My First Attempt

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My First time

My First Attempt at Masturbation



I went to many websites to look at what I was about to do. You know, the usual stuff how to do it and what to expect. After many websites I finally found one that explained everything clearly. It told you various way and means of doing it. With that information in mind, I looked at some images to remember while pleasuring myself. Basically, I looked at porn pictures. With all this in mind, I turned off my computer and headed to bed.


I gathered only three small things for this adventure, my flashlight, a mirror and a mini-sized vibrating massager (a recommendation of one of the websites) and I rolled into bed. I used the flashlight to explore my lower anatomy, to find the exact place of my beautiful clit. Finding the position of my clit, I spread my legs wide open. I applied the massager to my clit and put a pillow over it to muffle the sound. It felt nice but it was a weird sensation between my legs.


I was so taken up with this sensation I forgot to fantasize. Just the pure fact that I was pleasing myself turned me on. The massager was constantly on my clit giving it no easy time. I decided to take it off for a few seconds and my clit was still buzzing. I didn’t want any penetration so the massager was my only tool. I lay there with this buzzing feeling between my legs. Within five minutes, I felt a sensation that I had read about very often but didn’t realize it could be this real.


My pussy started throbbing and my body started to shake. At that moment I felt like my pussy was a volcano waiting to erupt. My body continued to shake and my pussy throbbed even more, I knew what was going to happen. I felt like I was about to pass out, my body became very weak. I stopped the massager before I could have my first orgasm. I laid there on the bed with my shorts still at my ankles and my sheet over my bare pussy. It was so amazing and scary at the same time. I laid there in awe for about 15 minutes until and pulled up my shorts and put away the massager. I decided to leave my first orgasm for another time.