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My First Video

Olivia is forced to star in a porn video with her friends to get what she really wants...
Hi. I'm Olivia; basically I'm the average blonde; streaky, muddy blonde hair, straight as corn silk and long to my elbows. I have side bangs and I look like a model with a heart-shaped face, a slender, shapely body with small but firm breasts and a tight little ass. I'm not a slut; in fact, I'm still a virgin, embarrassingly.

I'm seventeen and unlike most slutty girls my age, I care about my grades. I usually get A's or A+s, and most boys know me as the "sexy nerd".

Really I've only had five boyfriends in my lifetime; not because nobody wants my body, 'cause I'm just insecure with guys with big dicks, you know? I mean, I watch porn with my friends all the time and play with my pussy almost every other night, really, but I just can't stand being rammed by a cute guy and believe I'm still not a slut. But last week, I know now I'm much more than a slut.

My ex, James, is a cute brunette with sparkling blue eyes and windswept hair. He has six packs and the cutest smile, but one crucial fact he didn't explain to me was that he was a sex addict. Two days after we started going out, he cornered me in a motel and I freaked and broke up with him. I was so scared I never mentioned this to anyone.

Apparently James told every one of his friends, but I didn't know. I was much too worried about the yearly test, which I had on time to study for. Mrs. Bells had told us to study about a month before, but I was busy working on my science project and avoiding James. So now I knew I was going to flunk this year and basically stay back a grade.

I was so desperate I had to think of Roger, the guy who sold answers to kids with bad grades. I knew he had a crush on me, like any other guy, so I decided to be slutty for once and seduce him.

I found him lingering around the end of the lockers, and when the bell rang, he didn't bother to leave.

"Hey, Roger," I drawled slowly and teasingly.

That day I wore a super short denim skirt, and I knew I would have to bend to show him my cute ass later. I wore a disturbingly sexy low tank, showing a whole lot of my cleavage, and nothing else but pink pumps.

"Uh, um, hi Janie," he stammered. "What are you doing here skipping fourth period?"

"Well," I sighed ever so dumbly, "You see, the yearly test is today in fifth period, and I just..." I sniffed, "I just forgot to study. And I forgot my wallet at home."

I prayed to myself he would fall for it.

"Uh, uh of course Janie! Um, here's the list." He handed it to me, but dropped it purposely. "Oh, sorry," he said fakely.

"That's alright," I said honey-sweet. I bent over, and I saw him inch over to look under my ass at my naked pussy. I was naughty and had decided to skip my panties.

I heard him shudder ever so softly. I smiled and got up. "What?"

"Um, nothing," he said, but I saw his hands cup over his big erection. "It's just...I noticed you weren't wearing any underwear and..."

"Oh, but you won't tell anyone that, would you?" I said innocently and wrapped my long, tanned arms around his neck.

He was really a jock, buzzed hair, big smile, nice toned bodies but just stupid; but just to seal it, I kissed him tenderly and let my tongue circle around his dry lips. I smiled, swirled my finger over his big erection, and left, sashaying my hips sexily.

The next day grades came out and sure enough, I passed successfully. But unfortunately, Roger had spread the news of me kissing him and at lunch, James marched up to me and took my hand and dragged me away.

"I haven't finished my salad yet," I whined.

"Oh shut up bitch," he sighed. "Why did you make out with Roger?"

"I wanted to," I lied.

"Oh, sure." He let his strong, firm hands swipe back his hair. "You'll kiss him but you won't kiss me."

"Sorry," I said, stretching out the word.

"Well, I know all about you buying the answers," he said, smirking. "And if you won't have sex with me, your little secret will be told to every person in this school with a push of a button." He showed his cellphone with a naughty little smile.

"You bastard," I gasped, resisting the urge to slap him.

He looked at me. "Well, are you doing it or not?"

I chewed my lip. Was my virginity or my grades more important? Finally, I gulped. "Fine. I'll do it."

"I thought so," he said smugly and shoved a scrap of paper into my hands. "There's the instructions. Meet me in the motel tomorrow night at eight and don't forget the instructions."

I sighed as he walked away. What had I gotten into?

The next night, I took a glance at the list he insisted me to follow and wanted to scream. He wanted me to wear nothing but a see-through night gown and sexy red pumps. He insisted I wear no bra and make sure my nipples were erect and no panties, but knickers instead. Next, he wanted me to shower with my coconut shampoo, and dry it with a hairdryer and make sure it was fluffed but soft. It was everything like a slut would wear.

Then he told me what I would have to do. I sighed and tried to remember my grade's importance, and set off in my Jeep to the 888 Motel.

To room 546 I went, and inside, there were a bunch of random guys I recognized as Jame's bastard friends. Roger was even there, along with Michael, Freddie, Logan, and Zackary. Even though I was disgusted, they were all naked with their gigantic cocks erect. They seemed to have been stroking their pricks together just a moment before.

"Alright," James got up and inspected me.

He lifted my dress and longingly admired my breasts and naked pussy. Zack patted my ass and laughed. I rolled my eyes at him, but I knew I had a crush for him for years.

Zack kissed me and his tongue trapped my mouth, and eventually, I got along with it.

James got below me and kissed my pussy, licking, sucking, and teasing the hell out of me. Michael shoved his dick into my tiny ass, and groaned as his dick slapped deeper and deeper into me. Roger held me so I wouldn't fall and looked at my tits wistfully.

Freddie got up from his couch. "Alright, Janie, here's what's going to happen. You're starring in a porn video with us, which we're posting onto our new porn site, Tits and Dicks. We've already got Amanda, Madeline, Kiana, and Julianne on, and they're just few of the hottest girls at school; but of course you're sexiest. James tried to videotape you a few weeks didn't work so now, we're on."

I looked below at James. "Is that true?"

"Yeah," he said between licks.

He got off and motioned for the others to stop, too. "Alright, Michael the computer whiz will ask you questions. You better be sexy and rub your tits and do a strip tease for us, alright? Follow the instructions James gave you."

I sighed and Michael clicked open the camera. "Alright...and, action."
"Well, hello sexy babe," Michael said. "Can you tell us your name?"

"Hi," I said innocently and twirled a strand of my hair with my fingers. I rubbed my tits with my other hand and licked my lips naughtily. "I'm Janie."

"Hello there, Janie," Michael said. "Can you tell me what pleases you in sex most?"

"A good, fat cock," I continued, pulled the straps of my dress down lower over my shoulders.

"Good, good," he continued and zoomed in to my face, slowly tracing down my slender neck to my tits, my visible pussy through my skimpy dress, to my long, tanned legs. "And have you ever been in a porn video?"

"No," I smiled cheekily. "This is my first."

"But you're so sexy," he said. "Surely you've had sex before?"

"No, so go easy on me," I said naughtily.

The guys laughed and Roger slapped my ass. "Well, Janie and viewers, in this video we're teaching our sexy little virgin how to fuck and suck."

As the instructions had read, I got on top of Zachary. His prick finally found his way into my pussy, and I moaned. I heard a tiny popping sound of my cherry and finally I knew I wasn't a virgin anymore.

After shock surfaced, delight came. I moaned and grunted as I bounced up and down on Zachary, riding him like he was a bucking bronco. His firm hands held my tiny waist as he fucked my pussy like no tomorrow. In less than five minutes I screamed and cum shot out of my pussy like a rocket.

"I love it when girls do that," Zack sighed before nibbling on my neck as I kissed his. His cock made a splash sound as it sank deeper into my pussy. I erected myself to get up, but before I knew it, his cock pressed into my G-spot.

"Oh fuck!" I grunted as he knew he had pressed my magic button.

He pressed me harder onto him, until I felt like I just might burst. I was whimpering like crazy and grasping his hair and rubbing my pussy all over him. And again, I burst my cum all over him. I must've passed out, because it was black for a while.

When I woke up, Roger had pushed me against the wall doggy-style and was ramming his dick in and out of my overwhelmed-but still hungry pussy. Just as I woke up, he sent his load deep into my pussy and shuddered. I moaned as I felt his cum sink into my pussy. The thought of me being pregnant only made me more horny as I pushed my ass closer to him.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard you bastard," I moaned as I turned to kiss him.

James took this as an opportunity. His prick, before I knew it, was inside my ass. He rammed me in and out as I clung to his neck and my legs clung to his ass. I moaned and shuddered as one hand gripped me like I was a baby, and another rubbed my pussy fifty miles an hour. He burst in me without a word and moaned and slid to the floor, panting hard. He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me, then rested his chin on my head.

"Oh, coconut." I laughed breathlessly.

"Shit," Michael said. "This is good stuff. Keep on going. We'll get millions of views for this one."

This time Freddie came over and thrust his cock deep in my mouth. I choked and gagged, but I adapted and used my small, nimble fingers to play with his balls. Soon, he was moaning and shoving his prick deep into my little mouth.

Ramming his prick in and out of my mouth, I felt his balls tighten and fill with blood. Before I knew it his cum splashed down my throat and I took off my mouth to swallow it all effortlessly, with just a few messy drops left on my chin that he licked off. I smiled as our lips met.

"Oh come on, at least let me taste pussy," Logan moaned.

I lay down, back to the floor, and Freddie turned his cock to hover over my face. I spread my legs far apart, making myself very vulnerable and horny.

Logan dipped his long flicker into my pussy. I grunted as he circled my arse, clit, and then deep into my vagina. He moaned. "Oh, just like candy."

I moaned and for the third time, cum shot out of my pussy. It felt so good and indescribable that I couldn't speak or make a sound but shake all over.

My mouth full of cock and my pussy full of tongue, I distantly heard Michael at the camera say, "Okay, boys, we're done here. The camera's out of battery. Guess we should continue this next time."

I grinned, thinking about the next porn video I would have to undertake-gladly, this time.

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