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My First Day in Mexico

The beginning of what would be one of my most memorable vacations...

Hi, this is my first upload. I’m a little nervous, but confident. First of all let me introduce myself…


My name is Ziomara; 21 years old, 5’5, 120 lbs, long silky black hair, large brown eyes, succulent lips, nice perky tits, and an ass that won’t quit. I’m a full blooded Mexican, and damn proud! Straight from the beautiful state of Sinaloa, where the ladies are not only beautiful… They are dangerous hahaha…


I’ve always been labeled the “black sheep” of the family, mainly because I’m a free spirit. I come from a very traditional family. The girls are supposed to be well mannered, abstinent until marriage, semi-educated, and ready to get married at a young age and start popping out babies like rabbits. Now, even though that sounds fabulous! This is in no way, shape or form something that I want. I moved out when I was 18yrs old, only to move back in with my parents when my dad had a heart attack and blamed me for it. My family convinced me to move back in, or I would kill my father (or so they said) I know this story is kind of dragging on, but I just want you guys to get to know me a little. I have five brothers all older than me, so that means I’m the baby, and the only female. I’m sure you know how that goes…  


Anyways, back to my story. I moved back in after my dad had his heart attack, and I’ve been living in hell ever since. I finally convinced my mom to let me travel to Mexico for a much needed vacation. I arrived in my home town of Culiacan , Sinaloa. I hadn’t been there in at least five years, everything looked so different. I got off the bus, wearing some blue daisy dukes, pink spaghetti strap (without a bra of course) my hair in a pony tail, and some pink sandals. As soon as my foot touched the ground, you would have thought that this people saw a ghost by the look on their face. The women stared, and whispered to each other, while the men ogled and winked at me. I’ve always liked to have men look at me, and at a very young age I learned how to use my body. I looked around, and finally spotted my cousin Bianca, she was nothing like I remembered her. She had gotten fat, and sloppy, I guess being married for six years does that to some people. (This next part is translated) obviously I spoke Spanish the whole time I was there, but I will translate every word so that you can get the full experience.


-Hey, Bianca!!! How are you girl?

-- I’m good thanks; you look good Mara, a bit skinny but good.

-Thanks, I guess. So are we going straight to your house? I really want to take a shower.

-- Yes, Ricardo is waiting for us on the other side in the car.


We walked in silence, I could tell she was embarrassed. I could hear people whispering, calling me a “puta” (hoe) and many more things. We got to her car, and for the first time I met her husband Ricardo, and he was the finest man I had seen in a long time. Tall, muscular, tanned, gorgeous, beautiful green eyes, and a promising smile. He looked at me, up and down, and licked his lips.


--- Hi, Ziomara. It’s very nice to meet you. Bianca has told me a lot about you.

- Hello, nice to meet you. She’s told me a lot about you too.

-- Ok, well enough small talk, let’s get her home, she wants to take a shower, and hopefully change into some clothes. Girl, you’re practically running around naked.

- Bianca, you are such a prune! (We all laughed)


Finally, we arrived at her house. I basically ran in the bathroom, but had to come back out to get my vibrator. I was tired, but not dead. It had been a long, lonely bus ride, and I was about to let some stress out. I opened my bag, which was placed neatly on top of the guest bed by Ricardo. I pulled out a towel, and my waterproof vibrator --‘cause you know it wasn’t the only one in that bag. As I made my way to the bathroom again, I caught Ricardo looking at me. I smiled and he started to blush and quickly turned away. Once in inside the bathroom, I took off my clothes, and began to look at myself in the mirror, I had no make up on, but still managed to look stunning. My breast were full, not too big a 32C with pink nipples. I pushed them together, running my fingers through my erect nipples. I let them go, and was mesmerized by the way the bounced back into place. I turned on my side, and rubbed my flat stomach, by the way this is one of my favorite body parts. Slowly but surely my hand started sliding down to my slit. I began to tremble, I absolutely loved to touch myself, when I was 10yrs old I discovered that touching myself “there” would make my skin shiver, and I haven’t been able to stop touching myself since. I raised my leg and put it on top of the sink, leaving my crotch wide open; my full wet (shaved) lips looked good enough to eat. I spit on the palm of my hand and started rubbing my wet cunt uncontrollably, stopping every now and then only to gently spank my swollen clitoris. I felt my body get hot, the heat was making it’s way up my legs, my breath got heavy, sweat covered my body, my vaginal muscles were contracting, I stuck two fingers inside my soaked pussy and I quickly began to massage my g-spot, before long I couldn’t hold it any longer, I pulled my fingers out and a long hot steamy squirt followed them… My body was now shaking uncontrollably, I lost my balance and fell to the floor, and the feeling was so amazing that my shaking hand made it’s way to my quivering pussy, and quickly found my way back in, pushing against my swollen g-spot I pulled out and soon squirted again. I desperately tried to put my fingers inside me again, but I failed… I couldn’t move my hands, my body was shaking, I could hardly catch my breath, my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest, and my panochita (pussy) was still dripping wet! I laid there for a couple of minutes, enjoying my full body orgasm.


After a couple of minutes, I finally made my way into the shower, the cold water felt wonderful against my hot body. I was exhausted but my body craved more. I reached outside and grabbed my vibrator. I laid down in the shower, the cold water hitting my hard nipples, and some gently sprinkling my face. I immediately directed my hand towards my engorged clit. The vibrations made my whole body shake, the feeling of the water hitting my nipples, and the hard vibrations on my clit were exhilarating. It wasn’t long before I was squirting again, it took all the strength I had not to pull my hand away, my body shook wildly. I was enjoying myself greatly, but I knew I had to go out and find myself a good dick soon, or I would go crazy! My hand gave out on me, and my vibrator rolled away, I laid there for a while, the fresh water hitting my skin. When I felt like I regained my strength I got up and washed my hair, cleansed my body, and got out of the shower.


I accept any and all criticism; would you guys like to read any more stories?

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