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My Fantasy

My morning masturbation morphs into my fantasy fulfilled…
I awoke in the morning, lazily rolled over and slapped my alarm clock. Just ten more minutes I thought and as this thought quickly passed through my head unable to get a hold in my young brain just like most others. And just as soon as this though disappeared another emerged. This thought redirected the blood in my body from one head to another and I soon found my hand sliding down my body and slowly into my pants. Once there it grasped the base of my dick with its thumb on one side and its index finger around the other. My left hand migrated to the waist band of my underwear and slid them down to expose my dick to the crisp morning air.

My dick was rising and my hand, which no longer seemed to be in my control began, to slowly slide up my shaft and as it reached the head I could feel the blood rushing away from the brain that gave me self-control and rushing to head that would could force my toes to curl and my entire body to spasm in agony and Ecstasy. These two feelings mixed and create a wholly unique one that amazes all who experience it. One so unique that even after years of experiencing it is still sought after and hungered for.

As these thoughts swam in my head so did those of Capri Anderson and other girls whose bodies had been displayed on my computer screen not but hours ago. My dick continued to rise as my now autonomous hand tempted me and teased me. It was asking me to speed up, but something in the back of my mind reminded me of how great the explosion feels when there is build up like the women who are forced to hold back an orgasm in fear of a spanking, in the videos racing through my mind. The videos prompt a fantasy in my head and I let my body and mind run wild in the excitement.

I am alone in the house watching TV when my phone rings. It is almost three in the morning and I can't imagine who it might be. As I stand up I feel dizzy and realize I have been sitting in the same prone position far too long and it is probably time for bed, but then I see the name on my phone and I’m awake in an instant.

Kathryn is the name displayed on the phone. The picture is her on Halloween, the night we met. She is dressed a cat costume that displays her breasts to perfection. And how could I forget the way the costume hugged her curves, her ass was a sight for sore eyes. How I would give anything to touch that soft, sweet, small butt. To place my hand on her behind and just feel the warmth from her body and mine mixing into one. As my mind races the story continues.

I answer the phone and say "hi, is everything alright?"

"Uhmm...not really, my mom, she...well...she kicked me out for the night. Said it would do me good to see how life is without her."

"That’s terrible."

"Yeah, umm, I kinda need a place to sleep tonight." She asked in a tone so soft it sounded like a whimper.

How could I say no? She wanted to stay in my house for the night. The girl I lusted after.

"Sure you can stay here… I guess."

"OH MY GOD, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much this means to me."

"It’s no problem; just don't ring my buzzer when you get here. I'll come out and get you and try to sneak you into my room without my parents noticing."

" I'm outside. Now what?"

"You could have told me you were already here."

I walked outside to get here and almost fell backwards when I saw her. She was wearing yoga pants with a thong sticking out ever so slightly and a sheer white top that was translucent enough for me to see the matching lacy red bra she had on underneath in clear detail. I opened the door and she rushed in and hugged me tightly.

"Thank you so much," she exclaimed rather loudly

"Shhh" I whispered in her ear "ok, so be real quiet. We’re just going to go directly into my room."

We walked for what seemed like an eternity and then I slowly opened the front door. It creaked slightly and I almost freaked out, but I kept going slowly and then we were in. I shut the door behind me as quiet as possible. We walked forward the short distance into my room and we were home free. I motioned to her not to speak and opened my phone.

I typed out: "Do not talk. Parents are light sleepers. You can sleep in the bed and I'll sleep on the floor."

She opened her phone and typed: "you're the best."

"Thanks if you want to say something to me just shine the light from your phone on me." I typed and showed her.

She whispered "ok" as she kissed me on the cheek and climbed into my bed.

She wrapped herself up in blankets and lay there. I grabbed a blanket and lay down on the floor not that I was going to be able to sleep a wink with her this close to me. I lay there for about an eternity wondering if she was asleep and then she shined her light on me. I stood up and attempted to read the message she had typed with groggy eyes.

"You must be cold down there and I feel so alone up here. Would you mind joining me in bed?"

My heart almost stopped beating I was so thrown back, but I quickly typed "of course" and showed it to her as I climbed into bed.

I wrapped my arms around her pulled her in tight. She spun around so her face was resting on my chest and my now erect dick was pressing slightly into her crotch. I prayed that she didn't notice and I thought she didn't until she looked up and peered into my eyes.

With a soft voice she said, "I guess my friends were right. You do have a crush on me. Good cause I like you too."

As she said this she grabbed my hand and guided it down her pants to her pussy.

"See how wet I am." Then she let go of my hand I didn't dare move.

She slid away from me and I was sad until I saw her begin to pull off her shirt to reveal her perky breasts begging to break out of her bra and she let them. My eyes feasted upon her flesh. Her warm flesh and then her hands guided her pants down her legs leaving her only covered by a small piece of fabric soaked in her juices. Her hands having removed her clothes then moved to by body and lifted my shirt of followed by my pants and then my underwear.

"Why don't you finish undressing me?"

I don't think my heart had ever beaten so fast. As my hands got closer and closer to touching the only drenched piece of fabric that separated her body from the air my heart beat faster and faster. My hands grasped the waistband and pulled it down and off her body. Now, we were both naked under the warm blankets.

Her hand slowly moved to my crotch and grasped my penis. Then she let go and said "I'm sorry I know I'm gonna seem like a huge tease, but..."

The suspense was killing me. If she said she had to leave I might die. I was willing to accept just lay there with her, but I wanted to badly to touch her.

"Could you just...look I'm really nervous about this. I've never given a hand job or a blowjob or fucked anyone. Can you just go first?"

I was so revealed "of course. I've never done any of this either, but I'll give it a shot.”

I placed my right hand on her pussy and began to slowly rub what I believed to be the clit. She seemed to be responding so I continued. Her breathing was steadily increasing. Deeper and faster. She moaned slightly and I decided to slide two fingers into her. I was amazed at the amount of liquid that was drenching her pussy and inner thighs. My fingers seemed to be exciting her extremely so I sped up a little and she moaned slightly. Then a little faster and she moaned louder. Faster and louder until I thought she was about to cum and then to torture her a little I stopped and asked: "How’s that?"

She sounded like she wanted to die, but she just got out "keep going!"

I put my fingers back inside her and this time one more. I maneuvered my three fingers in and out as fast as I could and soon I felt her body convulse and then relax, which I took as my signal to stop. She just lay there for a little while and then she reached out with her head and kissed me on the lips. She had almost no energy and whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can move right now much less please you."

"That’s ok, just fall asleep."

"Wait, I've got an idea. How about you jerk off and when you are about to cum I'll take the load and swallow it all for you."

"That sounds great, but I think you're just offering in guilt and there is no need to feel guilty. I got plenty of pleasure in pleasing you and I'm sure this won't be the last time we do this."

"You're right about that," and with that she rolled over and scooted her butt towards my dick and she fell asleep with my arms wrapped around her and my hard dick pressing into her and I fell asleep soon after still with a raging hard on.

My whole body pulsed as I came and shot my load. My fantasy had made me come in reality as well as in my dreams and now similarly I dozed off to sleep.

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