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My Phantom Lover

A woman's heated response to her lover's email.

Sitting at my desk, the computer monitor flickers and lights the room. The soft blue-white glow makes my skin seem even paler. It is late and the house is quiet, with my glass of Pinot Noir and my vibrator near by I anxiously log-on to the computer. It has been a long day and I am hoping that I have received a "special delivery." I take several sips of my wine and I rub my neck; my hands run down to my ample chest. Slowly I circle my tits with a lone finger from each hand, tickling and tracing around the areolas. Slowly stimulating myself for the tasty treats I have come to expect and enjoy.

Waiting impatiently for the program to open I grow restless. I adjust myself in my chair and smooth the blanket I am sitting on. I am wearing a teal blue satin nightie, the color of blue found in peacock feathers, it is slinky and silky and feels good as it caresses my skin; my nipples growing erect and puckered under the nightie. I am remembering my last special delivery and feel moisture on my vertical lips. My tongue swipes across my lips and wets them, feeling hungry I reach down and lift the fabric of my gown, I spread my legs wide and shift forward on my chair. I run a finger slowly and deliberately down the length of my aching moist cunt. I am not wearing any panties and feel particularly free.

I sigh and shake at the pleasure it brings me. I slide a finger in deep and twist it about, slipping it in and out, grazing my clitoris. I need it, long for it. I pull my finger out of my steaming hole and bring it to my lips; I suck my finger into my mouth, and savor the taste. It is salty sweet, and makes me think of a salted-nut roll. I smile a dirty little smile at the comparison. I imagine my finger is your cock. I suck it playfully and enjoy the flavor of me on your surrogate cock. I think you would want more, and so reaching down to my hot little cunt, I dip two fingers in deep and work them around; sliding them up and down the opening, dragging the wetness to my clitoris. Slowly I circle my clit with my fingertips, applying gentle but firm pressure, my button swells and hardens. I dip both fingers deep into my vagina to draw more of the juice out onto my fingers. Again, I bring them to my mouth, and suckle them. I imagine your eyes watching me through the monitor and I smile. I fellate my fingers, your surrogate cock and the action heightens my level of arousal.

The program opens and says, "Mail call." I take a deep breath and smile. Entering my password and waiting, I see it is from you. My pussy pulses and twitches with excitement. I take a sip of my wine and open your message with the subject line reading: “How I Envision You,” I smile wide feeling excited, exalted, a power washes through me, and my body ignites

I take a gulp of wine, and then realize my glass is empty, I grab the bottle and refill my glass. I begin reading, you are always kind, and never rude, your welcoming introductions set me at ease and I inch closer to the edge of my chair. Suddenly I get to the part where I am being watched and I feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I laugh to myself as I have always envisioned you watching me while I read my special deliveries. You, keenly aware of all of my senses and body functions

Consuming the fantasy, I delve in, taking joy in the thoughts of living alone in an apartment; knowing I am being watched and loving it. I am pulled into the fantasy and before long I am pulling at and teasing my tits, I close my eyes and I can feel you standing behind me, your hand graces my shoulder and slides down the front of my nightgown. Your hand heavy and hot, my stomach tightens at your phantom touch I am feeling. My breasts rise and fall as I take a deep breath. I reach into my nightie with both hands and massage my aching tits. They ache with desire, and my puss nearly sighs as more moisture is seeping down the vertical slit. I plunge my fingers into my wet hole, my back arches, and my legs wrap around the chair. I imagine it is you and finger myself hard and deep. Soft moans fall from my mouth and run down my neck as my head is thrown back and I look into your eyes.

You lean down and whisper my name, planting soft kisses and nibbling from my ear to my neck, descending to my breast. I lean back and recline in my chair; eyes closed my hips rise and feel the pressure of your engorged cock. You rub against my mound and grind a slow rhythmic ministration. My mind reacts to the thought and tricks my body into feeling the pressure of you leaning into my body. Both of my hands fly to my crotch, my thumbs pulling my lips apart my middle finger reaches downward pulling the hood of my clit back and exposing my little gem. I reach over and grab my vibe, turn it on low and rest it against my yearning clitoris. Pulling my legs together, I hold it in place and ride the hummer to oblivion. I cry out, as my pending orgasm begins to build.

"Oh my god!” I call out as the orgasm comes crashing down, my fingers wet with my own sticky cum. I pull the vibe away and my body convulses and relaxes somewhat, my breathing still rough and ragged. I try to refocus on the story. But I cannot, I close my eyes and feel you again, touching and caressing my body. Your hot strong hands run down my sides and the length of my legs, you lift them and spread them wide. You slide in between them kissing down my calf to my knee, slipping them over your shoulders. I sigh and smile, knowing the delicious torture I am to endure. I grip the chair seat and tip my head back not wanting to know when it is actually going to happen. Your tender lips migrate to my thigh, nibbling and kissing; soft moans are emitted from my lips. My mound rises hoping to find you there, alas, you are teasing me, and I am left hoping and searching. I rest my ass back down and wait, clutching the chair seat; I try to relax but am restless with wanton desire. "Lick me, lick me, please lick me" I whimper and strain to find you. I freeze for I have felt your breath, hot and close, I moan a husky "please" and wait. I edge my ass closer to the edge of the chair and then you sink your tongue in deep. You lick me from my rose bud ass to my clit and my body quivers, I squeal in ecstasy.

Your talented tongue massages my clitoris and you fuck my hot cunt with at least two fingers. My hips are bucking and I grab your head and look into your shinning eyes. You know its time, I see the knowing look in your eye, and fighting the urge to close my own eyes, I stare deep into yours as my orgasm takes hold. My mouth opens and a silent scream takes hold, you stop licking my puss, kiss my mound, and smile wide. You are pleased.

You rise to your knees and I feel the head of your hard ripe cock teasing my wet swollen lips. In one smooth motion your inside; my throbbing pussy takes hold and pulls you in. Oh god, you fill me, and my hips rock into you. You slide your shaft in and out, long smooth strokes, the head coming completely out with each thrust. Your head taunting my hard alert clit each time. My mind is nothing but a swirl of colors, your cock taking me into the depths of pleasure. I hear you moan soft and low, you pick up speed and grunt my name. "Yes, yes my lover, come to me, cum for me, fill me with your hot seed." Suddenly you stop and a flood of your seed hits my canal, spurting deep within I can feel the bounty of our lust. I pull you close to me and kiss you hard, tasting my cum on your lips and tongue. Spent and satisfied you hold me until my body tremors subside.

Aloud, I whisper "thank you" and you are gone.

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