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My Best Friend's Sister: True Story, Part One

She was slim, tanned, and had legs that seemed to go on for miles. She was definite eye-candy. . .
It was nineteen ninety-one, I was eighteen, a senior in high school and jock on the baseball team. However, I was not a popular one. I was that guy that everyone liked and every girl got along with. Yeah, that guy.

But I liked my status among my peers. I was well-liked, had no problems with anyone, and an everyday person that everyone came to for advice. I was quite happy with my high school years.

I was very complete being myself. I did well in school, my grades were always up to par, and I played baseball. I had finally found a girlfriend also. At that time of my life, she was everything to me. Everything. Then one day, I thought I would have blow my relationship with her. All because of my best friends sister.

I knew better. I definitely knew better, but you know how we all have that little devil inside us? Well, I listened to it instead of my true conscience. I did not have sex with her, so that was a good thing, but what I still did could have blown my relationship with my girlfriend. Let me tell you what transpired.

I was at my best friend’s house. We had been working on his old Plymouth, putting an engine in it, souping it up for show and racing. It was going to be one of the best hot rods in town. To say the least, we got grimy and greasy and by the middle of the day, we were as dirty as if we had been playing in one of our nine inning baseball games. We smelled like it also.

We had done the most we could do with putting the engine under the hood, so we decided to take a shower and call it a day and maybe go out. Luckily, my best friend had two bathrooms in his house. It was one thing to shower with the team in the locker room, but it was another in a bathroom in a best friend’s home together. I know best friends did things together, however, that would have been very very awkward.

My best friend took the shower downstairs and I took the shower upstairs. It was only us at home at the time, so we had nothing to worry about. We hit the showers at the same time. Neither of us was oblivious to the fact that his sister would come home in the meantime.

My best friend’s sister was twenty-two and a college student. She attended classes at the local junior college in town. She was a very easy going, likable young woman that honestly did not know how hot she was. She was one of those girls that did not give any thought to it. She was slim, tanned, and had legs that seemed to go on for miles. She was definite eye-candy. And she almost was my relationship’s demise.

I finished my shower and stood in the bathroom drying off. When I was finished, I hung the towel up on the towel rack and well, thinking that me and my best friend were the only ones in the house, I opened the bathroom door stepped out into the hall, fully nude, and headed down to my best friend’s room. I had no problem being nude in front of him. With both of us being on the baseball team and showering with the members of the team anyway, it was nothing being naked around him. I did not expect his sister to be coming up the stairs at the time, however.

And that is just what happened. As soon as my feet hit the floor in line with the top of the stairs, there stood his sister. I was in shock. I could not move. I did not even cover myself. Here I was naked, standing in front of my best friend’s sister, and I was frozen in place. She was dressed in a light blue tank top, the spaghetti straps hung delicately from her shoulders and white shorts where her tanned legs stuck out beneath the hem and shined from the light of the room. It was apparent that she had shaved them last night. However, my eyes were set on her breasts hidden behind that light blue tank top. Not big, but not little, her medium sized perky breasts were beautiful. The pure roundness of them poking through her tank top left much to my imagination. They were one reason why I was in shock and was unable to move. However, one part of me moved, and it brought her saying something to bring me out of my trance as I stood naked in front of her.

“Hmm, is this how you greet most girls?” she said, smiling and looking down.

I looked down and my cock was hard and pointing straight at her. I did not even feel the erection form. I felt guilty now because the only other girl to see my erection was my girlfriend, and here I was, hard in front of my best friend’s sister. I was so embarrassed, I ran to my best friend’s room, erection and all, and slammed the door behind me.

I sat in the chair against the wall. My heart was about to pound out of my chest, not to mention my erection. I was still hard as a rock and I could feel my cock pulse with each beat of my heart. The blood was definitely pumping normally.

All I could think about as I sat there was my best friend’s sister. It felt wrong, however. I should have been thinking of my girlfriend instead, but with my erection pounding and having seen how my best friend’s sister was dressed and knowing just how hot she was, I was letting my erection control my emotions. I knew it would also control my actions.

I tried not to touch my hard cock, but it was almost impossible. I did not want my best friend walking into his room and finding me, sitting in his chair, my sexual organ hard in my hand as I stroked it. However, my erection was yearning to be touched and stroked, and my hand found its way to it.

Slowly, my hand wrapped around my hard member and I began stroking. I closed my eyes and spread my legs slightly as I sat there. I felt my body give in to the back of the chair as I pumped my hot hardness in a perfect rhythm that satisfied me. Then, there was a sound.

I froze. My hand stopped, wrapped around my hard cock, the head sticking out, and I opened my eyes. The door opened slowly and the next thing I saw, was a tanned smooth bare leg step from behind it. It was my best friend’s sisters leg. She was stepping into the room. My cock began to pound even harder in my hand.

Slowly, she made her way all the way inside my best friend’s room. Fully naked, she closed the door behind her and stood. She was more than a woman should have ever been. She was more than I had ever imagined.

Her curves were in the right places. Sensual and erotic, she stepped with a softness that made a man want not only her, but the sex she gave off. She was tanned from head to toe. No tan lines whatsoever. A pure decadent beauty.

As she walked over to me, I watched every muscle on her body accentuate her outer features. Her perky breasts stood firm and jiggled slightly as she moved. The perfectly round pink middle peaks stuck out like rubber erasers, longing for attention. I wanted to taste them, run my tongue over her nipples until she moaned with desire. Yes, I knew that it was wrong having a girlfriend, but what my best friend’s sister was doing now was also wrong because she knew it as well.

Still, I was enjoying every minute of what was happening. My hand was still wrapped around my cock as she moved closer towards me and I suddenly wished that it was her perfectly shaved slit that was wrapped around it instead. And when I mean perfect, it was perfect in every way. Her sexual spot of entry hid behind a perfect vertical line that was clean to the sight and I was sure smooth to the touch. She had one of those pussies that hid surprises, the kind you had to spread open to enjoy. It was absolutely breath taking.

Finally, she made her way to me. Slowly, she kneeled down in front of me and smiled. She removed my hand so she could see my hard cock. As it pointed at her, I felt the pulses in it as my heart pounded each beat. Still smiling, my best friend’s sister looked up to me and said, “Let me make you cum. I want to see what you look like as I make your hard cock explode.”

I looked at her and my facial expression must have said what I was thinking, so she answered, “I just want to make you cum. A simple hand job is all. She will never know,” and then she ran her fingers along my inner thigh, up to where it almost counted.

Again, I did not say anything. I was not able to do so. Still, she could feel my reluctance. It was not that I did not want too, I surely did, but I was thinking of my relationship. However, when my best friend’s sister answered once again, I gave in. It was a chance of a lifetime.

“If you let me make you cum, I’ll let you make me cum. It’s a win-win situation,” she said and smiled again as she circled her finger through my pubic hair and over my stomach. She felt my body give in and then I felt her hand grip my erection with a nice soft, but firm grip.

Slowly, she stroked up, down, up, down, and I felt every move her hand made. My cock was as hard as it was going to get. She knew what she was doing and she was doing it well. She was going slowly on purpose, dragging out the inevitable. And I was enjoying every moment.

I slid down in the seat of the chair even further and her grip was even better. Slowly, she continued to tease my cock. My erection was hers now. All hers. It no longer belonged to me as I gave into her. She stroked it slowly in a rhythm that suited her. As she pushed and pulled with one hand, the other found my balls and began massaging them with a soft grip as well. Suddenly, I felt the pre-cum begin to make its way through my hardness and I knew she saw it start to drip out. That was apparent by her now harder grip.

“Hmm, getting close huh? I see that pre-cum. I can feel you beginning to spasm inside!” she exclaimed as she pulled up on my hard cock and I felt the splurge of clear liquid roll out of the tip of erection.

“Mmm, almost there. I am going to make you cum soon aren’t I?”

And she was going to make me cum. I felt the spasm begin deep in my spine. It began to travel to the base of my hard shaft. I felt my sack tighten and my balls lift. I even got harder in her hand.

“Oh, I believe I am getting ready to make you cum. I can feel your cock react. That’s it, cum for me. I want to see your cock spurt its sweet love juice,” she said as she stroked slower. She knew just how to do it.

As the first spasm hit, triggering the release of my sexual arousal, she knew what to do. She felt the spasm in my hard cock, stroked all the way down to the base of my shaft and held it there as I exploded.

“YES, YES, YES! That’s what I want wanted to see! Thick hot cum spurting out of your rock hard cock!” She exclaimed as the first shot landed in her hair.

I leaned back in the chair as far as could and felt her pull up on my erection again, and another volley of cum shot out and onto her face, then another and another, landing in unison in different spots. Finally, the last little bit dribbled out of my now going limp cock. I curled my toes because the spasms were so intense.

“Mmm, what a hot load expelled from such a hot cock. I knew it would be good for you. Now, you do me! Make me cum!” My best friend's sister said and got up and grabbed a towel that was laying on the floor to clean my core from her hot body. Then she lied upon his bed.

I could not believe what I was about to do and what I had done. I had just let another girl give me a hand job. Only the second girl to ever see me blow a load. And now I was about to engage in the same manner to reciprocate the actions. Was I crazy? Yes. But I really want to see her cum. No, it was not that I really wanted to see her cum. No, what I really wanted to do was peel back the folds of skin that hid a scrumptious dessert.

As I made my way up on the bed where she lied, she opened her legs and there it was. Still just as vertical and straight and hiding goodness that I was sure was eager to be released. And right now, I was the man for the job. . .
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