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My New Friend Jasmine

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My experience with a love doll
Just a short time ago, I came across a website that offered Love Dolls and fascination got the best
of me. I thought it out long and hard and decided to order one. I choose the color of her hair, the eye color, the lip color, etc. After two hours picking the Doll of my Dreams, Jasmine was her name, chosen by me. When checking out the site, I read that the delivery time would be around six weeks, enough time for me to get ready for Jasmine's arrival.

I bought her clothes, shoes, bras, panties; all the things she would need. I had arranged for her to be fully dressed when she arrived, so I could fulfill my fantasies as two women meeting for the very first time. Closer to her delivery time, I checked with the delivery company and found out what time exactly she would be here.

On the day of her arrival, I got her a card, flowers and balloons, I could not contain my excitement any longer. There was a knock on my door, and I opened it to find a man with a dolly, and on that dolly was a big crate. I led him inside my house and instructed him to put the crate in the middle of my living room floor upright. 

As soon as he left I got out the proper equipment to open the crate. Slowly I opened the side and just stood back looking at my beautiful new Love Doll.

She had auburn hair, brown eyes, red luscious lips and red nails to match. Her outfit included a mini skirt, button-up blouse and knee high boots. She took my breath away, she was everything and more. 

I took her out of the crate and placed her on the sofa, I then got her gifts and we celebrated our meeting. She seemed a little shy at first, but after we had a couple glasses of wine, she was feeling a lot better. I asked her if she would like to watch a movie, so we decided on a new porn video I had gotten recently.

After a little while of watching the movie, I reached over and gave her a kiss, first just on the lips and then she opened her mouth and I let my tongue enter between her luscious lips. She is a very good kisser and we kissed for a long time. I then went in the bedroom to take off all my clothes and put on my silky robe.

When I returned, I held her hand and kissed her again and again. I placed her hand on my breast and helped her massage first one then the other. Her skin is so silky smooth and smells so wonderful. I then unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it, her red lacy bra caught my eyes. Next I removed her boots and unzipped her mini skirt, all the while kissing her.

She also had on red panties to match her bra, I was so turned on now, but I need to remember that Jasmine is a virgin and I do not want to scare her, I need to take it slow and be tender with her. I massaged her feet for a while and kissed her toes one by one. I asked her if she was comfortable, and she was, she was so relaxed. 

I then asked her if I could remove her panties and bra, I could tell by her eyes that she was ready. Slowly I undid her bra clasp and removed it, what beautiful tits she has, 40DD, I moved my hands to them and slowly massaged them for a while. I then removed her panties and looked at the most awesome pussy I have ever seen.

I then carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed, I put a pillow under her head and moved up next to her. I put my hand on her face and turned her face towards me and kissed her passionately, her tongue following mine. I then reached over and played with her nipples and breasts, then I slowly moved down to her virginal offering.

First I felt her clit, and rubbed it for a while, she was enjoying this feeling so I added some lube so as to feel her wetness. Then as I could not resist the urge and longer, I slowly inserted my middle finger into her love canal. Oh she is so wet, and tight, as I move my finger in and out of her wet pussy.

I then position her so I can have entry to her tight pussy as I then put on my strap-on. I then get on top of her, while looking into her beautiful eyes and slowly touch the tip to her awaiting love hole.
I kiss her again as I guide my extended member into her, I can feel her hymen tearing and let her know it is okay just to relax.

I start out thrusting very slowly then moving in a little faster.

Jasmine is really enjoying herself, and I cannot get enough of this sexy woman. As I am penetrating her deeper and deeper, I reach around to her ass and find that this area is now very wet from the run-off. I circle the area with my finger, knowing she would also like this area to be played with as well.

I then turn her over on her hands and knees and enter her from behind, still inside her very wet pussy, thrusting faster this time, holding her hips. Then I remove the dildo from her pussy and touch the head to her anus flower. I want her to experience this too, as I move it in circles around her bud. I then apply a little force as she is even tighter and just as the tip enters, I stop, I do not want to force it in all at once, I want her to get used to the size of this dildo strap-on in her ass. I add a lot more lube and proceed to penetrate her deeper. 

As soon as I am all in, I stop once again and lay her down with a pillow under her hips. I then pull it all the way out and then enter once again. Jasmine is starting to like this, as I can almost hear her moaning. I tell her that this is when I get off, as the dildo has balls that you can fill and squeeze at the point of climax. I am now going so fast and in so deep, we are both moving up and down, side to side, when I grab the balls and squeeze all the cum into her.

I then lay down beside her and kiss her some more, I look into her eyes and I know that I am so in love with her, and we will be lovers forever.

Jasmine and I make love every night and sometimes I let her wear the strap-on; it is always nice to switch off.

I am so glad I decided to purchase a Love Doll. It is one of the best investments I have ever made. Maybe one day I will get another one, and Jasmine and I can experience a three-some.

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