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My Days as a Masseur at an Asian Massage Parlor

How I paid for college working at an AMP
When I was in college I had to find a job to pay for tuition and fees. I was looking for a job where I could make some real money, not just minimum wage most jobs offer for college students. One day I was going through the local job ads on Craigslist when a posting caught my eye. It was an ad looking for a male masseur for a local massage place, called "Rejuvenation Spa". The ad said that no prior experience was required. I cross referenced the spa on google and found that it was a local Asian Massage Parlor. We all know what goes on in AMPs which what intrigued me. Why would they need a man? So I called.

A woman with an Asian accent answered. I inquired about the job. She asked me how old I was and whether I was athletic and in good shape. I have always taken pride in my physique and work out every day. The woman invited me for a job interview next day.

I went to the "Spa". The location was not that bad and the place looked quite nice and professional inside. An older woman in her fifties greeted me. I introduced myself as Frank and we went to an office for the interview. An old Asian woman was sitting on a couch reading a Chinese newspaper. My host asked me all the questions you would expect in such an interview. After a while she said, " I think I have asked enough questions. We are looking for an athletic male. Would you mind showing me your body?"

I took off my shirt, jeans and socks, standing there in my underwear. She started to look at every every part of my body, touching my back, shoulders, and stomach, finally squeezing my butt. I saw the old woman watching us intently, though pretending she was still reading the paper. The situation was weird, I felt completely objectified, but it was strangely erotic. My cock started to rise slowly to half mast. She "accidentally" brushed against my growing erection.

"Do you mind?" the woman asked pointing to my underwear. I turned red, pulling down my underwear. My cock sprang free, now fully erect. Grandma was watching intently, not bothering with the newspaper anymore. The woman started to examine me, touching my butt, pulling my butt cheeks apart, lifting my cock and balls, and finally pulling back my foreskin.

"White women don't like foreskin," she said. "But it's ok. Now, put on your clothes and go and get your State Massage License. It should take no more than two weeks. It's pretty easy. Once you have that come back and we talk about the details. I'm Nancy, and I will be your boss. Your pay will be minimum wage, but you can keep all the tips. We expect your customers to be male and female, are you ok with that?"

I nodded, putting on my clothes, awkwardly stuffing my full erection into my underwear and pants. Granny was still watching and smiling by now. I left.

After two weeks I returned, proud owner of a massage license. Nancy congratulated me and walked me back to her office.

"Now that you have the license let me explain the rules to you. As you probably know by now our business is to provide Happy Endings to our customers. That is a lucrative market regular spas can't fulfill. All of our customers here are men and we would like to expand our customer base. We know from other cities that there are quite a number of women out there who given the right circumstances would very much like a Happy Ending after a nice massage. They find it most relaxing to have an orgasm at the end. Also there are many married men out there who are bisexual, homosexual, or bi-curious. They would like to give it a try. Since they are married they avoid the venues for gay males. This is the market we want to expand into. That is where you come in as our market test. Do you have any problems providing Happy Endings to women or men?"

"No, not really, assuming the tips are generous," I replied.

"The tips are good, typically between $60 and $100. But you cannot ask for any. The customer typically knows what is expected. And do not do anything other than Happy Endings, no blow jobs, intercourse etc.. That is the fastest way to get arrested and closed down. The first step is to find out whether your customer wants a Happy Ending. Men are easy, they typically wait for you with a towel wrapped around their waist and they will drop it to lay down fully exposing themselves to you. That is a definitive sign. Other signs are that they will start touching you accidentally and see how you respond. Or when you are massaging their upper legs they will part them more widely. And of course when you ask them to turn over they will have an erection."

"Women are a little more tricky. You can offer them a shower and then take them to the shower room. You can turn on the water and wait for it to get warm. Some women will take off their bathrobe in front of you, a sure sign. Or when massaging their upper backs you may start brushing against the sides of their breasts and see how they react. They may moan to encourage you. Also, like men, when you massage their upper legs they may part them a little more. Since they don't have erections you will have to be more careful. Of course not all customers are nice to look at, but you will get used to it."

"One last point. The female masseuses can, of course, fake everything and tell the men what they want to hear. You can't do that. Your cock is the gauge of your enthusiasm. Being hard or semi-hard will definitely help you getting a generous tip. So I suggest that you take it easy on sex or masturbation. And please dress in gym shorts and t-shirt, no underwear. Any questions?"

"No, I'm ready," I replied.

A couple of days later I had my first customer, a woman in her forties. I introduced myself and showed her to one of the rooms. After a while I knocked at the door and found her laying face down on the massage table with a towel draped over her butt. I started to massage her upper back, shoulders and neck. After a few minutes she started to moan a little. I continued to massage her back, once in a while caressing the sides of her breasts with my finger tips. The moaning seemed to increase every time I touched her breasts. I kept massaging, but now I slightly pressed my crotch against her arm. Again the response was positive. I moved to the head of the massage table and started to massage her back with long strokes all the way down to her butt. I moved my hands underneath the towel kneading her butt and pressing my crotch against her head. She responded by moving her head pressing harder against my crotch. I was now getting hard.

I moved to the other side of the table and massaged her legs. As I got close to the inside of her thighs she parted her legs more widely. This was the sign, she definitely wanted more. I continued with the inner thighs pushing back the towel with each stroke. Her pussy was now in full view. It was totally bare. With each stroke now I brushed against her labia. She now was moaning louder. I put more lotion on my fingers and slowly inserted my finger tip just a little into her. She was dripping wet. I asked her to turn over. I did not bother with the towel. I poured a generous amount of oil on her breasts and massaged them gently. I circled the nipples, softly pinching them. They were at full attention. I moved down to her legs. I softly massaged her pussy. Her hand moved up my shorts rubbing my full erection in my shorts. I was now focusing on her clit. She moaned loudly. Her hand suddenly ripped down my shorts and she harshly grabbed my hard-on. Her body started to convulse, she came hard and collapsed on the table. I pulled up my shorts and continued to massage her head and face. She gave me a great tip and promised to come back the following week. She became a regular.

I also massaged men. The first male customer was a guy in his forties, athletic, and in good shape. After he took a shower he waited for me in the room with a towel wrapped around his hip. I introduced myself. He then too his towel off standing in front of me naked. He has a very nice large circumcised penis and tight balls. Even though I'm not attracted to men at all, I thought giving him a happy ending should be fun. He laid face down on the table not bothering with the towel to cover him. As usual I started with his back. I moved down to his butt and he started to moan. I slid my finger along his butt crack and moved on to his legs. As I started to massage his thighs he spread his legs quite far apart. His shapely cock was fully erect protruding between his legs. With every massage stroke I brushed again his erection. He started to moan louder.

I asked him to turn over. Eight inches of hard cock were staring at me. I poured lotion on his chest and stomach and started my massage ignoring his erection. His cock was so engorged I thought it might explode. His hands started to wander, first my legs, then he squeezed my but, and finally his hands moved into my shorts pausing for a second. He obviously appreciated that I wasn't wearing any underwear. He started to fondle my cock and balls. I oiled up my hands and wrapped my right hand around his shaft, the left cupping his balls. He asked me whether I would take off my shirt and drop my shorts. Smiling I complied. I was on half mast myself. I continued pumping his shaft. It was clear he wouldn't last. His cock erupted, a giant load hit me in the face. We both laughed nervously. I wiped my face, massaged his scalp a little and clean him up. The tip was great. I liked this job.

It had been another day of massages and happy endings and I was about to go home when my boss Nancy walked in and asked whether I could do another massage. She said her mother, Granny, wanted to try it out. I agreed remembering my first interview when Granny was shamelessly staring at me. I went into the massage room where Granny was on the massage table face down, a towel covering her butt. She was in her early seventies and showed it. Her breasts were so saggy they were sticking out the sides of her body at waist level. I began my massage with her back. While I was doing long strokes down her back I sometimes brushed her saggy tits which couldn't be helped. I noticed every time I did that she whimpered a little. Did Granny want a Happy Ending? I thought I should find out. I massaged her legs, butt, and inner thigh. Every time I got close to her pussy she started to purr like a cat. I touched her pussy. It was wet. I inserted the tip of my finger. Her pussy was loose and well lubricated.

I removed the towel and asked her turn over. Her pussy was so hairy I had a hard time finding her lips and clit. While I was circling her love button her hands started to roam, sneaking into my shorts. He gripped my cock firmly. I felt blood rushing to my groin, my cock firming up in her hand. She started to pump me. I removed her hand and took off my shirt and shorts. I had a full erection. I took my cock and started to slap it all over her body including her face. She was ecstatic. She again took a hold of my cock and started to jerk me vigorously. I couldn't take it any longer and shot my load all over her saggy tits. Granny just smiled. I slowly massaged my spunk into her tits and continued working on her Happy Ending. It took a while but eventually she she came with a loud moan. After a little more massaging she thanked me profusely saying it had been more than twenty years since she held a stiff cock in her hands.

What a job. I was definitely getting good at it. It paid for all my college. After graduation I was hoping my first job would pay as well as my college job as a massage therapist.

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