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Four weeks had passed since the party at shillas’ house when suddenly the phone rang jolting me out of my daydreams.   It was Shilla, hi Eve, I’ve got your party goodies and I have something to tell you when you come over to pick them up.   Shilla was at her best, hiding information, always making a mystery out of everything.   I said I would call over at eight o clock as Tom would be in for his tea around six thirty and had a squash match on at the leisure centre, so I would get him to drop me off on route and then pick me up on his way home.   Not another party, said Tom when I asked him to drop me off at Shillas’.   No, I’m just picking up some things and anyway it’s been four weeks since I last saw her.   Tom just grunted in his usual way and muttered, okay.   Shilla was all flushed with excitement when I arrived at her house, come on and see what I received as a gift for hosting the party.   The lounge floor was scattered with all types of sexy lingerie and sex toys.   Shilla held up a most daring sexy dress in see through black and a huge dildo, she also had fluffy handcuffs, massage oil, mask, and two pair of crotch less thongs.   Yours’ are here, handing me a large parcel.   I don’t remember ordering all of this Shilla.   Attached to the parcel was a note.   Hope you enjoy these extras and thanks for making Shillas’ party a huge success signed Zoe.   Inside the parcel were two bras with cut outs for you nipples, a couple of transparent thongs and some lubricant over and above my own order.   You must have a party later in the year said Shilla.   Mmm let me think about it, anyhow what was the big secret that you had to tell me?   Well, said Shilla, you remember I told you that Ron and I had booked up for Turkey next month; well Ron was playing football at his work and has broken two of his toes.   He is in plaster and the hospital has told him that he would have to go on holiday with it on.   Ron said that he didn’t fancy going on holiday with his foot in plaster and suggested that I should invite you to go in his place, that’s if you have nothing else on.   It would be company for me.   I’ll have to ask Tom but I’m sure he will be ok with it.   Come on said Shilla; let’s try on some of the sexy underwear before the men come back.   Giggling like a couple of school kids, we undressed and began to model our various items of underwear.   Can you imagine going out with this on and being in an accident and the hospital having to remove your outer garments, we both fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.   Would make somebody’s day, said Shilla and we fell into another burst of laughter.   A horn sounding told me that Tom had arrived to pick me up.   Shilla gave me a big hug as I left her house, remember and get Tom to say Ok to our holiday; promise I will, I said giving Shilla another hug.   You two are getting very cosy was Toms opening remark as I got into the car, I just smiled and answered with, getting jealous?   Don’t be silly said Tom, what makes you say that?   Only kidding I replied.   Back home I told Tom about Ron breaking his toes and Shillas’ suggestion that I should accompany her on holiday in Ron’s place.   That’s a great idea said Tom to my surprise, I have an important project to complete and it’s going to mean extra hours, so with you away I won’t feel guilty leaving you alone at home and I can work the extra hours without worrying about how late it is.   I was wondering how to tell you so the timing is just perfect.   I phoned Shilla to tell her the good news and said I would call round the following day to finalise the arrangements.

The four weeks had flown by and Shilla and I were waiting in the departure lounge when the call came for us to board our flight.   A lovely meal washed down with a few vodkas passed the four hour flight and we were soon landing at Bordrum airport.   A blast of hot air passed over us as we alighted from the aircraft.   Gosh this was early evening, what it must be like during the day I wondered.   The small twelve seater bus departed like a masserati at grand’s hatch crushing us into the backs of the seats.   The driver a small swarthy man pushed the bus to its limit as he hurtled along the dusty roads with the countryside flashing past us. An hour into the journey the bus suddenly pulled into a ramshackle shack, screeching to a halt with clouds of dust temporarily obscuring the view.   Twenty minutes to get the toilet and refreshment said the courier.   Oh my god! I screamed when I saw the hole in the floor that was the toilet, Shilla was wetting herself with laughter, of course she had been many times before and knew what to expect.   Welcome to Turkey shouted Shilla and burst into another fit of laughter. The twenty minutes were up and we piled back onto the bus.   The driver roared away from the shack in a cloud of dust.   Forty minutes later we arrived at our hotel, much to my relief.   It was still very warm so the air conditioning in our room was most welcoming.   A quick shower, change of clothes said Shilla then I’ll introduce you to our favourite restaurant.   Shilla showered first while I poured out a couple of vodka and cokes from the well stocked fridge.   Shilla was already dressed as I emerged from the shower.   Wow is all I could say, gosh you look so sexy.   Shilla was wearing a see through halter top that left her back completely naked and her pert tits were clearly visible through the flimsy material.   To this she had added a short mini skirt and opened toed sandals.   You’re not going out like that I whispered, of course I am and you had better wear something as sexy said Shilla.   I didn’t bring anything as daring, I confessed, I’ve never worn anything like that either on holiday or at home.   Shilla shook her head and said, come on let’s see what we can find in my suitcase.   After a bit of rummaging, Shilla handed me a top, a skirt and a thong.   I suppose you brought sandals asked Shilla, yes I replied, well hurry up and put these on and let’s go and eat, I’m starving.   The top Shilla gave me was a halter neck with two strips of material that just only covered my nipples and about one third of my naked breasts, leaving my back and sides completely bare.   A short skirt with a split up one side right up to my waist and the flimsiest of thongs, so that from the open side it looked like I was not only braless but knickerless as well.   I put on a similar pair of sandals and stood up.   Wow said Shilla, you look stunning.   I wasn’t so sure, but hunger was getting the better of me as well, so off we headed for Shillas favourite restaurant.   to be continued.

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