my hunger grew strong

By alice_puppet22

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a short story of my thoughts on my friend.
Only true story. I really do get so turned on by my friend.

My hunger grew every second away from him. The distance between us killed me. My heart ached for his presence and my pussy pounded at the thought of him. He was my everything and I couldn’t wait to talk to him, to see his face, to see the look in his eyes when I smile. Everything he does drives me crazy!

One lonely night of writing fantasies and waiting for him to come on Skype, I started touching myself. I couldn’t help it, the anticipation was killing me. I read a story and was getting wetter and wetter thinking of the characters being me and him, his dick getting hard for me, inside me, touching me, wanting me. The thoughts made me touch myself more and more.

My hand slid down my body and into my pants. My white thong was already soaked. I couldn’t wait to get my hand in there. I rubbed my clit through my thong, imagining it being his hand and I almost cummed on the spot. He got me so horny and he wasn’t even here. I opened another story to start reading when I tore my shorts off. My hand flung to my thong and I ripped it off roughly. My pussy was going to explode any minute and I wanted to get my fingers in there before my juices sprung out. I threw my ripped thong on the floor and shoved two fingers in my dripping pussy. My mind was racing with thoughts of my fingers being his dick. My fingers twist inside me and before I know it my hand is covered with my own cum. One last thought of him pushed me to the edge. I curl into a ball and had the best orgasm ever. I sat there for a few seconds while my pussy contracted around my fingers and cum dripped out of me.

When I caught my breath, I felt horrible. What would he think of me if he knew what I thought about? What if I ruin it with him? He just turns me on so much! Especially when he bites his lip! Every time he does, I just want to jump his bones! He has everything I'm looking for from emotionally adorable to as hot as hell. Part of me wanted to keep this a secret and the other part wanted to let it all out, tell him what I do. Thinking about him just made me horny again. My naked body that had calmed down got hot in seconds.

I slowly slid my hands over my boobs. I pulled up my blanket so I would be covered and the heat would grow faster. My pussy pounded and my head was spinning. My hand slowly made its way down my body to my clit and as I played with it I closed my eyes and imagined his hand playing with me. When my Skype made a noise, I sat up and saw he messaged me. I was excited and at the same time disappointed I still wanted to have some more fun but I couldn’t say no to the cutie who wanted to video chat.

I quickly threw a t-shirt on, accepted the call and said “hey! I was just thinking of you.”

Our conversation lasted all night as usual and I fell asleep to the sound of his snoring. Most people would find it annoying but I find it comforting to know someone else is there. Going to sleep at 3 in the morning isn’t all that bad when you stay up with someone you know you enjoy their company.