She looked over her shoulder at the phone. It lay there, dormant.

It was time to stop thinking. Chloe breathed out dramatically through her nose before quickly unbuttoning her tight denim shorts. The zip was broken and she struggled a little when it came to wriggling out of them, but eventually she was easing them tightly down her tanned thighs and past her knees. Eventually they landed heavily around her bare ankles. She kicked them expertly towards her laundry basket before stepping back slightly from the mirror to get a better look at herself.

She was a pretty girl, small for eighteen but cute in all the right places. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them up a little causing the slit of her pussy to become slightly visible through the thin cotton material. Chloe straightened the red bow on the front and smoothed the material over her privates. She pouted at herself in the mirror. The curve of her belly was just visible between the hem of her pink t shirt and the white elastic band of her panties. She wasn’t sure if she looked sexy, but she wanted Darren to be happy.

Taking her phone she stood with her feet slightly apart, the gap between her legs accentuated by her pose. Chloe placed her left hand on her hip, her fingers just inside the waistband of her panties. She held the phone towards the mirror and …


She relaxed for a moment before examining the display of her phone. The image was crystal clear. She could even make out the contours of her pussy through the fabric of her underwear. She was pleased with her pout though, she looked almost … professional. Chloe could feel her pussy moistening as she stared at herself. She looked just ever so slightly slutty, and she was sure Darren was going to love it!


Chloe sat back down on her bed placing the phone back on the bedside table. She lay on her back for a moment sensing the dull throbbing emanating from between her legs. She had seldom masturbated and quickly decided that now wasn’t the time to form any more naughty habits.

The single tick next to her picture morphed into two ticks.

Chloe held the phone and waited patiently, her breath sped up a little as she stared longingly at the phone’s diming screen. She closed her eyes and imagined Darren, sitting there naked in his room, playing with his sexy hard cock. A faint smile crossed Chloe’s lips as her right hand gently came to rest on the front of her underwear. Her fingertips gently grazed her hairless lips through the fabric and she let her mind wander for a moment.

The screen lit up and Chloe sat up immediately, addicted to the small machine clasped in her clammy hand.

You have a beautiful body. You look so sexy. Show me your boobs x

Chloe blushed before jumping up and standing back in front of the mirror. Encouraged by Darren’s message she hoisted her T-shirt quickly over her head revealing the tops of her small white breasts cradled in the cups of her pretty blue bra. Chloe deftly reached behind her back and unclasped the bra before letting it fall quickly down her arms. She threw both her top and her bra in the direction of her dirty laundry basket before looking at herself in the mirror.

She’d always been a little embarrassed about her boobs. They were small and milky white. Her nipples were large in comparison, like two small puffy brown walnuts. Chloe had always been a bit envious of girls with bigger chests, but she figured that no one really gets to choose their boobs … unless they pay for them of course.


If anything, the pose was even sluttier than the first. Chloe’s heart raced as she stared at the image. She was sat on the edge of her bed, her legs wide apart. She noted that if you looked closely you could just make out a dab of wetness on the crotch of her underwear. She was pouting again, one hand holding the camera towards the mirror, the other on her hip. Her breasts did look sexy and she smiled naughtily to herself as she clicked …


The single tick next to her picture morphed into two ticks.

Chloe lay back on her bed and casually ran her hand between her legs. Her panties were soaking. Her fingers lingered for a moment on her hard little clit as thoughts went back to Darren. If only he were here. Right now, Chloe was quietly confident that she would do anything for him. Her left hand cupped her left breast idly, and she gently tweaked her puffy hard nipple.

Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes closed.

Eventually she fell asleep.

It was dark when Chloe awoke. She quickly turned on the lamp next to her bed and examined her phone. There was one message:

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine x

Chloe grinned wickedly. She lay on her back and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She used her feet to lift her bottom from the duvet before easing them down her smooth legs. As with all of her clothes, her moist underwear was thrown with little accuracy towards the laundry basket. Chloe lay there for a moment, naked.

She’d seen a few pictures of girls posing naked on the internet, and had a vague idea of the kind of pose Darren would probably quite like. Chloe was literally shaking with excitement as she sat quietly on the carpet in front of her mirror, phone in hand.


Chloe breathed shallowly as she stared at herself in the display. She knew it was her, but at the same time, the girl she was looking at was a lot naughtier than she would ever dare to be; sluttier and more dangerous even.

The girl in the picture was sat on the carpet. Her legs were spread as wide as possible and bent at the knees. She was leaning back on her left elbow, her right hand holding the phone outstretched and frozen towards the mirror. The pout was still there and central to the frame was her pussy. The soft lips were full and engorged. The clitoris was hard and red and her cunt, slippery and exposed.

Chloe blushed as she stared at her sex. She’d not really looked at her privates very often before, and the sight of them now made her body tingle all over.

Chloe lay on her bed for a while, her finger hovering over the send button.

Without another moment’s hesitation, she plunged her right hand between her legs and parted her knees. Chloe held the phone in front of her eyes, fixated by the slutty girl in the picture. Her fingers feverishly massaged her smooth, wet mound. Two fingers darted roughly down her slippery slit, causing her to moan loudly as they circled her clit and fondled her tightening anus. Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream as she dipped her finger tips roughly into her pussy and stabbed herself repeatedly in quick succession, her hand now soaked in her own juices.

As her orgasm began to build in her belly, Chloe released her sex, tracing her wet fingers back up her body to her breasts. She pinched at the hard walnut shaped nipple viciously as her body tightened.

She arched her back and came, her body twitching as the wave of pleasure sped through her.

But, she wasn’t done.

Chloe rolled onto her tummy, lifting her bottom into the air and resting on her elbows. She dropped the phone onto the duvet and looked down at the girl posing pornographically in the picture. She knew it was her, but she also knew that she couldn’t stop herself. She felt like an animal, unable to control her urges.

She stared at the girl’s cunt and pinched her nipple between her thumb and forefinger; it made her shudder. Her privates were still throbbing with pleasure between her legs, but she needed more. Her right hand instinctively cupped her slippery mound, three fingers now dipping tightly into her opening. Chloe panted like a dog with each thrust of her fingers, widening herself in the process. Her eyes never left the screen as her cunt began to buck uncontrollably against her fingers. She circled them roughly inside her own body feeling her second orgasm beginning to build.

Her wet hand fell free from her body and returned to her hard clitoris. She circled her fingertips roughly around the nub, feeling the tingling beginning to spread.

“Fuck me,” she panted at the girl in the picture. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Her eyes closed and her body tightened, her clitoris suddenly too sensitive to touch.

She collapsed onto her phone panting.


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