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My Next Step with my Step-Brother, David… Chapter 2

Contributing Authors: literot 
Our Journey continues as we make it to the next level heading toward adulthood…

In my last posting here, I wrote about catching my step-brother masturbating which led to my watching him with his approval.  

A couple of days went by, and it must have been a weekend because our parents were at home, when I woke up and took a shower. I started downstairs but noticed that David's room door was open, which meant he was already awake and had probably already gone downstairs.  

When I got downstairs, sure enough, he was sitting at the breakfast table while mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. Looking at him was like looking at a stranger, a completely different person. He wasn't the same as the other day and I started to feel awkward the longer we sat there, especially with our mom close by. I felt like she somehow already knew, that being a mom, she could just tell that something had happened between the two of us.  

She asked, “Are you feeling much better, Pam?” Shoot!  

“Yeah, I'm fine mom. I think it’s just recovering from being so sick,” I lied.  

“Alright dear, but if you start feeling ill again let me know so I can get you to the doctor,” she instructed.  

The rest of that day was uneventful. David and mom watched a documentary on TV while I read. Dad worked from home. Our parents decided they’d go out for dinner and then to a movie. Mom asked if we wanted to go also, but as I was still a little queasy, I declined. David said he’d stay behind as well. So dad left us some money to order pizza and then went on their way. This left David and me sitting in the living room, discovery channel playing on the TV in the background, and me pretending to read.  

The atmosphere was so uncomfortable. I was feeling awkward about what had happened but still turned on by those thoughts in my mind. I kept sneaking glances over at David as I continued my attempts at reading. Finally, being the type of guy he is, he broke the silence by asking if I wanted to go ahead and order some pizzas.  

After he called our order in, we changed the TV channel to one of the music channels and started talking as usual and acting as if nothing had happened the other evening. Our pizzas arrived so we sat at the table to eat them and switched channels again to a Christmas special.  

It was about 8 PM and we still hadn't turned on any lights in the room, so we sat there with only the light from the TV playing. I could tell that the atmosphere was getting a little heavy again and I caught David staring at me as I sat there. He blushed and looked away. But then he did something that surprised me.  

“Um, Pam, you okay?” he asked. “I might be completely out of line here but I, uh, shucks.” He was trembling a bit.  

I reached out and rested my hand on his knee. “Hey, it’s okay, just say it, I really want to know. What is it, David?” I encouraged him.  

“I was just wondering if you’d like … well you know, like the other night; but um, maybe this time – if you would join me.” He asked, not looking me in the eye.  

I was shocked. Obviously, he was turned on too since the events of the other night went down the way it had, but I never in a million years would have thought that he’d pursue this any further.  

I had mixed feelings. I was totally into the idea, but at the same time I was very scared and felt like I would be embarrassed, especially since I’d really only had my very first real orgasm just a little over 48 hours earlier. I knew though I couldn't let this opportunity pass, so I bravely agreed.  

“Now, you're sure you’re okay with it, Pam? I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you,” he said. This made me feel more comfortable as it showed that he was concerned about me and wanted to make sure that I was ok with everything. I shook my head. “I promise,” I whispered, as I gently squeezed his knee with my hand.  

I looked at his lap, seeing he already had a massive hard-on under his sweatpants.  

“Do you want to do it right now?” He asked, his voice trembling as it got deeper and then huskier than I'd noticed it being before.  

I nodded my head yes, and asked, “Right here?”  

He said, “Why not? We have the place to ourselves. Right?”  

I really wanted him to take the lead, which he did, by first pulling off his shirt. I was burning inside with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I reached the bottom of my pajama top, my hands shaking. David had seen me in a bikini top or bra plenty of times before but this time it was different.  

Before that day, I wouldn't allow him to look at me if I had no top on. This time, I was taking my top off so that he could. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I lifted my top up all the way, exposing my bare boobs to him. I expected him to take off his pants next, but he didn't. Instead, he stared right at my breasts, practically goo-goo eyed over them, even though at the time I was only around an A cup.  

He said, “That’s it, Pam! Now, please take it all the way off!” Pleading, he bit his lips. Oh! God, it was so sexy when he did that.  

David moved his hand down to his cock pulling it out giving it a fondling or two. After doing so, I could see his pre-cum dripping out. He reached for his waistband, shocking me by pulling down his pants and underwear at the same time. I unintentionally gasped as his cock sprang forth, frightening me.  

“Well, Pam, I figured you had already seen my dick, so what the hell.” He smirked, clearly enjoying me taking in the wonderful sight of his cock bouncing up-n-down like that.  

I followed suit, pulling off my pajama bottoms in one swift motion. David's eyes darted straight for my hairy pussy. I did keep it neatly trimmed and shaped but it wasn’t entirely shaved smooth.  

“Wow! Pam, I - t - ’ - s so lovely, yes, you’re pussy’s lovely. I've never seen one, hairy like that in person before.” He stammered.  

I felt self-conscious for a moment. “Well! How do you like seeing this one?” I asked.  

“Hell, it’s simply gorgeous, so beautiful. I mean, it’s truly wonderful. Yeah! Oh yeah, it’s, it’s just great, Pam,” he said licking his lips and letting his hand wander down to his hard, stiff, throbbing cock and started to stroke on it.  

He began slowly, waiting for me to get started. I sank back into the couch and closed my eyes. Slowly, I slid a finger in my vagina and was surprised to find just how wet I already was. I almost immediately inserted a second finger and we could both hear the soft squishing noises as I continued to finger-fuck myself.  

I opened my eyes and watched David as he continued stroking his own cock with one hand while playing with his balls with the other, his eyes glued to my actions.  

I brought my free hand up to my erect and very hard nipple. As we kept going, I spread my legs wider giving him the best possible view of my puss that I could, while I continued with my fingers moving in-n-out.  

We adjusted positions a few times so by the time we were both Cumming, we were intertwined on the couch, legs touching, arms bumping, sweaty bodies brushing against each other. I felt his whole body start to tense up and I knew what that meant. I watched intently as five or six powerful jets of his cum shot forth out of his twitching, throbbing cock as it landed on us both.  

I had never dealt with cum before and I was delighted at just how warm it was. As I felt its warmth on my body, I knew I was ready to cum too. I fingered myself harder than I had ever done before. I was whimpering, deeply moaning as I felt a pleasure like no other that I had experienced before washing over me. I let out an almost animalistic howl, screaming as I came, shaking violently, as my pussy muscles contracted like never before.  

If I had thought my orgasm from the other night was all that good, this one was about 500 times better. As I came down, I looked at David, who was just staring at me like a starved kid standing at a candy store window with his face pressed against it.  

He winked at me and said, “Same time tomorrow, then?”  

I immediately said, “You just S-h-h-u-t-t up!” and then I giggled.  

“Let's get this place cleaned up,” he said before the folks get home.  

We cleaned ourselves first, and then straightened up the living room. Our parents got home about an hour later with absolutely no clue as to what we’d done or been up to, despite the possible lingering smell of my arousal! It was truly an amazing experience.  

As bedtime approached, we started up the stairs to our own bedrooms as David gave me a tender kiss on my lips before going into his room.  



So you want more? Watch this space.  


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