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The mould looks on as three stoned humans interact

The bare white walls were barely white anymore, they were peeling, yellowing and chipped. Marked with zip scrapes, oil from various flat-mates bike-chains and the inevitable black mould. Black mould is endemic in London flat-shares. Creeping into corners by windows and along skirting boards. You take a book off the shelf, the mould has coasted down the spine and into the binding. You move a sofa and the wall shows it's silhouette in mould, suddenly exposed and too slow to notice how vulnerable it is. Bleach in water, scrub it away. It always returns.

Stephan put his key in the door, it had been a long day at work and he was shattered. He hated working Saturdays. He opened the door to the flat, kicked his trainers off and heard two voices call, “Hiiiiii.” Kristen and Danny were in. He called back his salutation and wandered down the hall to see them. 

“Come in,” Kristen chirped as Stephan knocked on the door.

The sun had already gone down and the curtains were closed in the room. A couple of small table lamps made the room look atmospheric and cosy even through the mess. Clothes strewn around and ashtrays full beside the bed - just a mattress on the floor. The black mould was dotted around the top corner of the room where the single-glaze window let in the moisture from outside. There was heavy smoke in the air, which was issuing from the joint Danny had in his mouth.

“How are you two?” Stephan said smiling.

“Fantastic,” Kristen replied,  “we’ve done almost nothing all day! How was work?”

“Fucking long!”

“Ah poor you, want a bit of this?” Danny asked passing the joint.

Stephan thanked him and sat on the edge of the mattress to take a toke, feeling the cold wetness of his housemate's saliva on the roach.  He glanced over the scene.

“How many doughnuts you got?!” he blurted, laughing as he spotted two massive bags of cheap jam doughnuts.

“Put the kettle on and you can have one,” retorted Kristen.

Stephan went to the kitchen and made the tea. He brought it through, spilling a bit on the duvet and swearing as it burned his hand. Settling down on the mattress, he grabbed a doughnut and took a huge bite. The jam spilled out the side, down his chin as he hastily wiped it away with his finger and sucked the sweet sticky red goo. The three of them ambled through a fairly stoned, aimless chat. Kristen was laid on her side with her elbow on the mattress, head resting on her palm. Her chestnut hair was in a sloppy bun with her long fringe brushing her eyelashes as she blinked.

She had been in a yellow t-shirt and bright blue leggings all day, comfortable but definitely indoor leisure wear. Lying on her side her cello-like hip stuck up like a dolphin surfacing from the water, two small holes in the leggings near her hip showed a tantalising glimpse of skin. Her breasts on top of each other, supported by the bed but clearly not by a bra, the faint outline of her nipples obvious.

Danny was similarly supine, his scruffy black hair all over the place, dark two-day stubble, bare feet, knee-length flannel shorts and a loose t-shirt that he would occasionally lazily brush up to scratch the hair around his navel, revealing sharp, tanned hipbones and the top of his boxers. His cyclist’s calf muscles sometimes hitched up as he pulled his feet under his round buttocks and sometimes draped over Kristen’s hip.

Becoming increasingly stoned, talk turned to various memes and videos doing the rounds on social media.

“I can’t believe you haven’t seen that!” exclaimed Kristen, admonishing Stephan for the missed cultural internet reference. “I’ll show you, it’s so funny,” and reached for her laptop halfway across the floor. As she opened it, the screen flashed on. “Shit,” she spat, half laughing, half embarrassed, clicking at the window to close it down. 

Stephan didn’t really see what was on the screen in detail, he looked away out of politeness, but just from the flash of colours and shapes he glimpsed, it was clearly a porn video.

Kristen closed the computer, blushing across her freckled nose. Danny thought it was hilarious, and launched himself at her to put his arms around her, cuddling her and comforting as they all laughed. 

“Well we’re all adults, there’s no point being ashamed or pretend that we’re not all having sex. We all like to get turned on don’t we?” Kristen spluttered, smiling, still blushing.

“Ha ha, it’s fine don’t worry,” said Stephan “I know you’re both grown-ups, it’s not like I don’t hear you is it?” He had said this as a joke but saw that it made them both look sheepish.  There was a longish pause as they looked at each other.

“Can you hear us having sex?” Kristen asked slightly more soberly.

“Oh.... well yeah. The walls in this flat are thin y’know? It’s fine though.”

“Is it really annoying? Are we too loud?”

“Oh no no, don’t worry.”

“Oh shit, sorry Stephan, we get a bit carried away, you should tell us to shut up.”

“No honestly it’s fine, I quite... it’s fine.”

There was a slight pause while Stephan took a sip of tea and Kristen and Danny exchanged looks, a grin spread across Danny’s face, “You were going to say you quite like it weren’t you?” he teased. “You’re listening in on us, aren’t you? You dirty sod!”

“What!? No!” Stephan spluttered, “it’s just hard not to hear sometimes, especially when I’m in bed, I mean you two can get pretty loud,” he said defensively.

Danny smiled again, “And what? You’re there getting a hard-on in bed?”

Stephan went silent.

“Do you knock one out to the sound of us fucking Stephan?” Kristen joined in, a grin across her face now, enjoying making him squirm. Stephan remained silent, smirking slightly, not knowing where to rest his eyes, glancing at the couple and then his tea, immobilised in the conversation.

“HE DOES!” guffawed Danny rolling backwards.

“Oh fuck off,” muttered Stephan.

Kristen reached across and touched him on the knee, her warm hand gently resting there and then scratching him gently with her chipped blue fingernails like she was playfully petting a cat. “It’s ok mate we are veeeery sexy people and I imagine most people we meet masturbate while thinking about us,” she mocked, a kind smile on her face. “Seriously though, it should be us that are embarrassed.” 

The conversation moved on and Danny skinned-up again, more donuts were eaten and another round of tea. Stephen couldn’t help looking at his flatmate’s bodies strewn out on the bed.

Often while he was eating breakfast, one or the other of them would come into the tiny kitchen and start fussing around, making toast, chatting. One time when Danny was ambling around half-awake he had found it hard not to look at the outline of his cock against his tight boxers, a semi-erection from sleep that perhaps he hadn’t even noticed. Another time he caught a glimpse of Kristen’s lovely round arse beneath a long bed t-shirt as she stretched to get something from the top shelf of the cupboard, one side of her knickers tucked into her arse crack. As she turned around, he was sure she had seen him looking, but didn’t say anything.

These thoughts flashed through his head now as he watched them teasing each other, feeding donuts to each other. The black mould in the corner sensed the atmosphere in the room change, it could feel the humidity and the sound waves increase as the humans got more stoned and their voices get louder, their body heat rising. The mould was disinterested in this frivolity, it only cared about furthering the conditions of its proliferation. Finding cracks, tight spots and moist areas it could expand. It sent out a few spores to nearby bits of wall to scout for fertile ground.

At some point Danny said something mockingly outrageous and Kristen half-yelping, half-laughing leapt on him punching him playfully on the chest. Then she sat on his pelvis and started to furiously tickle him around his torso and under his armpits. Danny, now shouting with laughter cried “STOP! STOP! I take it back I’m sorry!”

“Good,” said Kristen proudly, looking down at her boyfriend laying beneath her with a satisfied smile.

Stephen was chuckling away at the edge of the bed. Kristen still sat upright on Danny’s pelvis turned her head around and said looking through her long fringe, a wry smile on her face

“You’ll be next if you’re not careful.”

Danny grinned and said, “Hey Steve, next time you hear us shagging next door you can remember us in this position. Stick it in your wank bank!”

Kristen screeched with laughter and started bouncing up and down Danny in a silly piss-take way. They both made over-the-top theatrical sex noises, “Oooo uh uh uh ooyeah baby!” Kristen throwing her head about in a cartoonish manner put her hands behind her head which made her breasts lift against her t-shirt beautifully, her nipples clearly visible now. They were all laughing, even Stephen. But he could see as they were bouncing and grinding about, Danny grabbed his girlfriend’s hips and the sign of a growing erection beneath his shorts. 

This, in turn, started to turn him on and he could feel the hot blood beating into his cock as he watched them fool about. Not wanting his erection to be visible beneath his trousers he quickly grabbed his dick and re-positioned it so it wouldn’t be so obvious. He thought he would do this quick enough to go unnoticed but he could have sworn that Kristen’s eyes flickered across his crotch briefly.

After what was probably no more than fifteen seconds, Danny and Kristen stopped their performance and fell about laughing. “There you go,” grinned Danny, “that one is on us, that should keep you busy for a while.”

“Oh fuck off,” replied Stephen jokingly, “you’re both fully clothed, how the hell am I supposed to get off on that?”

Kristen looked at him, her lips slightly parted for a second, “Oh right! A challenge is it? Well how about this?” and she pulled Danny’s shorts down revealing his half-hard cock.

Danny gasped, “HEY!” and tried to pull away, but Kristen’s thick lips were already around it, sucking him. She hadn’t known why she had done it. Weed always made her horny and she just wanted to see what would happen. She always enjoyed teasing cute, awkward Stephen and now she had her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth in front of him. 

It felt so taboo and exciting. Danny looked conflicted, glancing at Stephen wide-eyed, horrified. Then down at his girlfriend and he watched his cock get bigger and harder in her wet mouth. Giving in, he groaned and threw his head back closing his eyes, she was so good at going down on him.

Stephen, blinking, couldn’t quite compute what was happening and he watched transfixed as Kristen’s tongue wound it’s way skilfully around Danny’s quivering cock. Kristen, who had started all this as a dare, a silly lark, found herself surprised at how much she was getting off at being watched. She held Danny’s dick with one hand and slowly licked his balls, licking the black hairs flat and then trailing her tongue up the back of the shaft to the tip where she licked around the helmet several times before putting her mouth around the top and bobbing up and down gently around the top while she stroked Danny’s balls and up and down his cock.

She looked up at Stephen and their eyes met. Stephen glanced at Danny’s face, he still had his eyes closed, his face relaxed in pleasure as he moaned quietly. He looked back to Kristen who was looking at his crotch, he couldn’t hide his erection now, it was throbbing inside his trousers and he could feel a small trickle of pre-cum in his pants. 

Kristen’s green eyes again met Stephen’s blue ones and she continued to move her mouth up and down on Danny’s cock, now slowly taking the whole length down, she turned slightly so her arse was in the air now facing Stephen. He could see a dark wet patch between her legs, seeping through her blue leggings. She began to rotate her hips around at the same rhythmic pace as the blow job she was administering. She looked around to check Stephen was still watching and saw that he was staring intently at her backside and the now glistening wet patch. His hand had wandered down inadvertently to his twitching dick.

“Well,” said Kristen suddenly, still holding her boyfriend’s saliva-coated cock and rubbing it slowly, “if we’re going to do this for you, you have to show us what you do. Undo your trousers, Stephen. That’s it. Take it out. That’s nice.” Danny was looking up now and they both watched Stephen sheepishly rotate his hand around his cock moving the pre-cum around the top, making sure they both had a good view, he was performing for them like they were for him.

Kristen went back down on Danny’s cock but continued to watch Stephen wanking. Danny went between looking at Stephen’s dick and his own being sucked so masterfully by his girlfriend. Stephen was so turned on watching his flatmates that he wasn’t prepared for what came next.

“Come here,” said Kristen and pulled him towards them. She pulled his shirt off to reveal his pale body, his shaggy hair flopped about his face which she brushed aside and kissed him deeply, her tongue salty with the taste of Danny. “Now I want to be the one who watches,” she said.

Stephen looked at her confused.

“Suck his cock,” she said pointing to Danny.

Stephen looked at Danny who smiled and shrugged. He didn’t need to be told twice, he had often fantasised about having a dick in his mouth but had never had the opportunity to do it. Danny’s cock was beautiful, curved slightly upwards with a thick dark helmet, coarse black tightly curled pubes ringing the base. He nervously clamped his lips around the top and moved his tongue around it, causing Danny to issue a deep groan that he felt vibrating through his body. He put his hands up Danny’s shirt and felt the hairs on his chest, his small hard nipples and squeezed one instinctively making him swear with pleasure. He was so turned on by the texture and taste of Danny that he sucked deep and hard, starving for this cock and ran his hands around his firm arse to stroke his friend’s balls the same way his girlfriend had.

He looked to Kristen. She was watching, mouth slightly open, pupils dilated, a greedy look on her face and her hand down her leggings, pleasuring herself. He could see the outline of her knuckles against the blue fabric as she traced around her clit in small, fast circles, breathing heavily with an occasional breathy whimper. Still wanking with her right hand, with her left she pulled off her tight t-shirt and pulled her hair down from its bun letting the chestnut tresses fall about her shoulders and down her chest. The freckles that trailed down from her clavicle down her body spread around her beautiful round breasts. Her large, dark pancake nipples were hard and they moved in time with the now hard and speedy rhythm of her hand.

Both Stephen and Danny were watching her now and she was loving how clearly turned-on they both were. Stephen was sucking Danny’s cock in time with Kristen’s hand movements, speeding up when she did as if she were conducting him. He held the base of Danny’s cock with one hand whilst sucking, his other hand around his own red engorged penis. He could feel the veins on the side popping out clearly defined, he felt like this was the hardest he’d ever been. They sucked and wanked furiously now watching each other hungrily.

Kristen stood up and slipped off her soaking leggings to reveal her dripping hairy cunt. She never shaved her pubes. She had always thought the trend for shaving was kind-of weird, the semiotics of it hinted at something quite sinister so she had decided not to take part in that. As a result, she had a beautiful chestnut bush. When she sat back down she opened her legs wide to show the men her sex. Her juices had wetted her thighs, it was in her pubes and flowing down her arse crack. The thick, meaty lips of her vulva were red and beating with hot blood beneath the skin, her clit was full and massive.

She leaned over to Danny and they kissed passionately. Stephen was still sucking Danny faster now as he became more excited. Then, looking Stephen straight in the eyes she turned and presented her sex to Danny’s waiting mouth. He sucked her clit straight into his lips and tongued it roughly as she squeaked in pleasure. He opened his mouth and licked his tongue down the full terrain of her cunt, around the labia, circling the clit and then pushed his tongue into her dripping wet hole. She began to grind her hips against his face as he concentrated on her clit now, circling and sucking and slowly inserting a finger into her vagina, stroking the inside of her, tracing a line on the inside of her upper wall. She was red-faced and panting hard now, the noises she was making were almost like the high pitched mew of a cat and Danny grunting and moaning with long deep resonances, these noises that Stephen had heard so often through his bedroom wall as he lay masturbating, imagining the scene they were in now, right here.

Kristen reached out a hand towards Stephen and pulled him towards her and kissed him, Danny pulled off Stephen’s half on trousers and pants and stroked his backside whilst still sucking his girlfriend’s clit and she grabbed his face kissing him furiously and running her hands around his body. His skin was pleasingly warm and pale. She had always thought about what Stephen might look like naked, what his skin might feel like but she never wanted to cheat on Danny. This was perfect. Stephen kissed her back their tongues colliding in each other's mouths as she moaned into him, he could feel her voice vibrating in his cheeks. His hands found their way to her full breasts and he ran his fingers around their base feeling the ripeness of them in his palm, then trailed his fingers around her hard, dark nipples as she let out a breathy groan of pleasure.

One hand stayed on her breast as the other felt her beautiful smooth arse that he had always wanted to touch. It was warm and wet from her fluids. Her hand was now around his hard red cock, rubbing it clumsily, ecstatically and hungry. Unable to wait she pulled it towards her face. Her warm, wet mouth around him felt so good, he was almost scared he might cum straight away. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. She opened her beautiful eyes and looked up at him, red-faced, his hair half in his eyes, mouth open staring down at her lustily. Watching her pleasuring him as she was being pleasured by Danny's mouth.

“Lay down,” she instructed him, still holding his dick. She turned over as did Danny, onto their sides. Stephen took Danny’s cock in his mouth, Kristen took Stephen’s in hers and Danny continued to lick Kristen’s thick vulva lips. In a triangle of pure lust, they all sucked and licked and dribbled and moaned. At some point they switched around, Stephen hungrily licking Kristen from behind, his nose buried in her arse crack as she kneeled, bent over, her mouth filled with Danny, who was now sucking Stephen. The sensation of having a man sucking his cock was an interesting one, neither Stephen or Danny had done this before and so Danny was slightly clumsy about it but he knew what he liked so he replicated this on Stephen who was definitely enjoying it, slightly edging his cock deeper into Danny’s mouth rhythmically. All three of them in a triangle, in unanimous rhythm.

Kristen suddenly jerked her head up, still holding Danny’s cock but looking down at Stephen with his tongue flicking her clit and two fingers inside her. “Faster, keep going” she gasped “I’m going to cum”. Stephen obeyed and Danny pulled away to watch. Kristen lay on her back with her knees in the air and her feet on the mattress. Legs parted, with Stephens right hand holding on to her milky calf as he fingered her deeply but gently with his left. He was licking fast and hard on her clit now at a steady rhythm as she writhed and wriggled, tossing her head about. Her voice got louder and louder, “Fuuuuuck, fuuuuuck, I’m cumming I’m cumming,” then almost a whisper, “I'm cummming,” and then “AAHHH.”

Her body jerked and bucked as her cunt contracted around Stephen’s fingers, she pushed herself deeper into his face as he drank up her wetness. With a final convulsion, she put her hand on his head to tell him to stop and her head flopped down in ecstasy on the pillow.

Stephen and Danny watched her rub her hands down her body smiling and then look up at them laughing. “Wow,” she said grinning and sat up and then crawled over to the side of the bed where they were sat.

She took a hard cock in each hand and started to wank them both off at the same time. Slowly at first, almost so slow as to be frustrating, but with deep, gestural strokes. Her warm hands gentle and loose then squeezing tighter and then loosening off again. She tightened her grip and sped up slightly, then sped up again, clearly turned-on at having control, and the novelty of two cocks in her hands. Kristen pushed Danny down on the bed and facing him, straddled his hips.

Keeping her hand on Stephen’s dick she lowered herself onto Danny’s eager penis and pushed herself slowly down the length, sitting upright her tits pointed upwards as she arched her back, threw back her head and moaned, “Ohhh God” as the ridges of him filled her slowly. She put her left index finger down to her clit and circled it as she slowly rode Danny’s cock, his hands on her hips grinding into her. “Oh fuck, it’s so good,” she breathed then wide-eyed “Kiss, I want to see you kiss.”

Danny looked at Stephen, sucking each other's cocks was one thing but kissing seemed different somehow. Danny smiled and shrugged at Stephen who smiled back and leaned in and put his lips on Danny’s their tongues intertwining. It felt strange to feel each others stubble. Then a third tongue joined, Kristen was too turned on by the sight of them not to want to get involved, she could taste her own cunt on Stephen’s mouth and they kissed each other deeply in turn.

She sped up, fucking Danny harder and causing him to moan in his low tone “oh God, yes”. Her hand sped up on Stephen and he felt lightheaded and high. “Oh fuck I’m close,” said Stephen. Kristen stopped riding Danny and lay down on her back still fingering herself. “I want you both to cum on me,” she said looking them both in the eyes, her face flushed, her pupils dilated. She could feel another orgasm building inside her. Stephen and Danny kneeled either side of her hips and furiously pumped their cocks as she looked from one to the other, flicking her eyes from their biceps and chests working furiously to Stephen’s clavicle, his head tipped slightly back, his eyes traveling from her clit up her stomach rising and falling rapidly with her breath, up to her lips parted, her tongue slightly behind her lower teeth as she squeaked, “Cum please cum please cum.”

Danny started breathing deeper and grunting, “Oh shit oh shit oh shiiiiiit,” and his thick white cum flew like a jet across Kristen’s beautiful creamy torso

“YESS,” she yelled, smiling and beating her clit even harder. Stephen almost felt like he was about to faint and was so turned on by this sight that he felt an instant rush of tingling through his body and a blankness in his mind as he yelped and came in the same spectacular manner all over Kristen’s tits. She arched her body to meet the cum and as she felt the warm thick liquid hit her chest she burst into orgasm, waves coursing through her body, throwing it about as she rubbed the cum into her nipples.

She grabbed them both around the neck and pulled them down the bed, all three of them panting and groaning with pleasure, stroking and kissing each other’s bodies. It was hard for any of them to tell who they were being stroked by, as closed-eyed they revelled in the light glow of each other’s exhaustion.

Again the black mould registered the change in atmosphere. It could feel the increase in heat and moisture as usual. It also registered the hormones, which excited it. That is, if a fungus can really be excited. The response the mould had was not a "feeling" in the way humans may usually experience it, but the conditions of the room had changed it's living experience for a short time.

Besides the mould, other living organisms inside the room went about their businesses. Mites, insects, bacteria. All oblivious of, but perhaps somehow affected by the lovers, who were now slowly falling to sleep.


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