My New Housemate's First Lesson

By Gingerfox

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I teach my virgin housemate how to pleasure herself
A month ago an old friend asked if her little sister could stay with me for three months as she had been kicked out of her apartment. I am quite a generous person and I have an extra bedroom, so I agreed immediately.

Kristen is a university student, a mousy little bookworm who studies most of the time. She's small and petite with brown hair that hangs just below her collarbones. Since she's always busy studying I don't see much of her and she prefers not to be included when I have friends over.

It's Saturday and raining cats and dogs! I'm supposed to go to the beach with some friends but it doesn't work out that way. Feeling miserable at being stuck home I wander around, looking for something to do. I decide to watch a movie and go through my DVD collection but there's nothing I am in the mood for. I continue flipping through when I find a DVD that does not belong to me. On the cover are two girls with huge boobs and a man standing between them holding a very erect cock. This must be something my ex left behind by accident.

I am no frequent porn watcher but finding this makes me really curious and I wonder what Kristen is up to. If she is busy I might get away with it.

My pink lips are twitching inside my jeans and I really cannot wait to touch them now.

Quicky running up the stairs I peek through Kristen's keyhole and she appears to be taking an afternoon nap. I'm safe for now!

I walk into my room and get three of my toys to take downstairs; while walking down the stairs I am completely aware of my body. The soft fabric from my t-shirt is caressing my bra-less nipples and my pussy lips are rubbing together creating a delicious creaminess in the centre. I am so eager to see what happens in that DVD.

I put the movie into the player, turn the volume down very low and get on the sofa in front of the TV.

After unbuttoning my jeans I stick a finger into my shaved slit and feel that my panties are completely cream-coated. My fingers slip right through my sticky cunt down to my pussy opening and I plunge one right in. Taking out my juicy finger I put it in my mouth and taste myself, making sure I get every bit of my delicious cream.

The movie has progressed to one of the girls riding the big solid cock with some nice close up shots. I always get really turned on watching as I fuck my own pussy in a mirror and it's even better looking at another woman's tight hole being stretched open, seeing that slick cock enter her over and over, getting more coated with her juice.

I pull my jeans down under my ass and pull my saucy pink g-string aside. I reach out for my blue, spiky, fake cock and put it against my clit to feel the vibrations. I need to cum so badly. A blonde girl walks into the porn scene and plops her pussy over the guy's mouth, begging for a deep tongue-fuck. She continues to ride his face while her brunette friend squirts juice all over his cock and hairless balls.

I get so horny that I plunge my blue cock deep into my hole and start to rub my clit with the other hand. Something catches my eye; I'm forced to look up and there is poor Kristen, mouth open and in shock, watching this horny woman satisfy herself. I am so embarrassed I have no idea what to say or how to react.

"Oh damn, Kristen, sorry. I thought you were asleep," I say, not sure how to react to this innocent intrusion.

Her eyes are wide and fixed on the dildo in my pussy. "What the hell are you doing? Doesn't that hurt?" she asks, still in shock.

"No," I reply, "I just got so horny, this is so embarrassing."

"Does it feel good?" she asks, still not looking me in the eyes. I become aware that I really enjoy having this girl look at my most intimate body part.

Then it dawns on me, this poor girl is still completely innocent.

"Yes, it feels amazing! Do you only use your fingers?"

She looks puzzled and responds: "No, my mother would kill me. She would describe it as being so animalistic." After a minute's pause with me having no idea how to respond to that she continues: "I have only touched a bit but felt so guilty that I stopped."

I scoot back on the sofa, take out the sticky cock and move my panties back to cover my drooling bare lips. "Sit down on that side. Would you like to try?"

"I'm not sure, I'm scared," she responds, shocked.

Trying to assure her I say, "I promise it will be amazing and that I will never tell. Take off your jeans and top and let me help you have a great time."

She slowly obliges and sits opposite me in only her white cotton undies. I am surprised to see her wearing a g-string but decide not to comment on it. Her breasts are small and I notice two tiny erect nipples through her white bra.

The scene on the TV was now of the blonde girl being banged hard from behind, and her brunette friend lying underneath licking her clit and the guy's cock.

"How do you feel when you see that?" I ask.

"I want to touch mine, it looks so good."

"Try this," I order, pulling my panties up between my lips so only the outer ones show. I release my hold a bit, then pull them up again, moving my hips to match the rhythm. She obliges and pulls on her panties until her tiny lips are visible to me. She is not shaved, but not overly hairy, just a few soft curls covering her outer lips. The centre of her panties immediately give away her wetness. "Keep looking at them, see how she's licking the other girl's clit. That looks good right?" I ask, feeling my excitement about to explode.

"Yes, oh yes, so good," she says, and I watch as her pussy starts to quiver with excitement. She begins to cum and make small weeping sounds. It is so erotic watching another woman get herself off. I could never imagine that this would make me horny...

"Welcome to your first orgasm, now remove your panties and do exactly what I do," I demand of her. This is so kinky, ordering this little girl around, telling her what to do with her pussy.

We both get up and take off the remainder of our clothes. She is a bit shy to open up her legs but when she does I nearly faint. This is the most delicate little virgin pussy and contrasts so deliciously to my fat puffy pussy. I feel my cream running towards my anus, trickling and teasing on my puckered hole.

I pick up my panties and lick out my own juice, watching her do the same. Hesitant at first, her legs open even more as she enjoys her own virgin taste with closed eyes. I can see a dollop of sticky white goo start to form at her vagina entrance, no doubt from her orgasm, and I feel myself salivating but I am scared that she'll run off if I push my tongue into her so soon.

While licking my panties I start to finger my cunt and watch her do the same. Just easing one middle finger into her hole gently and tenderly.

"Oh, Kristen, seeing your tight snatch is making me so fucking horny I just want to cum!" I blurt out to her, no longer able to stop myself.

I take both my hands and pull my cunt open, exposing my slick pinkness so she can see all of me. She copies me and her drop of cum runs down. I quickly pick it up with my middle finger and put it in my mouth. "Your pussy is sweet and sexy, show me how you fuck it," I encouraged.

While watching me she continues to to rub her clit in circles as I am doing. I am scared to have her use a dildo as she is still a delicate virgin so I improvise. Taking my blue, spiky cock I make her come closer and put the dildo between our pussy lips, moving in together so our clits can vibrate together.

The smell of our juice is amazing as we move together to fuck the same dildo, both creaming our own side of it and making it completely full of our cum. It is beautiful to see her small cunt lips wrap around the monster cock to fuck it for the first time. She is in complete ecstasy as she throws her head back in orgasm, together with me, coating the cock in our thick slutty juices.

When we are done I turn the toy around and bring it to our mouths where we lap up each other's juices. I force her to clean it completely and then I kiss her and lick the cum off her lips. The movie ended a long time go, but we don't care as we get off on each other.

Kristen and I will be spending the rest of the day cumming together, and I am going to show her how to shave her pussy clean too.

Her next lesson will be in fucking my pussy with her gorgeous little tongue! Watch this space.