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Mutual Safisfaction

fun with a co-worker takes on whole new meaning...
It’s been a couple of months since that day the cute boy at work sent me a text to cheer me up. It was real nice and appeared to be the start of a sincere friendship. Tanner and I have spent hour’s texting each other about random shit, playing silly, finish the sentence type guessing games and have really been getting to know one another. We joke around a bit at work but really keep our friendship to ourselves... its a little taboo where we work, for us to be so close. Plus, he’s a lot younger than me, I don’t think I’m ready to take on all the cougar comments that would come my way.

That said, the last couple of days our texting seemed to take on a new dimension. He seemed a little shy a lot of the time, though every now and again he would deliver me a compliment that surprised me. He admitted too that he had a crush on me. Now let me tell you how flattering that is from a hot looking younger man. It’s not just his looks that are hot either, his whole personality I find wakes me up inside. I can’t deny that after that first night when I couldn’t get him out of my mind while in the shower, I have enjoyed touching myself many more times with thoughts of Tanner racing through my head.

A little bit about me. I am a single woman in her early 40’s. I have been out of a long term relationship for nearly 2 years and have, for the most part, preferred to be on my own. A great date for me has been a bottle of wine and a fresh pack of batteries. Lately though I’ve started to open up a bit and frankly the sexual frustration has been killing me. I think Tanner picked up on that. I had just finished texting him that I had left work to go home for lunch and since it was his day off, it would have been nice to have him waiting for me at my house... just to make me lunch and clean up after me when I headed back to work 45 minutes later. I followed it with a LOL, JK text. We were friends, we were buddies. I knew he’d see the humour in it and tell me to dream on.

Much to my pleasure and surprise, he took it a different attitude. This is what he had to text back to me, ‘Well, if I was there waiting for you, once you walked in the door, I’d grab you from behind and kiss your neck.’

‘Really? I replied and shocked by how forward he was.

‘I’d kiss your neck and run my hands all over you, your waist and your chest. All while kissing you I would slowly take your shirt off and mine and press real close into you.’

I must say, the thought of us touching skin on skin had crossed my mind many times, but WOW, to hear him say it....mmmmm. But what he said next made my knees buckle.

‘I’d lean you back onto your couch and undo your pants, and kiss you under your belly button then work my way back up to your lips stopping at a few key places along the way. As I’m back at your lips I’d grab your pants and start sliding them off of you as you’re taking mine off of me.’

I barely could think, I was so flustered, anxiously, eagerly waiting for his next text. Just the vibration through the phone had my whole body pulsing.

‘Then I’d pick you up and wrap your legs around me, so tight I take you to your bed and get on top of you. Your legs still wrapped around my back, I kiss you so hard...’

‘I grab your wrists with my hands and put them above your head and start kissing and sucking on your chest, lightly sucking your nipples I work my mouth down from your chest to your stomach and slide your sexy thong off. I kiss you just on your thighs and feel you react’

It was hard to not touch myself and I could feel how wet he made me. Sure we had thrown around a few sexual innuendoes from time to time, but nothing on this level. I thought I would cum any minute just imagining him doing all these steamy, sultry things to me and with me.

I couldn’t take it anymore and made him stop. It wasn’t the sexual gratification that I couldn’t handle; it was our friendship that I didn’t want to compromise. We worked together; he was so much younger than me, too many complications. We text a little more about being friends and eventually said good night. I found a fresh pack of batteries and finished off what Tanner started. I slept well that night.

It was hard to not given him a smouldering grin the next day at work. It seemed we had let the proverbial pussy out of the bag or opened Pandora’s Box or something like that because even though we are not supposed to be texting at work, neither one of us could behave ourselves. We were secretly texting one another all day long having a silent conversation practically right next to one another. Clearly my sexual drought was getting the better of me and I guess my hidden frustrations were no longer so hidden. I told him how wet he made me the night before and that I had pleasured myself to sleep.

Later that day when we were off work he called me and we spoke live. He told me that it really turned him on to know what an impact he had had on me and to hear what I had done to myself after. The conversation became so natural about mutual affection and attraction for one another. I think we were both a little shocked with ourselves because we would end up in these long pauses while on the phone. Finally I thought, what the hell...

“Are you touching yourself right now because I am,” my voice was low and sultry.

“Uh-huh, and it feels so good. Are you wet like you were yesterday?” The natural next question.

“If possible, I think I am even more wet.”

“My eyes are closed and I’m on my back on the couch, just stroking my cock, long hard strokes. Are you lying down?” he asked.

“No, I’m sitting on my couch with my feet on the coffee table and my legs about 8” apart just gliding my fingers up and down my pussy and rubbing my clit....mmmm it feels soooo good. Would it make you harder if I told you I just brought my fingers up to my mouth to lick my pussy nectar from them?”

“Fuck ya! That is soo hot, so sexy. If I were with you I would spread your legs wide open, kneel down in front of you and lick your pussy until you couldn’t take it anymore.”

“And if I were with you I would snuggle between your legs on the couch, lock my eyes with yours and take your throbbing cock in my hand and wrap my lips around it so tight and slide it in to the back of my throat.”

In between talking dirty and trying to see who could arouse the other one more, we were both really getting ourselves worked up. He was stroking himself off and giving me instructions of what he wanted me to do next to myself, at the same time pretending he was with me. It was so hot, so sensual. I can masturbate like the best of them, but this was surreal. I was so lost in the moment; it felt like he was really there. I had switched up positions, with my legs curled up on the couch and with only my nighty on, I reached over my ass with my free hand and was playing with my pussy.

“Slide your fingers in,” he instructed me. “Are they in?”

“Mmmm, oh yes, and I’m rubbing my clit with my thumb. I wish you were here right now standing over me ready to slide into me, I may just have to go and get my vibrator since you’re not here.”

“Oh Yeah! Seriously, go get it. I want to hear you moan and groan and get yourself off”

Since I was only half teasing I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. Only steps away, I grabbed my trusty friend and turned him on holding him to the receiver so Tanner could hear that I wasn’t messing around or rather that I was messing around. “Do you hear that sound?” I asked.

“Oh fuck... You have no idea what a turn on that is. Slide it inside of you.” I happily obliged.

“I would fuck you so deep and hard if I were with you right now. I’d take you from behind, grab your hips and pound on you.”

“Oh and let me tell you how much I want and need a good pounding.” Through our sporadic conversation there was a lot of heavy breathing and moaning and groaning from both of us. There was no question he was going to get off and so was I. “God I want you to fuck me. Fuck me so hard, just keep slamming into me so I feel every inch of you.”

“Mmmmm, keep going, I’m almost there, tell me to fuck you more.” The sentence came out choppy and I could hear him getting ready to explode as his breathing sped up. This was intense, mutual masturbation at its finest. It was easy to say the words as I was sliding my vibrator into me faster and harder than I think I ever had. I loved the coaching from him. Both of us obviously had very vivid imaginations as it felt as though the other was there.

“Fuck yesssss!!!! I’m cumming!!!” he cried into the phone. After that all I could hear was heavy, heavy breathing. I had not yet cum, but was very close and heavy breathing was pretty much all he got from me.

I was lying on my bed with my nighty pulled up around my waist. One hand held my vibrator that I was slamming in and out of my drenched pussy. The other hand was squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple. My back began to arch as I through my head back. I was cumming and it was a fabulous orgasm. Between my moans I could hear Tanner still breathing heavy, listening and encouraging me to enjoy my moment.

“Whoooooohhh, I needed that, I’m lying here in my own wet spot. Man that felt good,” I told him.

“Yeah, well, I came all over my stomach. That was so great, so hot!”

“Mmmm, if I were with you I would lick every drop off of you so that none of your tasty cream went to waste.”

“I can’t believe how crazy that just was. The idea of you masturbating is one thing, but to hear you at the same time, whoa... so sexy. I can’t wait to actually be with you and watch you... and of course touch you myself,” he said to me. At least I knew we were on the same page.

Our little texting friendship reached a new level and there is no question that there is chemistry between us. We would have to be careful going forward, work place romances were prohibited. I like that though. The excitement of being caught....mmmmmm! I can’t wait for what might happen next.

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