My New Toy

By SandD

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After my meet up with the boys in “The Office”, concentrating on my work while are work was starting to be really tough.   Not only did I have me own memories to deal with but the guys weren’t making it any either.   When I would see one of them they would wink, smile or rub against me now most people who saw this would think that it was all them just being friendly, but they had this knowing lustful look in their eyes.   There were times I was sure they were undressing me with their eyes.  


There were days that I wish I didn’t have a window leading to the hallway because getting some relief would have been what the Dr. ordered.   One day while I was at the mall, I decided I needed to add to my vibrator collection, so I went into one of the adult shops.   I looked around, lot of them are full size, not discreet enough for what I wanted it for.  


The sales clerk came over, asking if I was finding everything OK.      


I told her I was looking for something small, discreet, but powerful.  


She suggested a bullet and showed me a few of them.   Wow, who would have known that there were so many.   I picked one out a 5 speed, waterproof bullet.   She opened the package and tested it before I left and asked if I needed a battery, I nodded.   I also picked up some Mint Lube that is supposed to “tingle”.   I paid for my purchase and headed back to work.   While I was driving back I had a naughty thought, I wondered how loud the bullet would and could I hide the speed adjuster meaning I would be able to use it at work.   So when I got back to work I headed off to the ladies room.  


I was wearing jeans and a sweater that came down to my bottom, I was sure this had a chance of working. I was so excited just thinking about it I was getting wet.   I went into the building through the doors by the bathroom this way no one would even think something was up since I was just coming in from my errands it would make sense to take the bags from my purchases with me.   No one was in there when I went in so I went to the far end stall.   I unzipped and sat down, I put some lube on the bullet and then placed it in the folds of my pussy lips against my clit. Then very tentatively I turned it on, wow that felt good and tucked away like it was it was not very loud at all.   I pulled my jeans up and listened, it wasn’t any louder than a phone or blackberry on vibrate.   I turned it off and went back to my office.  


I got back to my office a put away the rest of the stuff I bought and settled in for an afternoon of work.   After a few minutes I reached in my front pocket, where I had put the controller and put it on speed one.   This was a pulsating setting with a fair length of a pause between vibs.   With all the office noises I really couldn’t hear it much.   I continued working but when ever someone came in I would turn it off.   I would also turn it off when I went anywhere out of my office.   It was making my pussy very wet occasionally it would cycle through all the speeds, as I said before, there was 5 speeds 3 that pulsated with different length of pauses then a gentle vibration and a more rigorous vibration.   My favorites were speed one and five.   It was fun after all what would the different people at work say if they only knew.   I then found out if I move just a little bit this way or that way, it changed the whole sensation all together.   Wow I was having “FUN” at work.   I needed to keep myself right on the edge and no farther after all didn’t need a wet chair.   So if I felt like I was getting close I would turn it off and then maybe go for a walk or something.   It was almost as much of a turn one walking around because if “they” only new.  


I made it through the day without having any “accidents” no wet cloths.   But I was really wet and very horny.   Before I left work I decided to add something more to the new daring side that had seemed to come out and when I left I went out past the bathrooms.   Now you have to realize it was really cold out so I had jackets to cover up with but I went in the bathroom and removed both my sweater and bra then put my jacket on over top I also left the bullet right where it was.  


I went out to my vehicle, climbed in and started home.   It was very nippely out (for those you don’t understand it is my way of saying VERY cold) as my poor nipples were 2 tight little hard buds on the ends of my breasts.   Then I had the bullet vibrating against my clit.

I had a about a half hour drive a head of me so I set the timer on my watch for 5 minutes and decided to have the vibrator on each setting for 5 minutes or until I couldn’t handle it any more.   I was so hot, not just from the little bullet tickling against my clit but because I was getting excited with the thought that all I had on under my jacket was nothing except my birthday suit.   I wasn’t really that much of an exhibitionist, in fact the only times I had flashed someone was as dares.  


I waited until I was out onto the main road then I started the timer on my watch and the bullet.   The fact I was driving and was getting all excited was making me extra hot.   The tingling in and around my pussy was amazing.   The fact I was driving made it even more exciting, the tingling made it harder to drive and the driving took my mind off the tingling.   After only a few minutes the tingling was building, I started wiggling around my hips, which changed the feelings I was so excited I could barely stand it.    And the fact that I am driving a van and I was high enough no one could see in really turned me on.  


I never did make it the full five minutes on each setting I would end up turning it off before the minutes were up because it was getting to hard to concentrate.   I was really thrilled and could really feel the excitement when ever I pulled up next to a good looking guys or better yet guys.   The feelings that were building up inside me were almost giving me an orgasm even without my bullet turned on.   All there was only my jackets between the men eyes and my ample breasts.


The closer I got to home the closer I was getting to what I thought would be the biggest orgasm ever.   I only had a few minutes left and I couldn’t wait to get home my nipples had been hard almost the whole ride.   I was looking forward to reaching the house and the orgasm I knew was going to happen once I got undressed.  


Into the driveway I through the van in park and ran into the house I had never been more excited to get home in my life.   The second I was in the door the cloths started to come off, jackets off and I was naked from the waist down, then undoing my pants as I entered the bedroom, on the bed and off with my panties.   I knew this wasn’t going to take long at all I drove my fingers into my pussy and put the bullet on speed five.   My clit started to pulsate it was so swollen and inflamed.   My fingers plunged in and out of my pussy which was soppy wet with all my fluids and the more I plunged them in and wiggled my ass around so the bullet would move around a little the more fluids flowed it was almost like a river.   I was going to have a big wet spot when I was done but I didn’t care in the least.   I grabbed my breast and pinched a nipple and that was it for me it sent me over the top and I came in a huge gush of fluid.   I lay back with a smile on my face.   Damn I was good and I have plans on doing something like this again.