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Morning Tension, Successfully Relieved

With Anne's encouragement, I give myself a helping hand and start the day out right.
The clock on my bedside table taunted me. It read 5:45 a.m., but I’d been wide awake for at least 30 minutes despite it being the first day of my “staycation” away from work. Why couldn’t I ever sleep in?

Waking up early wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been a prospect of a morning quickie, but that day it seemed unlikely. My wife, Anne, hadn’t moved in the last half-hour. She had to work that day and, after almost eighteen years of marriage, I knew her well enough to know that nothing trumped sleep on a Monday morning.

I rolled away from the clock’s tormenting face towards Anne, but the movement on the bed still didn’t cause her to stir. She was laying on her side with her back towards me. Sometime during the night she’d kicked off the blanket so only the light top sheet covered her body.

I admired the curve of her hip as it flowed provocatively into her narrow waist. Her torso expanded and contracted ever so slightly as she slept peacefully, unaware of both my gaze and my naughty thoughts.

How many times had I screwed her from behind in that position? Spooning was Anne’s favourite when our kids were toddlers, but for practical rather than pleasurable reasons. She thought that during sex we wouldn’t hear tiny footsteps on the stairs and she was mortified by the prospect of having one of them unexpectedly appear in our room while we were fucking. On her side and under the blankets, with me behind her, Anne could safely see our bedroom door. I relied on her to make sure we never emotionally scarred our kids.

Anne always felt so wonderfully tight in that position, with her legs together instead of being spread wide to accommodate my body. I would fondle her full, round boobs through her T-shirt and whisper dirty talk into her ear. It never failed to produce window-rattling orgasms for both of us.

The sexy memories were making me even more aroused that morning. I reached down and gave my growing cock a squeeze through my boxer briefs as I stared at the outline of Anne’s gorgeous ass hidden under the sheet. “Wake up!” I silently pleaded.

Nothing. Shit. My hand felt nice on my cock, but it was nothing compared to what I hoped Anne would do to it, if only she’d wake up.

I rubbed myself for a few more minutes until my dick felt like granite. It was then that I decided I would snuggle up behind Anne. I thought maybe feeling my erection against her butt would subconsciously make her as horny as I was. As soon as I moved, however, Anne’s alarm clock rudely announced that it was 6:00 a.m. It beeped for several seconds before her hand shot out from under the sheet and killed the buzzer.

If Anne got out of bed now, I knew I was sunk. It was time for a Hail Mary. I quickly shimmied across the bed and draped my arm around her, my forearm covering her breasts. My cock pressed tightly against her ass. She would've had to be numb below the waist not to feel it. “Stay here with me,” I whispered.

Anne grabbed my hand, lifted it to her mouth and kissed my knuckles. “Tonight, I promise,” she said. Then she got up and disappeared into the en-suite without as much as a look back.

Double shit.

After a few minutes I heard Anne turn on the shower. The sound shattered my last illogical hope that she might come back to bed after using the toilet. I was left sprawled on the bed with nothing but memories, fantasies, and a hard-on that was starting to ache.

I reached beneath the covers and pushed my underwear down to my knees. My cock jumped upright and I felt a drop of pre-cum as the head brushed against my stomach. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and felt its rigid warmth. With my thumb I rubbed the wet tip and smeared more pre-cum all over the head for lubrication.

As I slowly stroked my cock, a small part of me was embarrassed at my lack of self-control. The dominant part, however, imagined Anne in the shower. By that point I knew she’d be rinsing her long brown hair. The water and shampoo would be running down her slippery curves, over her big, firm tits to the tiny sliver of hair between her legs.

I imagined watching her through the steamy shower door. She’d bend over to wash her slender legs, giving me a peak at her puffy pussy and crinkled ass. She’d know I was watching and would clean her feet much longer than necessary. Then she’d roll the soap around in her hands and slather the suds all over her succulent boobs. Oh, God, I wanted to do that for her. Anne’s tits would never be cleaner than after I got done with them.

Anne would then motion me through the fog to join her. “My pussy needs to be cleaned too,” I imagined her saying.

I jerked my cock faster as I pictured licking Anne’s sweet slit in the shower, the hot water stinging my back. At that moment I heard her turn off the water, but I didn’t stop masturbating. I knew that she’d soon start blow-drying her hair, so I had plenty of time to cum and then clean up the evidence.

Then, to my complete shock, Anne came out of the bathroom wrapped in her fluffy grey bath towel. My hand froze beneath the sheet. Anne had seen me jerking off before, but only at the beginning or end of sex with her. I didn’t want her to catch me doing it alone.

At first Anne paid no attention to me. Instead, she walked to her dresser at the foot of the bed and pulled out a black lace bra and thong. Then she dropped her towel to the floor and put them on, bra first. She leaned forward over the dresser to look closely into the mirror that hung over it. In the process, she presented her tight, bare ass cheeks directly to me.

Seeing Anne naked and then in sexy lingerie was not helping my situation. I looked at myself on the bed. My cock alone would have made an impressive tent in the covers. With my hand still wrapped around it, I thought there was no way Anne wouldn’t notice it. It turned out I was right.

“Are you jerking off?” she asked in surprise, her eyes glued to mine in the mirror.

“Ummm . . . maybe,” I replied weakly.

Anne turned to face me. “Oh my God. Are you 12 years old?” she giggled.

I was busted and there was no point denying it. Still, if I played my cards right, I might be able to salvage something. “You’re going to tease me for masturbating while you’re standing there dressed like that? Have you looked at yourself?”

“What, you like this?” Anne asked with feigned innocence, sliding her hands from the sides of her breasts down to her hips.

Thank God she was playing along. Anne glided around to my side of the bed and whipped the covers off. I was completely exposed, naked except for my boxers scrunched around my knees.

“Oh, look at that nice hard cock,” Anne said. “Were you going to make yourself cum?”

“I don't know.”

“Yes you were," she declared. "Why did you stop? I bet it felt good.”

“It did.”

“So what are you waiting for?”

I looked at Anne with a puzzled expression. “What do you mean? I'm hoping you'll help me out.”

Anne laughed playfully. “You said jerking off felt good.”


Anne took a couple of steps back from the bed and sat in the big armchair in the corner. “So stroke that big fucking cock for me.”

By that point I’d ceased to be embarrassed, so I slowly resumed jacking myself off. Anne looked so sexy. Her damp hair cascaded over her shoulders and touched her bra straps. The bra itself did a magnificent job of framing her boobs and cleavage. Her dark nipples were barely visible beneath the frilly lace. Similarly, her landing strip of pubic hair was just detectable beneath her sheer, skimpy panties.

“That’s hot,” Anne sighed as she fixated on my hand working over my cock. “What were you thinking about when you were doing it earlier?”

“Licking your pussy,” I groaned.

“This pussy?” Anne asked rhetorically. She spread her legs wide and then pulled the fabric of her thong aside to display her gorgeous snatch to me.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” I gasped.

Anne ran her index finger up and down her moist slit several times. “Mmmm, nice,” she sighed. “You lick me so good. I’m getting wet thinking about it.”

For a few minutes, Anne and I masturbated together in silence, watching each other. She stirred her honey pot with one finger, which soon became two. When both fingers were thoroughly covered with her sex juices, she licked them clean while staring me in the eyes. Then she peeled off her thong and spread her legs almost impossibly wide over the sides of the chair. With one hand she spread her pink lips open as two fingers from her other hand disappeared back into her horny cunt.

“You want to fuck me like this, don’t you?” Anne asked. “I know you want to put your hard cock inside me.”

“Uh huh.”

“Yeah, it would be so fucking hot,” Anne continued. “I’d feel your cock throbbing in my wet pussy, so fucking deep in there. I’d cum all over your beautiful cock.”

“Oh God,” I panted.

“Then I’d suck it clean,” Anne moaned. “You love that, don’t you? When I taste my own pussy from your cock? It’s so nasty.”

“I want to taste it now, please,” I begged.

Anne leapt off the chair and crawled onto the bed. In a flash she was straddling my head facing towards the foot of the bed. She lowered her dripping pussy onto my mouth. “Eat it,” she ordered. “Lick my cunt while you fist your cock.”

I lapped at Anne’s horny pussy like a thirsty dog at its dish. Her taste was so intoxicating, I couldn’t lick her fast enough. My tongue was everywhere at once. I flicked her clit, probed her love tunnel, and even tickled her ass. I was so focused on orally pleasuring her that I momentarily stopped jerking myself. Anne found my lapse intolerable.

“Don’t you stop, John!” she shrieked. “Keep stroking that cock. I want to see you shoot that big load of cum for me.”

I obediently resumed jacking off while simultaneously increasing the pace of my tongue. I was moments away from exploding, but I wanted to lick Anne’s delicious pussy to orgasm first. My whole body clenched as I tried to hold back, but Anne had other ideas. She leaned sideways to my bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube. She flipped open the lid and squeezed a lavish amount all over my fingers and cock. The slippery sensation was more than I could handle. Instantly my cock erupted like a geyser. I couldn’t see anything with Anne firmly planted on my face, but I felt spurt after spurt of warm cum land on my chest and stomach.

It was then that I felt Anne’s fingers on her clit next to my tongue. She furiously rubbed her swollen nub and squealed in delight as she reached her climax. I kept my tongue deep in her quivering pussy until I had to lift her up to get some air.

As Anne caught her breath, she lowered herself onto me and kissed my still erect cock. I hadn’t noticed until that point that she’d removed her bra while I was feasting on her slit. With her breasts now bare, she slithered them around on my stomach through the puddles of goo. Once she’d collected all she could, Anne spun around to face me. She lifted one creamy nipple to her mouth, then the other, and licked my jizz from them.

“Fucking hell,” I panted. “You’ve just given me a new image to jerk off to later.”

Anne smiled and continued to massage her slippery tits. “Just don’t get carried away, big boy,” she said. “That was really sexy, but I want you to be able to give me another big load when I get home from work.”

“I’ll be ready,” I promised. “In fact, if you keep wearing that bra and thong, I might even be ready twice.”

“Deal,” Anne agreed.

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