Mutual Friend

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It was one of those chilly October nights, just after a warm shower I...

It was one of those chilly October nights, just after a warm shower I decided to watch some porn on my big screen (everything so life size). My cock was already half soft with the anticipation of the movie. As I watched scene after scene unfold in the dimness of my room my cock became harder and harder. The jerking of my erection felt good rubbing the inside of my night jacket as I watched this beautiful woman on the screen, with her legs spread facing the camera. When you looked at her you would swear she was in the room with you.

  I sit there starring at this woman on the screen watching as her hand slowly glides over her nipples, she moves one hand to her mouth, inserting a finger and sucking on it like it was a cock. She slowly removes it dripping in saliva she returns it to her nipple. Watching this scene really intensifies the pleasure to my mind as well as my now bulging cock. My hand moves down under my night jacket and my fingers wrap around my firm erection. I give it a stroke but have to stop after a couple of strokes (not wanting to cum to soon).  

I continue watching this gorgeous woman, my mouth becoming dry as she begins to move her hand downwards, over her now erect nipples, onto her belly, and down over her pubic area. Not stopping there, her hand continues to her inner thigh where she begins a slow rhythmic massage. Her fingers inching ever closer to her worm pussy. My cock bouncing desperately under my night jacket wanting to be free and most of all wanting to be stroked.   I reach down and gives my balls a light massage try to satisfy my urge to grab a hold of my cock.

But that only satisfies me for so long then I find myself grabbing a hold of my cock and stroking it slowly. I feel every vein in my cock as I lightly and slowly stroke its length. My fingers slipping over the head which sends an intense rush of pleasure through my body. My legs stretched out in front of me, I watch this woman on the screen and the thought goes through my mind, “Mutual masturbation”.

Her hand now caressing her clit, stroking it in small circles, then side to side, moving her fingers faster and faster. I notice her pussy starting to glisten with fluids. The site of this makes my cock jump three or four times in my hand so I stop stroking my cock wanting to hold back for the right time. I lick my lips as the camera pans up her body to her face. Her eyes closed her mouth partially open licking her top lip with just the tip of her tongue. Then it pans back down her body, I notice her nipples sticking straight up as hard as a rock. It continues down she has now placed a finger at the opening of her pussy. She slowly begins to insert it. The slow motion she is using to do this is only intensifying her own pleasure, building for that one time climax.

My hand around my cock again stroking slowly downward as her finger enters her pussy. Thinking her finger is my cock I match her thrusts inward with my strokes. Her finger fucking becoming faster and faster, I continue to match my strokes to hers. My legs stretched out in front of me the pleasure to my cock builds as I stroke its length. My other hand cupping my balls and slowly massaging them I feel the pleasure building within me. The sounds of her finger fucking her wet pussy and moaning aloud fill my ears and my mind races of the thoughts of my cock deep inside her.

She begins to tense her body, her chest starts to redden from pleasure as she arches her back forcing her tits upward. Two fingers disappear deep into her pussy and the thumb of her free hand works her clit. She lets out a loud scream of pleasure as she gives one final thrust deep into her dripping pussy.

My hand stroking my cock faster and faster the tension building, beads of sweat on my forehead.   My breathing intensifies as I stroke down the length of my shaft one last time. My hand holding my balls tightly I explode, shooting a stream of cum up into the air that lands on my belly. My legs begin to relax as she slowly removes her fingers from her pussy, my cock slowly going limp. I think to myself, “Baby that was great”, as the camera slowly fades from her to another scene.