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My Morning Fantasy

A quick true event
I woke up this morning and I was thinking of you. I was thinking that you were laying next to me, and then my imagination started up. I imagined that you climbed on top of me, kissing me so slowly and making my body heat up from the inside out. My body then became flush from the heat, and my womanly parts became so wet. I imagined that we were both naked from the fun night before and I could feel you getting hard as you started to kiss down my cheek, then down my neck sucking and leaving a mark so every one would know I am yours. Your hands were on every part of my body that your hands could touch and as you started to kiss up to my ear and asked me if I loved you I told you I do. You said you loved me back and I felt you slip inside me.

As I laid in my bed imagining all this, my fingers had found their way to my wet pussy and as I moaned your name, I could feel my body tingle and my imagination took me further towards orgasmic bliss. My eyes closed once again and I was transported back to my fantasy.

You were still on top of me and you slid all the way inside my tight wetness. My nails dug into you shoulders as you filled every inch of me. You started to move a little, sliding your man hood in and out of me ever so slowly. Your forehead touched mine as you watched my face and listened to the moans falling from my lips. You started to pump faster as I wraped my legs around you. I could feel you hit all my special spots and my pussy was becoming increasingly wet with every passing moment. As you started to go faster and harder my moans became louder, the bed was hitting the wall over and over again, and I knew the nosy neighbors would complain later. I could feel that I was getting closer to cumming all over you. You leaned down and kiss me hard and passionately. Your tongue slid past my lips and tangled itself with mine..

As I was laying in bed imagining you, my fingers were sliding in and out me faster and faster. I was so wet I could hear the wetness as I finger fucked myself. I continued to moan your name, and I could feel the liquid fire start to spread - my signal that I was about to cum. As I drifted back to the fantasy, I started to rub on my clit faster, knowing that it would make me cum faster..

You were fucking me so fast and hard that each thrust sent chills through my body. My fingers tangled in your hair and your lips and teeth were all over my neck. I moaned that I was about to cum, and you told me that you couldn't wait. You continued to fuck me, my pussy started to contract, and then my orgasm rushed through my body. It was so strong that my hips came off the bed and my cum was everywhere. I called out your name over and over again as my body trembled from the bliss. As the orgasm slowly started to go from raging fire to a smoldering ember, I opened my eyes and slowly pulled my fingers from myself and my mind from my morning fantasy and breathed deeply. My body felt so amazing and as I got up, stretched, and began to pull the wet sheets from the bed, I smiled and imagined that one day, hopefully sooner then later my fantasy would be a reality..

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