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more from eve 2

the restaurant

  The Manager greeted us with a huge smile and said, “welcome Shilla, so nice to see you again, but where is Ron?”

  Shilla introduced me then explained about Ron’s accident and that I had come on holiday in his place.

  “ Oh so sorry to hear that, hope he is better soon,” then he turned to me and said,” most welcome to you, enjoy your meal.”

  The restaurant had the tables arranged around the dance floor and Shilla and I were ushered to a front row table, right on the edge of the dance floor.   A couple of waiters came over, one that Shilla knew and the other had just joined the restaurant.   Their smiles were wide and open and again Shilla and I were greeted like royalty.

  Shilla ordered drinks and then ordered a meal which contained a mixture of Kebabs.   I opted for the same.

“ What’s in those drinks I asked Shilla? They are so strong.”

“ Oh they don’t use measures here and it’s their own local brew.”

  After I had drunk half of my drink I was beginning to feel a bit tipsy but in a most pleasant way.

  The music began and six waiters arrived on the dance floor.   They formed a circle ,then putting their arms around each other’s shoulders, slowly began to dance to the music.   Round and round they went bobbing up and down and getting faster and faster as the music increased in tempo.

  Everyone started clapping to the beat of the music and cheering the waiters as they performed this Turkish dance.   The music slowed, almost to a standstill, and that was the cue for the waiters to get a partner to join them on the dance floor.

  Our two waiters came over and asked Shilla and I to join them.   I hesitated at first, but with the drink and Shilla shouting, “come on!” I overcame my fear and joined them.

  Shilla told me to link my arms over the shoulders of the waiters and they did likewise with me.   The tempo began to increase and we started to dance in a circle slowly bobbing up and down.   Quicker and quicker we danced and I was really beginning to enjoy myself, shouting, “hoi!”at the appropriate times.

  The other diners were cheering even louder than the first time and seemed to be pointing in my direction.   Shilla who was opposite me was grinning like a Cheshire cat.   She was shouting something to me, but with all the noise I couldn’t hear what it was she was saying.

  The music slowed and finally came to a halt.

  The other diners were still clapping and cheering as Shilla pointed to my front.   Both my tits had parted company from my top and were now completely naked and on show to everyone.

  I blushed and hurriedly tried to make myself decent.   Shilla put her arms around me and said that I was the star of the evening.

  A couple of free drinks arrived from the manager which washed down the best meal I had ever tasted in my life.

  More music and a belly dancer completed the entertainment for the evening.

  On the way back from the toilets, the waiter that knew Shilla approached her and whispered something into her ear. Shilla nodded and we returned to our table.

  It was two in the morning as we said our goodbyes and returned to our hotel.

  “What was that guy whispering to you?” I asked.   Shilla smiled, “well darling, he said he fancies you and could I persuade you to go out with him.”   “You are joking!” I said, “I’m a married woman; I couldn’t do that to Tom.”   “What’s the harm going out for a drink? Anyway he has a boat and would like to take you for a sail round some of the many coves, look, tomorrow we will go shopping and you can think about it, ok?”   “I suppose,”I said. “Gosh I’m tired” said Shilla, “me too,” I replied, and so we both stripped naked and jumped into bed.

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