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my dream

A fantasy of mine
I thought I'd share with you all a dream I had recently.

I hadn’t been sleeping too well that night, tossing and turning a lot, not really slipping into a deep sleep. Sex was obviously on my mind (rarely isn't to be honest!) as I had gone to bed feeling horny which obviously had had an influence on my sub-conscious. I started to dream was I was sat naked in front of my computer surfing the web for some really steamy porn. I came across a particular website (I couldn’t remember the damn site's name when I woke up!!) which had some high class videos on it.

I started to watch a film of a beautiful couple making love to each other. The guy slowly kissed his way down her tanned smooth body pausing to suck and lick each nipple. She responded by slightly arching her back, closing her eyes and softly moaning. As he moved down her body she parted her legs revealing her shaven pussy.

His mouth moved over her labia, gently kissing and licking each fold. Her lips parted as his tongue slid down the length of her pussy revealing how wet she already was. She was obviously wet. Very wet.

This was the best pussy licking I had seen in a long time. The guy was very much enjoying her pussy and she was thoroughly enjoying the attention she was getting. She writhed with pleasure as his mouth took her closer to climax. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her sex and, as he slid a finger into her wet hole, her moans turned to screams as her orgasm rippled through her perfect body.

By now I was good and hard and slowly rubbing my hand up and down my shaft. A small bead of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of my cock. I ran my finger over it and lifted it to my lips. The warmth and saltiness of the clear liquid made me even harder as its taste slipped over my tongue.

Whilst I was doing this, my cyber couple switched places and now the girl was kneeling in front of the guy slowly taking his cock in to her mouth. The camera angle was such that you had a good view of her swollen lips glistening with her juices in the light. She played a couple of fingers across her pussy as her other hand held his cock steady. She gently licked and kissed the head of his tool, her saliva making his head shine. Slowly she took his length all the way in and with a long slow suck pulled off him until her lips were just wrapped around the tip.

My cock was now rigid and shining with my own precum. It seemed harder and longer than usual. I leaned forward and slowly put my tongue out. I could reach my own cock! I gently teased my head with my tongue, swirling it one way then the other. I loved the warm taste of my precum as it began to mix with my saliva.

I glanced at the screen to see the girl was now mouth-fucking the guy with a steady rhythm. I tentatively took the whole of my head into my mouth. The feeling of my own cock filling my mouth very nearly made me cum there and then! I began to slide my mouth up and down my shaft keeping in time with the girl on the screen. The feeling of me sucking on my head and my teeth softly scraping over my glans soon caused the usual swelling sensation in my balls. I was amazing to feel my mouth wrapped around my own hard cock.

Looking up at the screen, the guy had pulled back from the girl's mouth and was stroking his hard cock. She waited patiently with her mouth open until, with a grunt, he started to cum.

I had quickened my pace and the sight of this guy cumming over her face and into her mouth tipped me over the edge. I wanted to taste my own cum. I felt my cock twitch - the normal cock about to cum twitch but this time was different. I could feel it with my tongue as well. My cock exploded, filling my mouth with my hot sticky cum. The force with which it filled my mouth was a bit of a shock. I pulled back slightly so some dribbled down my cock but most of my hot cum slipped down my throat.

It was at this point I woke up. My hand was on my cock which was probably as hard as I had ever felt it. It only took a few strokes before I came for real, shooting thick jets of cum over my chest and belly. The memory of my dream was so strong it felt like it had happened for real. Sadly, as hard as I might try, I still can’t get close to sucking myself like I did in that dream.

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