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My Demon Lover

I'm not finished fucking with you yet...

He stands behind me, with his hard strong body pushing onto mine. I can feel every inch of him, from my shoulders to my knees. Using his fingertips, he pushes my hair out of the way while kissing my shoulder. He runs his wet tongue up my neck, causing me to shiver, my body reacting instantly, my pussy clenching as I feel my wetness, my nipples instantly erect, throbbing for more.



He takes my hands one at a time and raises them above my head, so my body is taut and craving his touch once again. As I feel his body rubbing and caressing my back, I put my hands behind his neck, tugging the hair at the nape in my impatience for him to continue. He lets out a sexy laugh, knowing exactly what I want and need; running his hands down my body, then up under my white cheesecloth blouse cupping my swelling, sensitive breasts.


He lets out a surprised breath as he discovers the pierced left nipple with the bar and a ball on each side, that caresses and stimulates my sex even further. His thumb and index finger lightly pinches my nipples and then flicks back and forth across my engorging nubs. I am holding my breath through the sensations; it now rushes out of me as I take a shuddering breath of air into my lungs.


I lean my head back onto his shoulder, letting go with the orgasmic sensations running through me from head to foot. I feel everything, sense everything; I crave more, I want more. He kisses my neck, running his lips up to my ear, his warm breath on my skin, causing me to shake with my impending orgasmic explosion.


I cannot stop shaking from the feelings going through me, as his fingers continue the pleasure with pinching, then flicking my nipples, as both hands are now working together; they move down my body, undoing my pants, pushing them down enough for access to my knickers, then his hands move quickly around my hips and squeezes my bum cheeks. His hands are inside the lacy fabric, caressing and playing while moving back around and over my pussy mound, his fingers caressing across my swelling clit, causing me to moan and close my eyes for a second. I flick them open quickly, as I love watching what he does to my body, the reactions from his touch; his fingers are skimming across my engorged clit and pussy lips, caressing, playing, making me wet with desire.


I can’t stop moaning with orgasmic pleasure, little whimpers coming from my partly open mouth, as he uses the palms of his hands and fingers to move up and down my body, from my breasts across my quivering stomach, down to my pulsing pussy. He stops, and then uses his fingers to rub my clit, up and down with deliciously slow motion, bringing me close to orgasm. I feel his fingers going into my pussy slowly, in and out, as I feel my juices coating me.


My juices are flowing onto his fingers. I feel their slick wetness, as my pussy is clenching, screaming for the ultimate release. His mouth on my ear, his warm breath caressing my skin, as he says those dirty things in my ear, the ones he knows will send me over the edge. And they do, as I let go with my orgasm, he continues his relentless playing, with sexual suggestions, as his fingers continue their slow motion taking me higher, taking me through my orgasm and beyond.


While I slowly come down, his juice covered fingers withdraw, leaving me panting, wanting. As I lower my arms, he pushes me forward, causing me to lie across the workbench. He pushes my feet apart so I am spread wide open. I hear his pants drop to the floor, feeling the sensual caress of his body hair on my back, my body screams for him to take possession, to dominate, to control my sex. His mouth on my ear, his scruffy beard making me shiver with desire as he slides into my wetness …”I’m not finished fucking with you yet.”…



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