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My Friends Introduce Me to the Joys of the Pool Jet (Part 1)

An evening at the pool where we watch each other share the sexual joys of the pool jet
I spent the second semester of my freshman year in college in an exchange program in Germany. I got along well with everyone, particularly the girls in my class, who would go together as a group to a spa that had a nice, heated pool that was nice to swim in, particularly during the cold months of the winter. I had been to the pool several times with them, and this time didn't seem any different than the previous ones at first.

It was around closing time, and I saw a girl from my class, a German girl with kind of light red hair named Angie, standing near the edge of the pool, not really moving. I walked closer and looked at her, and I became mesmerized by what I saw. It took me a minute to fully realize what was going on-her mouth was wide open, and she had a frantic, almost painful look on her face.

Her eyes were glazed over and she was breathing heavily, taking in deep breaths and letting them all the way out. I realized that she was standing in the stream of the pool jet, and with one hand was pulling the crotch of her bathing suit aside so that the pool jet stream would hit her clitoris directly.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and I could feel my own clit begin to swell and ache and wetness drip into the crotch of my bikini panties. About that time, the girl that was the supervisor of the spa walked by.

"Don't worry, we're the only ones here now, and the door's locked-just enjoy yourselves," she said.

As soon as she said that another girl stood behind Angie, as if to wait her turn. I was coming to realize that not only was this planned in advance, but apparently was something they even did regularly!

"Mei, have you ever felt the jet? Did you ever feel the pleasure that comes from it?" my friend Hilda asked me in her imperfect English as she walked up and touched me on the shoulder.

"No, I haven't. Is it that good?" I asked.

"You won't believe it. You have to take your turn and try it. Look at how much pleasure Angie is getting from it. You'll see."

Angie began to breathe heavier and deeper, and I could clearly see the nipples of her tiny breasts poking through the fabric of her bikini top. Her eyes suddenly closed tight, her face became creased and seemingly full of pain, she bit her bottom lip hard, and her entire body stiffened up. She was obviously having a very strong orgasm, but she was, at the same time, trying not to vocalize her pleasure, probably out of embarrassment. I wanted to touch my crotch, as by this time it ached so bad that it hurt, but I tried to avoid the temptation.

Angie shuddered and almost fell down, and the girl behind her pulled her up by the arms and helped her get to the edge of the pool. The girl, I didn't know her name, then walked over and positioned herself in front of the pool jet-but before she did, removed her bikini bottom completely and threw it on the edge of the pool. She was obviously less inhibited than Angie, with short blonde hair and a neatly trimmed, beautifully shaped pubic hair triangle that was darker than her hair, she scooted up to the jet and instantly closed her eyes and said "AAHHHHH!!!"

She tugged on her pubic area with the fingertips of both hands dug into it, pulling the area up toward her navel so as to make the stream hit her clitoris easier. Then, with one hand she pulled her bikini top up to expose her nipples, which were hard and dark red. She then began to frantically pull on her nipple and knead it between her fingers.

By now I was so horny that my clit hurt, and my heart was racing as I watched her; at the same time my eyes were transfixed on her, on a girl, a girl my age having that much sexual pleasure, pleasure she was giving herself, pleasure that she seemed to know so well how to have.

The girl reached around and grabbed one cheek of her butt tight, while using the fingertips of her other hand to pull her pubic area taut. A blotchy red rash began to spread over her breasts and her chest, her eyes closed tight, her teeth bared, and then...

"Oh, God... Ahh... AHHH... ERRRRGGGHH!!!!!!! " she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her.

Her pelvis jerked back and forth uncontrollably... I thought I was going to faint. "Is it that good?" I thought to myself as the girl staggered back to the pool edge.

Hilda, who had been touching me on the shoulder the whole time we were watching the girl masturbate herself, stood up and said "Ok, you're next."

"I am?" I said, as I stood up also.

"Yes, and you won't need this; we're all friends here." As I stood up, she carefully pulled my bikini bottom to my knees, and then reached around and untied my top, letting it fall down as I wiggled my bottoms to the ground.

"I've always wanted to see what a Chinese girl looks like naked; you're just so beautiful!"

I felt a strange mix of excitement and confusion at having my bathing suit deliberately removed by Hilda, and I immediately began to contemplate pulling hers off too, although I wanted to wait for the right moment.

I was embarrassed at suddenly exposing my thick, black-haired pubic bush and my tiny breasts to everyone, but at the same time was flattered by her compliments. She walked me over to where the jet was, and I saw her begin to untie her own bikini top.

"Here, I'll show you exactly how it works," Hilda said in an assuring voice...

(To be continued.....)
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