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unexpected visitor

We slept until almost ten thirty; even the sun beating through the patio doors didn’t disturb us.

  After showering, we dressed a little bit more conservedly then headed for the nearest restaurant serving a full English breakfast.

  After breakfast we boarded one of the many mini buses and headed into town.   By four o clock we were laden down with bags of clothes, shoes, drinks and some tasty snacks.

  Back at our hotel we stripped off and lay down on our secluded balcony to catch the late afternoon sun.   We both dozed off only to be awakened by a loud knocking on our room door.

  “Be a pal and see who it is,” said shilla.   I grabbed my dressing gown and hurriedly dressed as I headed for the door.

  It was one of the waiters from the restaurant we had been to for breakfast.   In his hand was Shillas mobile phone.   “You left that this morning,” he said.   “Oh thanks, would you like a beer?”   “Yes please,” he replied.

“Come on in then,” I said, pointing to the settee for him to sit down on.

  As I went over to the fridge for a beer, Shilla walked into the room stark naked.

  I don’t know who got the biggest shock, but Shilla just burst into a fit of her uncontrollable laughter.

  She didn’t attempt to cover herself up, just sat down and started chatting.

  I explained why he was here and that he had returned her mobile phone.

  Shilla got up, went over to where he was sitting and planted a big kiss on his forehead, “thanks,” she said, her large tits bouncing in his face.

  I could see the bulge that was growing in his pants and winked at shilla while nodding my head in the direction of my attention.

  Shilla gasped and bending down stroked his manhood saying, “my, my, what a big boy.”

  Before he knew what was happening, Shilla pulled down the zip on his trousers and pulled out his enormous cock.

Shilla took his manhood into her mouth before he could object, not that he was making any attempt to.

  I could feel my juices beginning to flow watching this erotic scene being performed in front of me.

  Shilla had his full shaft in her mouth and was giving him a great blowjob.

  I sat down opposite them opening my dressing gown, began to rub my aching pussy.   I had the fastest orgasm I ever experienced and still my pussy was crying out for more.

  “Want to give him some head?” Said Shilla.

  “No I want that monster cock inside me,” I replied.

  Shilla stopped her blowjob and said, “The lady wants your cock in her.”

  The waiter gave me a look as if to say, do you?

  I opened my legs wide in reply revealing my naked and shaved pussy.

  Within no time I could feel his cock pushing against my pussy lips.   Slowly but surely his cock began to slide up my soaking hole until he had his full length up inside me.

  He began to ride me with a slow but steady rhythm.   I had never felt as full inside of me as I orgasmed over and over again my cum dribbling down his cock and down my thighs.

  He grabbed my tits and began squeezing my nipples making my pussy scream for more.

  “Harder,”   I shouted at him, “fucking shag me,”

He sucked on my nipples and started to speed up, his thrusts getting faster and faster,

  I slapped his arse and screamed, “fill me up with your hot cum.”

  He was going like an express train then I felt him tense, I pulled him tight into me as he shot his load into me.   I could feel his hot sperm, splashing about inside my pussy as I orgasmed again for the umpteenth time.

    “Wow,” said Shilla, “you must have needed that.”

  I couldn’t reply as I had my mouth full of his lovely cock, savouring the taste of his and my cum.

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