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Jack receives a nice awakening.
I awoke from my sleep; the bed feeling somewhat empty as I rolled over and took advantage of the space that was usually occupied by her. My arms instinctively reached over to her side of the bed as I craved her warm body against my own; just as they were when I held her tightly before we went to sleep.

My eyelids fluttered, squinting as a beam of sunlight peaked through the gap in the curtains.
“Morning, what time is it?” I breathed; bringing my arms up to rest my head on my hands.
“9:40” she smiled, making her way towards me with two cups of tea in hand.
Her hips swayed as patted across the wooden floor boards; my football jersey hanging effortlessly over the top half of her body, coming just below the tops of her thighs, my eyes to wondering and down her endless legs. Her hair was a mess; light natural blonde waves, big and untamed, falling carelessly over her neck and shoulders. Her rosy cheeks producing the tiniest dimples as she smiled warmly at me; skin glowing and big blue eyes glistening. I loved seeing her like this; no make-up, hair undone… undressed. She looked beautiful and sexy as hell, and I couldn’t help but let out a groan as she stretched ever so slightly and revealed to me that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Her lips pouted as she blew the rising waves of steam away from the mugs, before putting them down on the surface of my bedside table.
“Come here” I whispered, cocking my head as I waited for her to join me.
She smirked as she threw her legs over me, one each side of my bare, tonned torso, straddling her body over mine. My hands quickly found her bare skin of her pert bum cheeks, which fitted perfectly in my palms. She giggled before her lips landed gently on my own, and it wasn’t long before we’d fallen into a long, wet, lazy kiss.

“Come under the duvet with me.” I muttered against her lips, feeling her shift slightly so that I could pull the duvet over her.
She shifted slightly so I could pull the cover over us. Within seconds, her warm body was against mine; the soft material of my jersey sliding over my bare chest as she moved above me. I slid my hands below the hem and up her spine, feeling goosebumps erupt on her skin as she shuddered. One of her hands had latched onto my waist, teasing the hot skin between us, whilst the other had itself wound in my hair; massaging my scalp softly. The large duvet hid us from the outside world as we lost ourselves in our own.

Her soft lips sponged a small kiss upon mine before she parted, lifting herself up so that the duvet fell from her back and she was sitting on top of my thighs. She leant over to the bedside drawer, my eyes catching a quick glimpse of her bare bum as my jersey shifted over her skin, before she sat back upright with her lips over the rim of her mug. I watched her lashes flutter as she took a sip of the warm liquid; her tongue running between her lips as she collected some of the excess moisture.
“You’re wet” I mumbled; the heat and wetness from her centre revealing itself upon my thigh.
She shrugged, taking another sip of tea as she looked seemingly unphased by my observation, before placing the mug back on the side.
“You’re hard” she retaliated with a smirk; both sets of eyes dropping down to my obvious hard-on beneath my striped JW boxers.
My dick twitched beneath the strained elastic as her teeth took her lower lip between them; fingertips crawling up the insides of my thighs. Her hands had me mesmerised as I watched her every move and enjoyed each small touch that she gave me; burning flames leaving each area of skin that her soft tips graced. My head rushed and heart thudded as even more blood pumped to my aching cock; desperate for some sort of release from the tight confines that were holding it down.

She moaned softly as I lifted my thigh an inch or so, making sure that my warm skin put pressure on her burning centre. It was then that I noticed her grinding her hips slightly; eyes fixed on what was between my thighs. I reached my hand upwards and caught the lower hem of my jersey, before lifting it up a little and revealing her. I pursed my lips tightly as my eyes shifted hungrily between her legs, and I could feel her watching me; watching my eyes mentally doing all the dirty things that I wanted to do to her right now. I grazed my thumb lightly over her swollen clit, feeling it twitch against my skin as I listened to her breath hitch in her throat.

“Do you want to touch yourself right now?” 
I lifted my eyes upwards to her face, waiting for her reaction. Her lids were closed and lips slightly parted, and I smirked to myself as I swept my thumb across her clit once more; this time probing a small moan from her. She hummed in affirmation, opening her eyes as my hand clasped her own and took it from my thigh, guiding it between her legs, giving her permission. Her small, delicate fingers began stroking slowly over her clit, and I could feel my boxers dampening with my own arousal as I watched her fingers play. I began to rub myself over the material of my boxers, squeezing my length mercifully until I couldn’t take it any longer.

Pulling the elastic waistband away from my body, I slide the material down so that it bunched just beneath my balls; my cock instantly springing to life and falling back heavily against my stomach. Her eyes opened as I sighed in relief; a small smile playing on her lips as she eyed my dick up and down.
“Show me what you do when I’m not here, Jack” she whispered breathlessly, bucking her hips towards me as she slipped a finger inside of herself.
I groaned loudly as I watched her middle finger slowly disappear inside of her, imagining that it was my dick forcing the small whimpers that were tumbling from her heart-shaped lips; imagining how tight and wet she’d feel around me right now. My hand found the base of my shaft and pulled upwards slowly along it, applying an even greater pressure when I reached the head. I watched myself in amazement as pre-come began to leak from the tip, covering my finger and thumb as I massaged my most sensitive part. I had to refrain from grabbing her hips and pulling her on to my dick there and then; bringing her body up and down until I exploded inside of her. My dick throbbed as I watched her pleasure herself above me; veins fit to burst across the rigid surface as the head swelled with arousal. I began pumping myself back and forth slowly; hissing each time I grazed the overly sensitive part that connected my shaft and head.

“What’re you thinking of?” I whispered huskily, increasing my pace and pressure around myself.
She moaned my name as she pushed another finger inside of her; her other hand resting on my knee as she leant backwards and steadied herself.
“You” she breathed heavily, “fucking me over the end of the bed.”
She grinned down at me, clearly amused by the look on my face right now; which I assume was one of complete awe. I darted my tongue between my lips as I moistened them, feeling my cheeks and chest flush with heat. I wanted nothing more than to hold her hips tightly and bend her over, making her scream. And no doubt, I would do later on.

“Take your top off for me” I panted, desperate to see every possible inch of her beautiful body right now.
She bit her lip as she hauled it over her head, revealing to me her perfectly rounded breasts and defined collar bones that she loved me to suck on so much. We watched each other pleasure ourselves intently; eyes fixed and breathing heavy, both in incredible states of ecstasy as arousal took over.

“Fuck this feel so good” I moaned, leaning my head back against the pillow and working my shaft so hard and fast that my knuckles were slapping against the skin around the base. My right bicep began to ache as it tensed mercilessly beneath my tanned skin. She began moaning my name once more, and I quickly lifted my head to watch her fingers around her clit, pushing her to her final moments.
“Are you coming?” I breathed heavily, once again focusing my rough palm over the hot, soft skin of my tip slowly, covering it in my own natural lubrication.
I don’t know why I asked. I knew she was. I knew from the way her fingertips were digging into my thigh, and the way she was moaning my name over and over again as she began to spasm around her own fingers. She nodded quickly, before throwing her head back to the ceiling; body convulsing and chest moving up and down rapidly. I paused what I was doing to watch her orgasm sweep over her; her eyes shutting tightly, cheeks blushing a dark pink and lips falling open as she gasped for air. I swear it was the sexiest and most incredible thing I’d ever seen and I was more grateful than anything that I was the one who got to experience her in her most vulnerable and euphoric states. Her thighs trembled either side of my own as her fingers gradually came to a halt; eyelids heavy and smile lazy. I couldn’t help but smile back at her; still completely dumbstruck by how beautiful she looked.

“Don’t let me stop you” she grinned, biting down on her swollen lip as she cocked an eyebrow at my raging hard-on.
“I want to be inside of you so badly right now” I whined, taking a deep breath as I gave the head a hard squeeze.
“Later. I want to watch you first.”

I groaned with frustration before swallowing harshly. My hand quickly resumed place around my dick, desperate for the release that she’d just experienced. I watched her shift up my body and closer to my crotch, watching intently as my final moments of arousal began to gather at the tip of my cock. Her heat radiated against my balls, which were tightening by the second. I gripped the metal bar of the bed head firmly as strained groans ripped from the very back of my throat, panting uncontrollably. The pressure building in my dick was almost too much to handle as I shut my eyes and extended my neck fiercely, and within a few seconds, my toes began to curl at the end of the bed and legs began to shake. Within an instant, her lips were attacking my own; mine latching on to hers desperately as I moaned against them. Her fingers crept around my balls, squeezing them lightly, knowing that this would have me coming instantaneously. She took my lower lip between her teeth and pulled it back with her, before releasing it and glancing down at my dick, waiting for my imminent release.
“Gonna come” I choked out between pants, pulling forcefully on the bed head behind me.
 An intense pleasure shot from my balls and travelled up the entire length of my shaft, building at the head for a moment, before exploding at the head. Once, twice, three times… my own hot liquid covered my neck and stomach, before reducing to a mere oozing on to my hand.

It was safe to say that I’d made a mess, and I could tell from the small giggle that left her lips that I looked a mess.
“Almost got your face there” she laughed as she gently rubbed my tense thighs.
I groaned before grinning and opening my eyes, glancing down at the hot mess that was decorating my chest. My heart was pummelling against my chest as sensational tingles continued to surge through every single vein in my body. I grabbed the jersey top that she’d discarded earlier and swept it over my body, finishing with my dick, which was now beginning to soften between my legs. She slumped herself at the side of my body and nuzzled her head beneath my arm, giving my spent cock a gentle stroke before pulling my boxers back up. I toyed with the damp ringlets of hair that lay over her cheek; her fingertips dancing across the clammy skin of my stomach and hips.

“So” I began. “How hard was I fucking you over the end of the bed?”