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My New House

My new house came with furniture, 2 sexy roommates, and some odd rules.
My name is Matt. I am 22 and looking for a place to live. I just got out of college and am living in my car until I find a place, so I am rather desperate. I need a place with roommates and I am open to almost anything at this point as long as the rent is low.

That was the ad I had placed on Craigslist 3 weeks ago and it was all true. I was looking for any offers at this point and when I got an email from 2 girls that said that had a 2 bedroom place and needed a new roommate I was ecstatic. I had gotten e-mails from all sorts of people, but living with 2 girls sounded nice. The price was always what killed me. This time the price was low though; almost too low to believe. I e-mailed back and asked when was good for me to come see the place. They said they were home now and if I wanted to come over now that was fine. I drove over and was surprised to see the apartment was in a ritzy-ditsy neighborhood with fancy cars and multi-million dollar homes in it. When I pulled up to the address I knew it must be some kind of joke because the house was nice, and I mean real nice. It had a huge yard with a fountain and a tennis court. I walked up to the door and rang the buzzer, expecting someone to laugh at me. The door was opened almost immediately by a strikingly beautiful woman. She was dressed in a white tanktop and a short black skirt.

"Hi, I'm Matt, the guy you e-mailed about looking at the house." I reached out my hand to offer for a shake assuming she was going to laugh at me, knowing this was a joke, but she didn't. She actually skipped the handshake and hugged me. I was a little thrown back as you can imagine, but a beautiful women hugging you tightly, pressing her perky breasts against you soon makes you forget about how awkward it is.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Mindy. Come in and I'll give you a tour."

I walked in the door and the house was amazing. It featured high ceilings, dual staircases, and a couple thousand dollar rug just in the entrance room.

"I'm not sure if I had the price right on this place. You said 300 a month, right?"

"Yep, I know it's a great deal, but we have some rules for living here that most don't like, so we have had some trouble getting a roommate."

"I can't imagine any rules that would make me leave here"

"That's good. Now lets continue the tour. The bedrooms are both upstairs. They each have their own bathroom. To your left is the game room and to your right is the kitchen and dinning room. I'm gonna go get Sally. You can make yourself at home and look around."

She left, walking up the stairs with a bounce in her step that made her skirt bob up and down giving me the slightest little glimpses of her white panties with cute, pink hearts on them. Her butt was perfect. It was small, but still had some roundness to it, and all I could think about for a second was what rules they could possibly have that would make someone leave this place.

I decided to check out the kitchen first, and oh boy, it was gorgeous. The appliances were all the best money could buy, and so were the stove, refrigerator, and cabinets. Then I headed to the dining room, and once again the decor was almost as beautiful as Mindy's ass. 

As I finished looking around the kitchen and dinning room Mindy was coming down the stairs with Sally. Sally was just as gorgeous as Mindy and her breasts bounced up and down with each gentle step she took down the stairs. She greeted me with a similar hug to Mindy';s and this time I was ready, and embraced her touch. I felt some stirring in my groin, but nothing visibly noticeable yet.

"Hi, I'm Sally. Nice to meet you" Sally said. "I see you have seen the kitchen and dinning room already, so why don't we show you the gaming room. Then we can explain our terms of life here that my sister mentioned earlier". I walked with them to the game room and all I could think about were these rules, until I saw what seemed like nerd heaven.

"We are both big gamers. We work for Ubisoft and spend most of our free time playing or in our case researching." Sally said 

"I just graduated with a bachelors of the arts in computer science. Maybe I can see how you work some time." I replied

"Yeah, but today is all fun. This is the TV. We have every system released since super Nintendo and every Ubisoft game along with any other you can think of. Over there are our computers for designing and upstairs are our coding computers. You are welcome to use them if you move in-"

"And if you need help getting a job we can at least help train you a little bit." Mindy interjected

"Wow, that would be awesome. I think I have seen enough to say yes, but by the way you talk about these rules you've got me wondering." I replied hesitantly not sure if it was rude to bring up the rules.

"well..." Mindy stalled off as if she didn't want to say it

"Lets sit down and talk about it" Sally said trying to cover up Mindy's stall

Mindy grabbed 3 bean bag chairs and we all sat down. When Mindy sat down she didn't cross her legs and I got clear view up her skirt. I could feel my dick harden and I wasn't sure if either of them had noticed me looking at Mindy or my erection.

"Hmmmm, oops I just gave you quite the view didn't I?" Mindy said jokingly

"Well I think some one noticed" Sally said looking down at my crotch

"Oh, you're right" Mindy said laughing

I tried to cover up, but Sally said "Don't worry. We take erections as complements. Now to get to our rules. Some of the rules are sexual and others just about being comfortable. My sister and I are very close and don't really care if we see each other naked. You, I'm guessing don't have a problem with seeing us naked, but in this house when we change we don't lock the door and don't deny anyone access to our rooms. We are comfortable with each other got it?"

"No problem"

"Now, the same goes for using the bathroom. No locking the door and if you're using the bathroom and one of use needs to take a shower we aren't going to wait."


"There is only one more rule for you today. The rest we will tell over time and they shouldn't be a problem if you accept these and if they become a problem you can leave at any time and you only have to pay for the last month"


"Ccan I say the last rule?" asked Mindy

Sally said "Ssure" and Mindy started " The final rule is that we share our sex. If you are going to masturbate you are required to tell the rest of us. If you masturbate before you get out of bed tell us after though. It would just be annoying to have to get up and then go back. Oh, and yes, we will tell you when we masturbate, obviously"

I took a deep breath, but for what this house was like that was fine "Ssounds fun" I said, obviously a little bit hesitant

"The next part of this rule is, right now before you accept our offer, we are going to play a game of truth or dare. When we finish the game, we will each have announced all of our fetishes, and if this is not so, alert us to that fact. We will also all be naked in front of each other." continued Mindy

I knew this was crazy, but I just said "Lets go"

"Ok, you ask one of us first" said Sally

"Hhmmmmmmmm. Mindy. Truth or dare?"


"Are you single?"


"Now, Sally, Truth or dare?" Mindy asked


"Rate Matt's appearance on a scale of 1 to 10"

"It's a little early for that, but 8.5"

I was happy with that and thanked her before asking her "Truth or dare?"


"Name one of your fetishes"

"Spanking. And that reminds me of another rule: If you break any of these rules it is punishable by any of our fetishes"

"Sounds fun" I replied, even though being spanked didn't sound too fun

Truth or dare, Matt" Mindy said


"Name all of your fetishes"

"Ok, wedgies and female desperation."

"Oooo, sounds fun to me" said Mindy

Sally responded with "Then, truth or dare?"


"Drink 2 bottles of water right now and don't pee until Matt says you can. Matt, hows that erection of yours now?"

"Bigger" I said knowing honesty would be important here

"Truth or dare, Matt" Sally said


During this conversation Mindy had gotten up and drank 2 bottles of water

"I got a 2 parter. Which body part is your favorite on each of us?"

"For you, breasts. And for Mindy right now butt, but later I think it is going to be bladder."

"Oh, You're going to make me hold this a long time aren't you" Mindy said sadly

"Oh yes" I responded quickly

"Fine then, Matt truth or dare?" She said with a little bit of revenge in her voice.


" I dare you to take off your shirt and pants"

I took off my shirt without hesitation, but I knew taking off my pants meant revealing the truth of my erection, but I slowly did so. Both girls looked down there when my pants went down and I sat back down trying to be proud of my size.

"Truth or dare, Sally" I said once I was seated again


"Take off everything covering those breasts"

She took her shirt off and then said, "You know what? This is too slow" She continued to slip out of her pants and then unsnapped her bra. Her breasts were large and my erection grew. Then she slipped out of her black panties and I was at full salute.

"There we go" said Sally looking down at my crotch

I hadn't even noticed staring a hole in Sally's rack, but Mindy was naked now too.

"I guess it's my turn" I said, about to drop my underwear, but then Mindy and Sally jumped up and came over to me. Each put their head at the side of my underwear and put the waistband in thier mouth. Then they slowly pulled down, letting the waistband rub my dick, and I almost came when it sprung back up from being pulled down.

They both got up after and took a long stare at my dick. I stood there, fully erect, appreciating thier bodies as they did mine.

Mindy broke the silence with "Truth or dare?" looking directly at Sally.


"Are you wet?"...

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