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Morning Dream

I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and sat on my comfy bed looking out of the window as the sky started to change from blue to gray and then black due to the thunderstorm rolling in. I could feel the cool breeze flow in from the window and caress my skin, causing goosebumps to break out all over my body.

I smiled and laid on my stomach, my head facing the window. My wet reddish brown curly hair moving a little. I like to dry off this way after a shower, It's invigorating!

My mind started to drift and before I knew it I had fallen into a peaceful sleep then I started to dream about you again.

I can never see your face clearly. It's always kind of blurry. But I know it's you somehow. I'm kind of watching whats happening between us in the third person. But I can feel the sensations of you touching me and kissing me.

Which is exactly what you are doing to me in the dream. You have backed me up against the wall and started to kiss me. I can feel your lips on mine and my heart begins to race. Your hands are sliding up between my thighs. I can both see and feel your hand slide under my skirt and your fingertips trace over my black lace panties. Your lips have traveled down over my cheek and have started to kiss ever so slowly over my neck. I can feel you smile as you hear my moan and your teeth gently nip at my neck.

Your other hand has moved its way from under my shirt and is sliding over my stomach and up to my black lace bra. I can feel your fingers sliding back and forth over the fabric and it kind of tickles. I try to move a little so I could maybe take my shirt off for you but as I move you stop kissing and remove your hands from my shirt.

You smile and pull my hands above my head pinning me to the wall. I smile and let you have your way with me. You slide your fingers in the waist band of my skirt and slowly tug it down until it falls to the floor. I step out of it and kind of kick it away.

Your fingers are sliding under my shirt and tugging it upwards as you go. When it reaches my breasts you can see your going to need both hands to remove it. You look into my eyes and silently ask me to keep my hands where they are. I do as you ask and keep my hands above my head.

You slide my shirt up over my breasts and then completely off. I can see in your eyes the lust that is quickly stirring there. I know how much you love my breasts. I know that my brown nipples excite you and when I push them together, I know you start to imagine your cock is in between them.

You slide your hands around to my waist and yank me close to you. You grin and I feel your skilled fingers sliding down my lower back, down over my ass and then you cup my ass cheeks. Very quickly you lift me up and push me back against the wall. My legs have wrapped around your waist, and I'm trying to be careful that my stilettos don't poke you in the butt.

Your lips have found mine and your kissing me breathless. Your tongue is diving in and out of my mouth, your teeth graze my lip and then you start to kiss down neck and you bite hard. Hard enough that I cry out and then your cock pushes deeply into my wet pussy. It's like something I was missing is replaced and then you start to fuck me. My body is being pushed hard up against the wall, and my nails are digging into your back. I hear your groans, and grunts as your fucking my pussy and its turning me on even more. 

My body is starting to tense up, my pussy is contracting around your hard dick and then the coils snap and I scream as I cum. My orgasm takes over all of my body. I feel you slow down and then slip out of me and then I feel you slip up my tight little ass. I can't help but cry out. You know your to big for that hole, but I don't complain because I know that soon enough pain will be replaced with extreme pleasure.

You are fucking my ass relentlessly. I can feel your cock twitching inside me and your moans are getting louder. I bite down on your neck, right below your ear. I hear your groan and your hot thick cum fills my ass, so much that its leaking out of me. You have me pinned tight to the wall and your head is buried in my neck. I feel you nuzzle it and then grin. I giggle and you let me down. You whisper something to me but I can't hear you and then my eyes open and I awaken. I giggle because something is tickling me. I sit up and my puppy hops up on my bed.

"You naughty girl! Waking mommy up!" I grin and she kisses me and then runs happily from the bedroom. I smile and get up. I close the window because the rain is soaking the carpet. I walk over to my side table, and pick up my phone. You have sent me a message; I smile.

"Time to have a little fun." I think and I start my day off with a bang if you know what I mean...;)

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