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Moving to Australia - Part One

Tags: affair, boss, work
New job with a hot boss
I remember my first day starting as an au pair in Australia. After travelling over 24 hours from England I'd finally arrived in sunny Melbourne. As I walked through departures I was looking for a sign with my name on, showing me who my new host family would be.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him; my new host dad and boss. Standing at 6'2 in shorts and a shirt, you could easily see he worked out hard for his body. With blonde wavy hair and toned and tanned muscles, he was your typical Aussie surfer guy.

I walked over, and as I started to get closer I could see his eyes gliding over my body. I'm 5'7, blonde, slim, with a toned body and perky 34DD breasts. He couldn't have known I was his new au pair with the way he was looking at me, licking his lips as he took all of me in. He looked worried as I stopped in front of him and introduced myself. It took him a few seconds to realise who I was and he started to stutter out an introduction of his family.

After a drive back to the house with conversation flowing easily, I asked for a shower so I could freshen up after the journey. After showering I realised with all the hurry of cleaning off I had no towel. Poking my head around the door, trying to cover my naked body, I called out for a towel. He stood in front of me handing me the towel, and I saw his eyes looking in the mirror behind me, taking in my naked backside. I coughed a little and he jumped back and turned around.

A few hours later after unpacking my stuff and getting settled in, I walked into the kitchen and offered to help with the dinner. The mother turned my offer down and told me to relax in the lounge. As I walked in I saw the 16 year old son on one sofa, leaving a space next to the dad on the other couch.

I walked over and sat next to him. He didn't say much but tried hard to stare at the TV so he couldn't see me in my shorts and vest. I wasn't wearing a bra so he'd also be able to see my nipples. We were sitting so close I could hear he was breathing in deep, trying to keep calm but he couldn't control his eyes from wandering over my body, stopping to stare at my breasts.

Seeing him doing this turned me on and made my nipples harden. He groaned and started to wriggle in his seat, placing a pillow over his lap. I guessed what he was trying to hide which just made me hornier and started to make my panties wet.

He was then saved by his wife calling out that dinner was ready.

Starting to feel the jet lag, I called it a night. Laying in bed that night I was still wet and horny from the couch situation. I waited a little while for it to go quiet outside my bedroom before I started to squeeze my nipples, making them even harder.

I worked one hand down my shorts and into my panties. Feeling how wet I was made me groan a little. Sliding my finger between my pussy lips, I was getting even wetter and I couldn't help myself from moaning out loud. It was at this point I heard a little groan from outside. Not realising what it was I carried on sliding my fingers through my lips, playing with my clit.

I wriggled out of my shorts and panties and opened my legs up wide. I slid a finger into my pussy and started finger fucking myself. Biting my lips, I tried to keep my moans down but every now and then one would escape.

I worked in another finger and started fucking myself harder. Still playing with my nipples, I could feel myself get close; I needed to cum. Rubbing my clit it only took me a few more seconds until I started to orgasm. I threw my head back into the pillow, hoping that no one could hear me.

After calming down, I lay down in bed, panting a little. After a few minutes I heard the door next to my room close and the light turn out. Had I been caught?

Waking the next morning, I joined the family for breakfast. They were already sat around the table, so I grabbed a plate and joined them. Nobody had said anything about the previous night and they were acting casual and joking around the table. I sat down and relaxed as I knew I hadn't been caught.

Finally work had finished and I sat down and relaxed with the son watching a movie. The mum was making dinner when the dad arrived home. After changing out of his suit he came into the lounge wearing just a pair of shorts. Seeing his naked chest made my stomach flip a little, he was so gorgeous.

Sitting down next to me, he asked how my first day as an au pair had been. We had a nice chat until we went silent and carried on watching the movie.

A while later the mum called for dinner. As he stood up, he bent down and whispered in my ear, "I enjoyed listening to you finger yourself last night. I came with you."

Story to be continued...

Hope you enjoyed my first story. Feedback please. Part of the story is based on real life.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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