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My New House (Continued)

My new house came with furniture, 2 sexy roommates, and some odd rules.
To understand this story you must have read the previous installment.

"Are you wet?" asked Mindy.
"I'm not dry," answered Sally.

"Ok, let's end this game and get Matt moved. I think everyone has shared all their fetishes except me right?" said Mindy.

"No, I have mine to go yet. It's bondage, so now Mindy what is your last fetish and then we will get Matt moved in."

"My final fetish is wax. I love to have hot wax poured on me."

I said, "Interesting, all my stuff is in the car, I'll go get it," as I stood up to get dressed.

Mindy and Sally followed in my footsteps and got dressed. It was sad to see them put their clothes back on; I couldn't wait to see that beauty again. The game had left me plenty horny and my erection was not going down, but I just pretended it wasn't there.

The unpacking went quickly considering I didn't have many possessions. I did the heavy lifting and the girls brought in the small lighter boxes. I had worked up a little sweat unpacking, but my boner was still raging. As I brought the last box inside the girls talked and when I set the final box down on the table they both stood there looking at me almost deviously.

"What is that look on your faces for?" I asked.

"What! Nothing," Mindy said hastily.

"For later," Sally said in a seductive tone whilst raising her eyebrows.

My dick had been softening up a little, but now it was at full salute once again. I thought they would tell me what they were planning, but they both just walked off. Mindy to her bedroom and Sally to the gaming room.

I thought I would go enjoy some time with Sally and get in some game time as well. I sat down next to her and couldn't help, but look at her body. She was too hot and playing video games. Could this get any better?

"Do you mind if I sit on your lap? I love sitting on guys' laps. Especially when they are trying to hide a giant erection," she asked.

"Sure I don't mind at all." Oh my God, I thought my dick was going to explode. She sat on my lap with her soft small butt and my rock hard dick pressed right up against her butt hole.

"Oh, you must be in excruciating pain keeping that cock in your pants. why don't you let it breath a little?"

"What?" I said surprised.

She didn't respond in words, but in action. She paused the game, got up, unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out through the hole in my underwear, pulled off her jeans leaving her in just her panties, and then sat back down on my lap.

My dick was rock hard and pushing almost into her pussy. I could feel the heat from her pussy and wanted so badly to fuck her. After about 10 minutes she turned off the game and put on a movie. It was a light porn movie and without talking to me or making any sound she began to massage her clit. Soon I could feel her cunt heating up and I was almost jizzing on her when she got up.

She pulled off all of her clothes, turned up the volume on the movie, and then sat back down facing me with my cock not in, but rubbing against her now soaked pussy. She positioned my head on her shoulder so I could still see the movie. At this point a mother and her daughter were now all out fucking the daughter's girlfriend together on screen. Sally's pussy kept rubbing up against my dick and soon I came. I relaxed and leaned back assuming it was over, but Sally wasn't done. She pushed me on to the floor and then got in 69 position with her head on my dick and her ass in my face. She started to lick my dick and the pleasure was torture. The head of my dick was so sensitive I couldn't take it.

"If you want me to stop you better start on me."

I immediately started licking her butt and then she stopped torturing my smaller head. I licked her butt for long time and then moved to her pussy. She was moaning loudly and soon screamed, "I'm about to come." She came violently and squirted all over my face. We both were exhausted and laid there motionless for a couple minutes then we both stood up. She said, "Why don't you take off the rest of your clothes and meet me upstairs in Mindy's room, so we can all sleep together."

Sally left and I got undressed and headed upstairs. I couldn't believe it, but somehow I was still hard. when I entered the bedroom both the girls were laying on the bed almost asleep. I laid down in the middle of them and then they both wrapped their arms around me nice and tight and fell asleep. I was exhausted and soon drifted off still squeezed between two hot girls. What a day...

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