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More Than a Fling - Chapter Two

Jack finds a way to help Meg relax.
Meg dropped her beach bag onto the sand and spread her towel over the sun lounge she’d just rented from one of the locals. She adjusted the strap on her white bikini and tugged her sunglasses from her hair, sliding them into place over her eyes.

With her fingers linked above her head, she arched her back and gave her muscles a leisurely stretch. She’d started the day on little more than two hours sleep after making love with Jack throughout the night. Now her body ached as a delicious reminder.

A quiet laugh escaped her as she flicked off her shoes. Well, maybe “making love” wasn’t the right expression. After their first episode against the wall, he’d tossed her onto the bed and flipped her on her belly. Before she’d had the chance to adjust to the change in position, he’d pulled her hips up to meet his and plunged inside her again.

She’d slipped from his room just as the sun had begun its climb over the horizon, kissing his snoring mouth one last time before clicking the door closed behind her.

Meg smiled at the memory and lowered herself onto the lounge. She crossed her legs at the ankles and sighed. The warm breeze swept over her and a wide umbrella created a blanket of shade as she took in the view of Kuta beach.

She watched a couple stroll along the busy foreshore, hands clasped together as they dodged the incoming waves. Surfers rode the swell further out, while a topless woman stood ankle-deep in the water, flicking her dark hair over her shoulder as she flirted with a Balinese lifeguard. A group of young men tossed a football back and forth on the wet sand, ribbing each other good-naturedly.

Despite the noise and chaos surrounding her, Meg felt peaceful inside.

She’d enjoyed herself last night more than she’d thought possible. It hadn’t been the uncomfortable, impersonal experience she’d expected it to be. She guessed it had a lot to do with Jack’s personality, his casual, easy ways helping to put her at ease.

Meg swept her hair from her forehead, remembering the way he’d tightened his fingers in her curls last night, how he’d taken control of her body, watching for her reactions and responding to each sound of pleasure.

She wasn’t naïve or inexperienced. She’d never fool herself into thinking their encounter had been anything other than lust or a passing holiday fling, but it still didn’t stop her from wanting to see him again to further explore this chemistry they shared.

Meg glanced to her right as a woman crossed the sand with a dainty shuffle, her white-blonde hair flowing over her shoulders as she shrieked and headed for the waves. Her breasts bulged from her leopard-print bikini, completely out of proportion to her trim body.

A bare-chested man jogged along behind her, a pair of black board shorts hugging his hips. He called out something to the woman that made her giggle and quicken her pace.

Meg smiled at the exchange.

As the man moved further into view, the humour slipped from her face. Her eyes narrowed and she pulled her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose. She took note of his messy black hair, his broad chest and the way his loose stride effortlessly ate up the sand.

Her stomach plummeted when she realised it was Jack.

He caught up to the blonde woman and wrapped his arm around her waist. With one quick movement, he had her tossed her over his shoulder, eliciting another scream that suddenly grated on Meg’s nerves.

She bit her lip and watched as Jack strolled thigh-deep into the waves and lowered the woman in the water. Her tanned body slid down the length of his and her arms snaked around his neck; the neck that Meg had kissed last night, the neck she’d dragged her tongue along as she revelled in his groan of pleasure.

The woman pressed her mouth to his. Meg closed her eyes to block out the view.

She drew a long breath and pushed her sunglasses back on her nose. Her head rested against the lounge as her feeling of contentment faded. So much for being able to keep things in perspective and not get too swept up in the moment. Maybe this was why one-night stands had never appealed to her in the past. She must have somehow known the after-effects would be too much for her.

It shouldn’t hurt, she told herself. He owed her nothing and she definitely hadn’t been under any illusions after the night they’d spent together. So why, then, did she feel this empty sense of loss, this feeling of betrayal? Why did she want to tackle Blondie to the ground and tell her to keep her French-manicured hands off him?

Her eyes drifted open, her attention returning to Jack and his new friend. She had to grudgingly admit the combination of his dark looks and her fair hair made them a striking couple. His hands slid down her spine to cup her buttocks, pulling her so close her breasts squished out from the sides of her top.

Meg briefly thought about yelling at them to get a room. Instead, she swung her gaze to the other end of the beach and concentrated on pulling in long, calming breaths of air.

No matter how much the sound of lapping waves and the warmth of the sun on her toes soothed her, she couldn’t stop herself from wondering whether last night had meant anything to him. He'd given every impression it had. When they'd finally fallen to the mattress, breathless and exhausted, he'd let her head rest in the crook of his arm while he whispered sweet words to her. Yet, if she approached him now, he probably wouldn’t even remember her name.

A shadow fell across her body. Meg turned her head and flinched when she found him standing beside her. Her pulse pounded in her ears as she gazed up at him. Droplets of water clung to his thick lashes and the hairs scattered across his chest. His belly heaved from exertion.

“Hi, Meg,” he said. His board shorts rode low on his hips, highlighting the line of dark hair that travelled from navel to waistband. She remembered that trail; she’d traced her forefinger, then her tongue, over it last night.

She smiled up at him. “I’m sorry; I’ve forgotten your name.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” His teeth flashed as he dragged a hand through his hair, spraying her with salt water. “You skulk out of my bed in the middle of the night. Now you can’t even remember my name. I feel so used.”

Meg ignored his attempt to get a rise out of her and flicked a glance behind him. Blondie stood alone in the surf, cupping water in her hands to splash over her breasts. A couple of guys stopped tossing their football around to watch her. “Who’s your friend?” she asked, sliding her sunglasses on top of her head.

“Candy…Tiffany, something like that.” He sank onto the empty lounge beside her and rested his elbows on his knees.

“Never mind.” Meg brushed the stray droplets of water from her arm. “Her name won’t matter tomorrow when you move on to the next one.”

His eyes were warm with amusement as they settled on hers. He leaned in and gave her leg a quick stroke with his fingertips. “I just met her a couple of hours ago. She doesn’t mean anything to me.”

His touch brought back vivid memories from last night, making her skin prickle with goose-bumps. She shifted her leg and snorted softly to cover her discomfort. “I’m sure she’d be happy to hear that.”

“I doubt she’d care.” Jack scrubbed a hand down his face in an attempt to hide a smile, glancing over his shoulder at the woman in question. Meg followed his gaze, watching as the two footballers closed in on her. Her breasts bounced heavily as she leapt over an incoming wave.

“Candy-Tiffany’s going to give herself a black eye if she keeps that up,” Meg said.

Jack chuckled and turned back to her. “They’re a bit much, I know.” His eyes wandered over Meg, lingering on the soft swell of her breasts. “To be honest, I prefer a nice handful myself.”

“That’s good to know.” She tried to ignore the pleasure his words sparked inside her. Her fingers trembled just a bit when she leaned over and pulled a water bottle from her beach bag. Meg twisted the lid and took a long drink to douse the flames.

“Freckles are sexy, too,” he said, as his eyes met hers. “And sensitive peach-coloured nipples, the kind that harden with just a flick of the tongue.”

It took a concerted effort to swallow her water without choking. Meg capped the bottle and dropped it back into her bag. “What are you doing?” she asked, drying her moistened lips with the backs of her fingers. “Don’t you have better things to do than tease me, like seduce Playboy bunnies or something?”

His mouth quirked with a half smile. “For some reason, I find you much more interesting.”

“I can’t imagine why.”

“For one, I like how responsive you are,” he said, trailing his fingertip down her thigh. “I barely touch you and you start squirming.”

“I do not squirm.” A blush swept over her and she had to put every effort into remaining still.

“I could prove you wrong, but I won’t. Why did you leave so early?” he asked. “I was hoping we could spend some more time together today.”

“Hmm.” Meg’s attention drifted back to the woman in the leopard-print bikini, watching as she delighted her male audience by jumping and frolicking in the surf. “I can see how much you missed me.”

Jack’s fingers slipped beneath hers. “Don’t worry about her. Come with me, I want to show you something.”

“Thanks, but I’ve already seen it.” Meg tugged her hand free and swung her legs over the edge of the lounge. She slid her shoes on and looped her fingers through the handle of her bag.

“I beginning to like your dirty mind,” he said. He cupped her elbows and pulled her to her feet, reaching behind her to grab her towel. “I’m talking about a massage. There’s a masseuse at the hotel who works miracles…or so the rumour goes.”

Meg straightened her back, testing the ache between her shoulder blades. She chewed on her lower lip and looked up at him. Only moments ago she’d watched him in the surf with a half-naked woman plastered against him, his mouth crushed to hers as the waves lapped around their bodies. Now here he stood before Meg, his dark brows raised in invitation, his blue eyes both playful and appraising.

She’d seen how easily he could detach himself from one woman and move onto the next, how little it all really meant to him. Even knowing all this, knowing it was merely a physical connection and nothing more, she still couldn’t deny the deep craving he stirred in her belly.

His hand slid down her forearm, his fingers warm as they intertwined with hers. The tiny hairs rose on her skin, a tingling trail that followed his touch. Meg dipped her head and let out a slow breath, wondering whether she could shut off her feelings and just enjoy the pleasures of his body. If she wanted to make the most of her holiday, to take home lasting memories, she had to admit the simple truth; she wanted to be near him, to have his hands on her, at every opportunity. The repercussions she would have to deal with later.

“What makes you think I need a massage?” she asked, lifting her head.

He swept his thumb over her cheek and pressed a kiss on her lips. “After last night? Please.”

She flattened her hands against his stomach and pushed him away, trying her best to hold back a laugh. “What are you going to do while I’m being pampered?”

Jack relieved her of her beach bag and pulled her in against his side. He draped his arm around her shoulder and smiled. “I’m going to watch.”


White gauze curtains billowed in the late afternoon breeze, draped over a compact pavilion and held in place by satin ribbons. The scent of jasmine oil filled the air, mingling with the fragrance of frangipanis.

Meg crawled onto the thin mattress that took up the majority of the floor space and smiled at the woman who’d just introduced herself as Dayu. Dayu's hair was midnight black and fell to her waist, framing a round face and dark eyes. She wore a flowing shirt the colour of burnt orange and dark, batik pants.

As the woman went about arranging bottles and lighting incense, Meg glanced at Jack, intrigued by the glint in his eyes and the subtle privacy of the room. They were situated in a far corner of the hotel grounds, secluded from the noise and laughter of the swimming pool, distanced from the main paths where guests roamed. The curtains blocked out the world around them, creating a solitary little oasis.

Meg stretched herself out face down on the crisp white sheet. She turned her head and rested her cheek on the pillow.

"I think you'll enjoy this,” Jack said. "A lot." He sat on the edge of the makeshift bed and slipped his hand under the heavy fall of her hair. He swept her auburn curls aside and stroked her neck, caressing the sensitive place just behind her ear that made her shiver.

"Hmm." She smiled in response just as her eyes drifted closed. "I get the feeling you're up to something."

Dayu’s body joined hers on the mattress, cutting their conversation short. She perched at the base near Meg’s outstretched toes. “I’m going to start with your shoulders and work my way down, okay, honey?” Her accented voice was warm and friendly as she gave Meg’s ankle a reassuring rub. “Relax and enjoy. Sleep if you want.”

“Thanks.” Meg snuggled her cheek a little further into the pillow and rested her hands either side of her head. It didn’t occur to her to protest when Dayu’s fingers tugged at the bows fastening her bikini top in place. She merely lifted her chest to allow better access, holding back a gasp when the scrap of fabric was whipped out from under her.

She settled against the mattress and held her hair to one side. Moisture trickled onto her neck, creating a trail of warmth as it slid between her shoulder blades. Surprisingly strong fingers followed closely behind, spreading the slick oil over her shoulders and back. Meg sighed and her lips lifted in a tired smile.

Dayu rubbed in slow, thorough circles. She took her time and covered every inch of skin, turning Meg's muscles heavy and lax. The silence closed in around them, broken only by the occasional chirp of a bird or the rustle of leaves as the wind stirred outside.

While Dayu's thumbs pressed and massaged, Meg’s thoughts drifted to Jack, to the possibilities of the evening that lay ahead. No matter how many times she revisited it, the memory of his mouth on hers and his hands roaming her skin still caused a quick flood of desire. She wanted to continue on where they’d left off in the early hours this morning, take whatever he offered for however long it lasted. He brought something alive inside her she’d almost forgotten existed. Between work and family life, she’d had little time for herself lately. Without having planned it consciously, she realised this holiday had become about letting go, forgetting about the world that awaited her back home and immersing herself in the moment.

Meg sighed as fingertips grazed the sides of her breasts, caressing her tender flesh. She made an effort to forget about Jack for the moment and let her mind empty. Long minutes passed by while she lay still and serene, revelling in Dayu's touch. The masseuse kept up her tireless efforts, slicking her palms over oiled muscles. 

Meg's body loosened and her breaths finally slowed as sleep crept up on her, the cloud of relaxation broken only when Dayu paused to splash oil on the backs of her thighs. She sighed when the woman's magic hands began moving again, sweeping long, sliding strokes over her skin. Her fingers were so thorough and firm Meg let out a moan when they delved between her knees. 

Dayu's hands moved slowly up and down Meg's inner thighs, stretching and pulling. She worked her way down to Meg’s calves in leisurely circles, manipulating her muscles with firm strokes until they lay relaxed and boneless against the cool cotton sheets. 

The masseuse's palms swirled back up the length of Meg's thighs, the movement ending with the gentle, almost imperceptible brush of fingertips against her pussy.

Although in the back of her mind she’d somehow expected this, had known from the gleam in Jack’s eyes that this wasn’t just the usual kind of massage, Meg couldn’t stop herself from quaking at the caress. 

She heard his soft intake of breath beside her.

“Take these off,” Dayu said, hooking her fingertips in the waistband of Meg’s white bikini bottoms. “Don’t want to get oil on them.”

“No, we don’t.” Jack’s voice startled her after such a lengthy silence. Meg almost laughed at the husky timbre of it. She peeked at him from beneath half-closed lids, overwhelmed by the tight line of his jaw and the longing she saw in his features.

Her thoughts whirred as she contemplated her situation. She could put a stop to the massage right now before it went too far, or she could lie back and open herself up to something new. 

Meg had only ever experienced platonic touches from women in the past. She’d never desired anything more than that before now, but Dayu’s hands were so knowledgeable, so careful and clever, that she didn’t want her to stop. Her eyes stayed on Jack's as she drew a deep breath and lifted her hips from the bed. Her briefs were tugged down her thighs, leaving her fully exposed.

Meg sank back onto the mattress, enjoying the thrill that rushed through her as Jack groaned and stroked her cheek. Her eyes closed and she smiled against his hand, determined to soak up every minute of this encounter.

Desire swept through her as she spread her legs a little wider, baring herself to Dayu’s expert hands. Jack brushed her hair from her cheek and stroked her temple. More oil dribbled over her flesh and slippery fingers fell back between her thighs.

Dayu’s thumbs ran along the outer edges of her pussy, rubbing and caressing her slick flesh. An oiled fingertip nudged her pulsing clit and Meg let out a long moan. She arched her back and pressed her breasts into the mattress, her inner lips tingling and swollen as Dayu dipped inside and stroked her. 

She kept her eyes closed and let herself go, wrapped up in the sensuality of the moment. Her arousal grew with each purposeful touch. Dayu controlled Meg’s fervour by slowing her strokes each time she hovered on the edge of climax. Her fingers delved and massaged, building the intensity inside Meg until she couldn’t take anymore. Her hips began to writhe on the bed and small whimpers sounded in her throat. 

"Turn over, honey.” The other woman’s palms slid along the curve of Meg's hips and trailed up to her ribs. She stroked her sides, slipping her hands beneath Meg’s body to cup the curve of her breasts. 

Meg held her breath and turned willingly under the masseuse's guiding hands. She settled onto her back, baring her breasts to Jack’s gaze. Her nipples, already erect, ached for further attention. As the massage resumed, Jack leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her gently. He pulled back and whispered against her mouth, “I’m going to fuck you so hard after this.”

Meg’s heart raced. The thought of his thick, hard length sliding into her had her stomach tumbling with desire. She stared at him, helpless and overcome, lost in his blue eyes as she succumbed to the pleasure. Her hand reached out with a will of its own, sliding up his inner thigh. She wanted to free him from his board shorts and wrap her fingers around him, feel his erection pulse in the palm of her hand. 

Dayu increased the pressure of her fingers and desperation clawed at Meg. She covered Jack's erection with her hand and pictured him on his knees, leaning over her so she could take him in her mouth. The image had heat exploding inside her, tiny ripples of pleasure coursing through her.

“Later.” Jack smiled and caught both her wrists in one hand, lifting them above her head. He pressed them against the pillow and used his fingers to work her nipple into a taut peak.

Meg groaned with frustration and desire. Dayu’s palm held her thighs apart, pressed against the inside of her knee. She rubbed slow circles over Meg's clit with the pad of her thumb, pushing her ever closer to the edge. Her hips undulated and a guttural moan tumbled from her lips.

Dayu paused to trickle another trail of oil. Meg's grey eyes followed the droplets as they splashed onto her nipples and slid into the valley between her breasts. She turned her head on the pillow and watched Jack as he sat back on his heels. She needed his hands on her, all over her.

He seemed to understand her need and reached out to rub her nipples, massaging the oil into her breasts until her skin glistened.

Meg closed her eyes and pressed her lips together as his fingertips teased her nipples into hard, aching points. Dayu resumed her attentions on Meg’s lower half and her hips rocked slowly to meet the dark-haired woman’s touch. Her toes flexed into the soft mattress and her wrists strained against Jack’s hold. Her skin tingled, the pleasure growing inside her until it became an overwhelming force.

Dayu’s thumb delved between her moistened lips, circling her clit. Meg thrust her hips and cried out. Her lids shot open as she arched her back and watched the masseuse work. Her gaze shifted to Jack and she sucked in her breath. He continued rolling her nipple between forefinger and thumb, the intensity in his eyes only adding further fuel to her desire.

Meg gasped and her arms twisted in his grip. “Jack, please.” Her breaths left her in pants, her hips rising and falling rhythmically. She could feel it coming over her, sweeping her body like a physical caress. “Kiss me. Kiss me when I come.”

His lips captured hers and his tongue thrust inside her waiting mouth. He squeezed her breast in his slippery palm, thumbing her nipple. She moaned at the force of his passion. Her hips lifted off the bed and pleasure raced through her, consuming her with its strength. Her limbs stiffened and quaked. Her toes clenched on the sheets.

Her lips remained fused to Jack’s as a climax racked her body.

A muffled groan sounded deep in her throat and the sensation continued on. Moments later her belly quivered and her hips dropped back to the mattress.

Jack released his grip on her wrists and broke the connection of their mouths. He leaned back as they watched one another. His blue eyes were stormy and dark, travelling over her flushed, naked body. He finally let out a slow breath and cupped her chin, kissing her panting mouth. “That was so incredibly sexy,” he said.

Meg shoved her hair from her eyes and smiled her thanks at Dayu. Dayu patted her thigh and moved from in between. Tiny shudders still coursed through Meg that left her trembling and weak. “I’ve never done anything like that before,” she said, pulling her legs together. It surprised her how relaxed she felt, how little self-consciousness she experienced around him...around the other woman.

“I’m glad I could be here to witness it.”

Meg brushed her hand over his erection and let out a soft laugh. “I can tell.” She sat up and reached across her body for her bikini.

While Dayu moved quietly behind them, tidying and preparing for her next massage, Jack pulled Meg to her knees and wrapped his arms around her. His eyes gleamed with an appealing mix of humour and passion as he stroked his fingers up and down her spine. 

“Come with me," he said. "I want to show you something.” He pressed his lips to the tip of her nose and helped her to her feet.

Meg stroked and squeezed his hardened length, smiling at the repetition of his earlier invitation. “I can’t wait to see it again,” she said.

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