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Mutual Masturbation at 40,000 Feet

My wife and I rub each other off on a packed plane
 I would like to share with you an exciting and real sexual experience my wife and I enjoyed on a recent journey from Australia back to the UK. The action took place during the second leg of our journey from Taipei to London on a China Airlines Airbus A330.

My wife and I were seated in two seat on the right hand side of the plane, with my wife by the window and myself by the aisle. We were about 5 hours into a 14 hour flight, the cabin was dark and quiet. We were both watching films on our personal TV screens. I could tell my wife was feeling a little horny, as she kept snuggling up to me and kissing me. Boredom was starting to set in as there are only so many films you can watch in any 24 hour period.

Due to the boredom, we started to tease each other, rubbing the others groin area every so often, as we watched the films with our headphones on. Due to this my cock started to get hard. My wife could feel this and started to push on it as she rubbed me through my trousers. Encouraged I started to press harder in between her legs when I rubbed her.

I took a quick look around the plane. Most people were asleep. I took off my headphones and switched off my TV screen. I turned towards my wife and put my hand into the waist band of her leggings. They were pretty stretchy, so I pushed my hand into them and into her knickers. My fingers quickly found her pussy, and it was wet. Much wetter than I was expecting. My wife looked towards me and gave me a wry smile. I pulled the wetness up onto her clit and started to rub. My wife continued to watch, or pretend to watch, her film as I did so.

I continued to rub her swollen clit watching her face for the signs of pleasure. Stopping only on the one or two occasions an air hostess walked by. I could see her starting to enjoy it more, closing her eyes and pushing back into the seat. I could tell she was getting close, and doing well not to make any noise. She normally makes quite a lot. She tensed up grabbing the arm rests and shook several times as she orgasmed, pushing back more into her chair. I stopped rubbing when she sat forward and grabbed my wrist, knowing she could not take any more. She relaxed back into the seat and smiled at me, then move towards me for a long kiss.

That has not taken long. My wife had obviously been turned on a lot by the situation. My cock was also rock hard and trying to burst out of my trousers. I lent over to my wife and whispered “I am going to have to go and wank my self off in the toilet.”

My wife looked disappointed. She really wanted to wank me off. After a short hushed debate we decided to swap seats to make it less obvious. With me now by the window my wife turned towards me and unzipped my flies. I pulled my briefs down enough to get my swollen and hard cock out. My wife started to wank it. It was not good! I quickly whispered to her, “Stop, there too much friction”. She halted and waited as I lubricated my cock with as much spit as I could produce.

My wife restarted the hand-job. It instantly felt much better than before. I was trying to relax while keeping an eye out for any one that may see what was going on. I was finding it a little difficult but luckily most people were asleep, those that were not were engrossed in films. My wife whispered encouragement in my ear as she stroked my cock. It was turning into a good hand-job despite the improvised lube. I could not stop thinking of the people only 2 feet away that had no idea what we were doing. It was quite a rush but was distracting me from the pleasure of the hand-job.

I closed my eyes to block out the situation. The wanking started to really hit the spot. Each stroke was getting me closer. I could feel the orgasm building, then it arrived. My cock went rock hard, I clenched my arse cheeks together and came, pushing back into the seat as my wife had done. My wife slowed and then stopped the stroking. I enjoyed the feeling for a few seconds more as my cock twitched form the orgasm. I then looked down to see that the cum had shot onto my lower belly, dribbled down it, my wife's hand and my cock, and was all in my pubes. What a mess!

My wife grabbed a napkin left from dinner and cleaned her hand up. I pulled my briefs up over my cum covered cock, and zipped up. After a few kisses we both headed for separate toilets for the clean up.

In the toilet I did my best to wipe off as much cum as I could. It was everywhere. Eventually, after using a lot of toilet roll, I had reduced the damage to damp clothing. I pulled up and zipped up again. Heading back to our seats I could see my wife already there. I assumed she was also suffering from a damp problem. We shared a few more kisses and settled back into watching our films and the remaining 8 or 9 hours of the flight. Even after cumming I still could not sleep. I hate long haul flights in economy class!

We eventually arrived back in London and headed home for showers and sleep with a new experienced shared. Hopefully no one who saw us at the airport that day realised the stains on my jumper were cum.

I hope you enjoyed my first story, thanks for reading. I also hope some of you try it, I'm sure you will like it. Let me know if you do.


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