My Mirror and I

By AvaMarie

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Based on my own true story
Steamy hot water trickled down my back as I lathered up soap in my hands. I gently began to rub my soapy hands all over my breasts. I fondled with them and moved them around in circular motions. I took down the shower nozzle and placed it over my breasts. The hot water felt good as it ran down my chest, clearing away all the soap for me.

My perky breasts were glistening, and my pink nipples were erect. I latched onto one of my nipples and began to gently squeeze and tug at it. I leaned back against the cold, tiled wall which made me shiver as I continued to play with my nipple.

I still had the shower nozzle in my hand. I could feel the water stream down my thigh. I slowly brought it up my thigh and to my pelvis. I squeezed my nipple harder as I felt the hot water trickling down to my pussy. The little droplets of water felt as if someone was lightly tapping their fingers around my slit. I closed my eyes and listened to the soothing sound of water slapping against the bathtub.

I turned around and placed my hand against the wall, with my other hand I brought the nozzle to my ass and sprayed it about. It felt good as the water slide down my buttocks and around my hole. I bent my knees slightly for some support and spread my butt cheeks wide. I softly moaned as hot water oozed in and out of my asshole.

I stood up and turned off the shower. I pulled back the shower curtain and stepped out of the tub. The cool air pressed against my naked, wet body. I picked up my towel and wrapped it around myself.


I stood in my bedroom, in front of my long mirror staring at myself. I let go of the towel wrapped around me. It silently fell to my feet, exposing my glistening naked body. My eyes panned over my thighs, up to my clean pussy and then up to my breasts.

My pussy was throbbing and wet. I sat down in front of my mirror and spread open my legs. I stared at my pussy. It was nicely shaved, pink and dripping with juices. I slowly rubbed two of my fingers up and down my slit, and grabbed onto one of my breast as I did so. A nice tingly sensation ran through my body as the cool touches of my fingers rubbed against my warm pussy. 

As I began to gently play with my clit with one finger, I tilted my head back a little while the pleasure took over my body. I pushed my hips up in the air as I slid two more fingers into my wet cunt. I was so horny, my pussy lips tightened around my fingers. I could feel the warmth of my vagina on my fingers.

With my fingers in a 'U' shape, I continued to ram my fingers in and out of my pussy. My fingers were doing a great job. My clit was throbbing and slightly swollen, juices ran down the side of my leg from my pussy. My breathing grew heavier and I was moaning and groaning aloud. To my surprise, the sloppy sound of my fingers drilling my cunt really turned me on.

I watched myself as I fingered my pussy. My face was bright pink, and my nipples were still rock hard. With my free hand I grabbed onto one of my breasts. I began to softly fondle with it, gradually getting a little more aggressive, until I was making kneading-like motions with my tits. My slightly damp, long black hair draped over my face.

I picked up the pace and slid my fingers in and out of my wet pussy faster and faster. I was panting, and my left leg was slightly shaking. I collapsed forward on the floor. I stuck up my ass in the air and wiggled it about. I grabbed hold of the rug beneath me as I was nearing my orgasm.

My sensual moans were slightly muffled as my half of my face was pressed into the rug. I rolled over so I was now on my back, stuck out my hips again and spread out my legs as far as they could go. My fingers were going further and further into my pussy at a fast rate. I knew I was about to orgasm, a tingly sensation flowed over my pelvis.

I bit down on my lip and arched my back as I orgasmed. Let out a huge cry in ecstasy as my body shook through its orgasm. I collapsed back onto the floor as my pussy juices streamed down my legs and onto the floor. I laid there for a while with my eyes closed as my body gradually calmed down. I then got on all fours and crawled back in front of the mirror and sat down.

I opened my legs and stared at my dripping wet cunt. I wiped two of my fingers across my slit and brought it to my mouth to taste. I lapped up the cum on my fingers and smiled to myself.