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Ms Marca / Mother and I Part 5

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Ms Marca   / Mother and I     Part 5


The doctor handed the drive a 100 dollars and said thanks and hurried him out of the room. The silence in the room was like a funeral the air seems to be sucked out of the place. I could hear my heart beating. What do you say, mother say something I never been here before. Mother never looked at me just out the window at the darkness than as she was about to speak the doctor called the waiter over "See if my table is ready my guest have arrived and please make sure it is a quite spot!" Mother never looked at me she just took the doctors hand and let him help her up and guided her toward the table that they had set for four.


I could see the look on Daniel face it had gone from viewing a sweet nice girl to where he wanted to fuck me, that hungry look in his eye, the half open mouth as if he was trying to suck my nipple. I had been aware of the desires of men since I started grade school, will little boys back then. I knew very quickly as I was growing up that I was special and I had the interest of men and what they all wanted from me and what they wanted to do to me. After a time I forget, or don't notice, that man loved to look at my body. This man wanted to fuck me.


God did everyone in the place think we were hookers, oh what I would give to be in the back seat of one of my high school boy friends car fucking his brains out, any place but here. We were seated and I can't remember much about dinner but that Daniel tried to carry on a conversation with me and I did a lot of smiling and nodding my head yes; I have no idea what I said yes to. I did put away a few glasses of wine and the next thing I know we are leaving the restaurant and I find myself in a taxi with Daniel and he has his hand on my knee telling me how striking I am; that the taxi driver was right I was a most beautiful woman.


I should just say to him I'm not a hooker take me home, but before I know what to do we are pulling up to the lobby of his ocean front hotel. This had to be the best place in the Caymans and Daniel it seems goes first class. God, I'm feeling nervous. Here I stand in this hotel lobby, twirling a lock of my hair around and around waiting for him to get his key and check for messages. I can not believe I'm doing this, every man in the place looks at me and smiles and they know what I'm here for maybe they think I'm his date, at his age, sure I'm his date, I can see the looks the bellhops are giving me, I'm a hooker.


My pussy had started to bubble and froth the way they make me feel, this is making me so excited to feel like a whore to him to them and in anticipation of what I was thinking. I could feel the inner lips of my shaved pussy start to dribble love fluid into my panties. I took a deep breath. I had made up my mind as mother said it is just a game. Daniel had a very large ocean front cabana/bungalow more like a villa with a view from his bedroom of the beach and you can hear the surf. "Marca you are so beautiful, but I must tell you something and I ask you not to say anything to Doctor Grossman."   I look at him. “OK!”


"Marca I've never been with a woman before I'm scared to death, I don't know what to do, but I was told that a lady such as you could help me; I've been told ladies like you... you're the one person who can help me learn about having sex! How much do you charge for the night?"


I hope I hide my blank look that I had, what I can say, shit I'm still learning, talk about the blind leading the half blind I guess.


"How old are you Daniel?"


"I'm 56 and yes I know you find it hard to believe, but all I have ever done was work and do my research, to tell the truth women scare me."


Shit what do I know about telling him what to do, you just fuck stupid, put it in and hump my pussy, suck my nipples, eat my hole lick my asshole.   Hey that sounds good to me, just wish it was some young hunk, but so is life. I could tell him anything and he might just do what I want, girl you may be on to something.


"You jerk off; oh sorry, do you masturbate?"


That shocked him. He didn't know what to say, neither did I...I just said the first thing that came to me. He couldn't look me in the face just looked off past me and made a face as if he had just been found out.


"Some times I do when I'm hurting for relief, it helps me feel better."


He was looking down at the floor, and as nerves as a teenage boy on his first date; hell he was on his first date.   Fuck I know more about sex than this Doctor of Research, he may 40 years older than me, have all the education in the world, read all the books, but I was the one who had been there done that. I was living it, he just dreams it. "So basically, you've been jacking yourself silly whenever you want sex! So you think of a woman having sex with you or do you see her having sex with other men? "


He just looked at me not knowing what to do it was if he was waiting for me to tell him step by step what to do. "Well, if you like it so very much, you better show me how you do it so that I can help you get over this wall of being with a woman!"


Damn I'm good, didn't that sound smart? I stood looking with my hands on my hip and my right leg cocked out to one side, you know that sexy ass showing I'm in charge pose. Mother had given me that pose a hundred times; here I was acting the part that I learned from the teacher.


"Take you clothes off, do I need to say it twice?"


He just shook his head no and began to undress not looking at me are even in my direction.   When he had got down to his briefs he looked up at me with that look of do I have to?


"Daniel!” I waved a finger at him motioning for him to drop them. “I'm waiting and don't get on my bad side or this date is over!"


He got his ass in gear and was doing everything I said at fast speed, the guy was excited. His penis was what mother and I had referred to as a ... we...we... he was not in the big cock line when they past out grown up' s sex things. I gasped to myself when I thought of the captain and some of the cocks that I had before this older guys had come along tonight. They made him seem like a small boy compared to them. For just the short time in my young life I told myself that a man's size didn't matter. I held to the belief that it was not what he had, but how he used it. That all changed when I met the captain.


I discovered a whole new world of pleasure that came with the sensation of being filled up by a large cock. Since the other afternoon with him, my first experiences with the captain, I was eager to find more men who were well endowed.


"I see you're not circumcised!"   I leaned forward and lovingly finger the extra-sensitive underside of his knob. Pulling his little prick to a horizontal position, I leaned back to admire his genitals; did I say admire more like laugh to myself how little boy he seems. It looks to be about four not over five inches. That's quite a bit smaller that most guys I go with, in fact a whole lot smaller.  


I pointed to the bed and told him to set on the side, as he did he tried to cover up his little thing as he looked up at me embarrassed but excited at the same time. I loved being naked in front of men, hearing their praise of my body, their assurances of just how beautiful I' am gave me confidence, made me see myself as I truly was. I had lost all of my inhibitions by the time I was 14, it was a fast growing up process for me, my lust played a part, but even more important was my newfound power over men. I loved that feeling of power; I was amazed how much control sex had over the men in my very short life.


I caught notice of his eyes fixed on my well-endowed breasts. He also could see the sharp outline of my erect nipples through the dress and built in bra cups. Trim waist with very womanly hips accentuated my curvy frame. I turned around and looked over my shoulder, "Do you like my ass?"


"Oh yes! You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."


"Oh Daniel you say so many nice things about me, you have done that all night long. I consider that to be a sign of a gentleman when he pays compliment as you do. You know I used to think that my ass and breast were too big. I would compare my body to the women in fashion magazines and feel that I was too hippy and curvy, but as I have got older, I realized that I have more of a womanly figure than the stick and bones that appear in those magazines,"


With my back to him I unzipped my dress; I took hold of my dress and peeled it off of my top and down over my full hips. He got a look at my rounded hips and ass as I had to wiggle and shift my hips to slip the dress lower. As I bent forward to take it to the floor and step out of I reach back with one hand and cupped my magnificent ass and rubbed it showing him my ass flesh was soft yet firm. It seemed to bounce in my hands. I placed both hands on my ass cheeks, and then worked on my ass as if rubbing soreness away.


"Oh Marca! Your body, your face, you have it all. God you're beautiful you're just amazing, woman!"


I could feel the sticky dampness of my juices soaking through my thong laced panties. I guess as a young over sexed teen, I had experienced on more than one occasion how wet my pussy became when I was engaged in the act of sex or thinking about it whether it was sucking dick or fucking. My pussy flowed continuously when I get excited, and with the sucking/squeezing action of my pussy muscles, which I was beginning to develop to an art form that would serve me will in the years to come. Damn it's hard to be humble when you're good. I love being a bitch, when you have good pussy, its easy to be one!


I took my hands from my hips and placed them on my thong at my side and started to draw my panties down over my wiggling hips. As the panties pulled away from my soaked pussy lips, they made a slightly suction like sound. I moaned as the air hit my wet pussy lips. Still bent over I looked back at the doctor and smiled and giggling knowing he had his eyes fixed on my wet dripping pussy; bent over like this in what had to be a gloriously prone positioned my ass stared invitingly back at him. My inner thighs were glistening with my own moisture as I glanced over my shoulder as if waiting for his cock I ran one finger over my slit and took it to my mouth, after sucking it I looked at him


"Oh my panties were stuck to my sweet hole I guess!"


I tossed my panties to the side as he continued to look at my drenching wet pussy. The juice from my pussy was spread all over my mound and lips. He could see a trail of my juice leaking down my legs. "Damn, this pussy is ready for some serious action," I said to him.


"Can you see that I have shaved around my pussy lips and I like to feel it smooth for my lover's to lick; they do a better job when I'm smooth."


I walked back to him with my hands at my side letting him take in my front view. I stood in front of him in my FMP and my rock hard nipples were looking at him as he took in my body from my head to my toes. I licked my lips and with both hands cupped my breasts, thumbs rolling over my nipples, offering them to him. He silently bent over as if he was ready to sample them with his lips.


"Daniel let me get this straight you mean that you've never had a blowjob!"


He nodded no and mumbled under his breath, no. I rolled my eyes in mock amazement. I bent over to kiss him and I let him kiss me and I French kissed him and let him lick my mouth for a short time. Then I spread my legs and pushed his head toward my pussy.


"I know you probably think I am a pervert; but I want it done my way, lick those lips for a while," I cooed.   "Make sure you French kiss my sweet spot, if you don't know, that's my pussy."


He said, "Oh I've never done this! I've never done anything! I feel wicked!"


I took hold of his face with both my hands and pulled him up where he was looking right into my eyes; "Daniel if you don't shut up and do as I say I'm taking your belt and use it on your ass till you can't set down, you understand me?"


"Yes, yes. ..I will!"


He licked the outside, around my clit until it got hard and started to throb with excitement. "Suck my lips Daniel!" I pulled my lips apart and he was at my clit and he didn't know what he was doing but he sucked my clit and licked it.


I started rhythmically pumping my hips towards his face. I wanted his tongue to fuck my pussy and him to lick my juices out of me. My movements excited him and his tongue finally made its way into the gaping hole that was once my tight little pussy, well it was never a tight little pussy but no thanks to the captain it will never be what it was. He flicked and slurped and sucked up my sweet youth nectar.


He would look up to see me looking down at him and he had to see my magnificent swells of my breasts topped with inch long rock hard nipples visibly shudder as he continued to lick and kiss around my most sensitive regions. I was moaning nonstop, now.


I was telling him in between moans what to lick, suck, tongue me; he was moving a mile a minute trying to keep up with my commands. He kissed and licked the outer lips of my wet pussy. He let his tongue trail a circle around my pussy, keeping contact with my pulsing pussy lips. I reached down and spread my inner pussy lips to give a deeper target to lick for. As he looked into my vagina, I knew all he could see was pink wetness. He licked his lips. He stuck out his tongue and dipped it into my pussy, scooping up my juices. He allowed his tongue to rotate in circles all over my inner lips. He kissed and licked me for all he was worth. My pussy continued to produce a large amount of fluid.


His fingers were drenched with my wetness. My thighs began to vibrate and shake under the teasing of my clitoris. I then pulled his entire mouth over my clit and told him to suck it into his mouth, and don't stop using his tongue! I turned and bent over and spread my ass cheeks and looked back at him with pussy juice coating his face, I told him in a stern voice; "Eat my ass, lick it, kiss it, suck my ass and tongue it deep!"


I had two other guys do that to me before this, one was on my front steps at home after a date; the other was with a guy in his back seat at the lake. Without so much as a word of protest or even a yes; Daniel moved his mouth to my ass and began to lick and suck.




I found myself humping back at his mouth. He stuck his tongue in my ass as if doing the French kiss thing and I could feel my ass muscles grabbing at his tongue. He continued his assault on my ass region; the more I spread my cheeks the more he forced his tongue into my asshole. As soon as he began to wiggle and rotate his tongue, I let out a scream as I had my third or was it my fourth orgasm of the night; but who the fuck is counting.


Daniel continued licking slowly and teasingly around my asshole; as I moaned deeply from the pleasure coming from my ass. It felt as if my entire ass was still tingling from the previous orgasm. My hips continued to jerk and twitch.


"Lay across the middle of the bed with you head on the edge. This way when I get on top of you, you can lick me at the same time. I can watch your cock and see what it does."


I said as I was getting into position on the bed. "Oh Marca, you really know this don't you you're just head and shoulders above me; you know how to treat a man." He said as I got over him. "I love for a man to be between my legs looking up at my lips, both set's of lips; are you going to make it hard for me to concentrate on what I am doing?"


I was looking down at his coated face and began fucking his face with my pussy. I told him to lick my cream as it dripped into his mouth; my juices were coating his face/mouth with thick, white pussy cream. I had my face on his mouth as he continued licking up into my open, vulnerable pussy, he began rubbing my ass; the boy was learning!


"Move that tongue! Come get this pussy! Take this pussy!" I said as rode on his face at a furious pace and told him to squeeze my ass harder.


"Ouch, goodness...mmmm...your tongue feels like heaven, baby...can you feel my pussy creaming all over you? I couldn't stop Coming if my life depended on it!! You're the only one who can make me feel this way; BABEEEEEE...oh put a finger up my ass, god damn do it!" I said as another vicious orgasm ripped through from my head to my toes producing more cream for Daniel to suck up. My pussy continued to make wet sucking sounds as his tongue did its duty.   He had to feel my juices dripping down into his mouth as he gulped down my love juices.


As he repeatedly sucked my love hole my wall of resistance gave way; my floodgate opened and I began to rotate my hips in hard circles as multiple orgasms hit me.


Oh...oh SHIT!! Mmmm, BABY!!! Oh...I'm CUMMMMMINNNNGGG!!!! Good GOD...oh my goodness...AHHHHHHH!! Oh, here it is again...Oh!" I screamed.


As I rotated madly around his mouth, I managed to grab and spread my ass cheeks while he inserted his middle finger into my ass!



BABEEEE...OOOHHHH....OH SHIT!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I continued creaming around his face.


He continued fingering my asshole with just the a third of it until his finger began sliding into my ass with ease and I took it all. I moaned as I butt fucked his finger bring on one more earth shaking orgasm.  


"Was that good for you baby?" I asked as I looked down on his coated face. "Oh yes." Was all I got, he was beat this man had never been here before no indeed what had just happen to us. Oh, my pussy feels like you turned it inside out, Daniel. Damn, that was some good sucking. But, you didn't come, baby," did you I said. He just smiled and shook his head no.


"Daniel you need to go wash your face baby, you seem to have my love juice all over your face and some has run down your neck.   Honey would you please get me a damp warm wash cloth when you come back, so I can wipe up just a little."


Daniel came back with the damp cloth; I looked up and smile and told him be a good boy and wipe my pretty pussy up for me and the grin on his face told me this was one job he wanted. He began to wipe up my pussy cleaning my juices that had run down my ass and on to my legs.


"You know Daniel some men like for me to act as a slut with them when I'm on a date; would you like me to dress like a whore act like a slut who just wants to have sex any kind of sex, be a little young whore slut for you?"


He was hard his little cock was throbbing as I told him what a slut I could be.


"Marca will you go out with me tomorrow night dinner and anything you want to do?   I know you may have other dates and things to do, but as an escort I want to hire you to be my escort for my last night here."


I was having fun this was just a date with an older guy but I never thought of myself as an escort. I just thought that I was out fucking around as I did at home with guys my age. What the hell is the difference; mother was going to be busy for a day or two, so I might as well take advantage of what he was willing to do and go with the flow.


"Oh Daniel I don't have a thing to wear for a dinner date at a real nice place; I need new shoes and a nice real sexy dress one that will make you be the envy of all the men   wherever we go!" A big smile broke out on his face telling me whatever I wanted he would provide.


"Baby you better get to bed you need to be up early in the morning; I need to get my ass back to my hotel." I said as I was getting up to dress. The look on his face was that of a hurt puppy, I was walking out on him and how could he stop me; he was lost.


"Marca I'll pay you whatever you want please stay the night; help me to learn sex, please! I need you to show me how to enjoy life!" I reach up and took his hand and pull him into bed beside me,   that was all I needed to hear; I had him he was my pussy boy a term I didn't know then, but that was the first of many nights and men that would become my play thing.


"I see by your stiff cock that you need some relief, I want to watch you jerk off for me and think about how you're going to fuck me tomorrow night!"


I had Daniel lay back on the bed as I sat up and rested my self against one of the post on the 4-poster bed. I brushed my hair back, my breasts jutting slightly as my elbows rose. "Please . . . show me how you jerk it when you're horny!" Daniel moved his hand and rested it on his crotch. As my arms lifted, his hand moved along his crotch. A voice deep within me urged me to make him to do it. I brushed my hair back farther, leaning my chest toward him; I felt like I was making an overt offering of my chest as if he was breast feeding. I giggled a bit inside at the comparison of this man 40 years older than me and the people my age.


His hand moved more vigorously, his eyes transfixed on my breast. He looked up into my eyes; an urgent, intense look. I kept his gaze; he reached down with his other hand, and gently tugged on his balls. He made no effort to stand or move from the bed, as if he was purposefully keeping a polite distance.


As he continued, I became the observer; now I became intensely focused. It wasn't as if I hadn't seen my share of erect penises. A series of boyfriends those in high school and a few of the college guys had satisfied my basic curiosity. The thought of men's genitals occurred periodically in my fantasies, but wasn't directed any at specific person. On occasion, when the subject of sex came up among my girl friends I would picture their boy friends and how I would suck and fuck them.


Daniel was running his hand up and down his shaft pausing at the top with his eyes fixed on my breast, as if telling me he was thinking of us fucking. Pre-cum was forming at the tip of his cock and I rubbed my finger over it and stuck my fingers up to his mouth, he stuck his tongue out and licked it off my finger. I hesitated, and then allowed my hands to move to my breast and down to my wet pussy. The head of his cock poked out from his one hand jerk job; he looked at me, pleased to see how I was rubbing my breast and fingering my pussy.


The thought of being in this situation with this age of man would have, only a week before, been completed unimaginable to me. It would have been hard enough for me to imagine doing it with one of my fuck buddies. Daniel took himself firmly in hand, and began to stroke faster. He looked at me, his blue eyes locking onto my breast. His focus there made it easier for me to get wild in my mind to play with his mind. I allowed my weight to shift back so that I was seated facing him directly. He kept his look, a soft smile forming at the edges of his mouth.


My legs relaxed, my hand reaching down, fingers running down through my wet triangle. I was telling him how good this felt to me how I wanted to fuck a big cock guy and have him watch me fuck other men. Daniel was pumping his shaft harder, faster, trying hard not to break the stare he had on my body.


"You want to see me fuck a big cock baby? You want to pick out a guy for me to have him fuck me; you in a chair across the room jerking for me as I take a big cock in my sweet pussy; and you telling me how good it feels to jerk off for me!" All he could do was nod yes as his mouth fell open and lips formed the word yes.


My middle finger press into my lips, allowing me to get higher on this trip to happiness; I let my legs part further, freeing room for two or more fingers. This gave Daniel a more intimate view of my love hole. Daniel broke his gaze and looked directly at my open legs. I looked up to see him vigorously pleasuring himself. He gave me another pleading look. I pulled my legs back, and up to show him my sweet spot.   My hand moved faster, my middle finger plunging inside me.   Moving, rocking, and circling. The waves of pleasure continuing to build and overwhelm me; my cries came softly, then louder. My body tensed as I arched back, extending my body toward him, lifting, opening, offering it to him.


I looked over at him; Daniel, who seemingly had paused to observe my orgasm, renewed his intensity. Our eyes locked again. "Jerk it I said and jerk it hard...jerk it!" Daniels face became contorted as he jerked harder than ever. A guttural cry arose from deep within him, as spurts of milky white semen poured out. His hands then slowed, bit by bit. His body seemed to deflate before my eyes, sinking deeply into the bed. Then he arose, and without bothering to clean himself off, he walked quietly to the bathroom door as if embarrassed and took a shower. I was a sleep when he came to bed.


To be continued…..



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