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My Reawakening - Part 2

I learn more from Sally.
Sally and I had been 'buddies' for around ten months, and the sex was incredible. My lover was more adventurous than anyone I'd ever been with before. I was having the sexual time of my life! We managed to get together once or twice per month, depending on circumstances, and in between times used the internet to stay in touch and keep the spark ignited.
We were friends on a popular online social network, and soon began sending each other sexy messages, then photos, even videos. It was like foreplay to us, and served to heighten our mutual desire until our next rendezvous.

These messages could be very distracting, especially if I opened them at work. I only had to read that Sally was the sender, and my heart rate would quicken, and sometimes I could feel pre-cum dribbling as I read her erotic message.

We would also spend hours chatting on line some nights, and often, as our passion rose and lust overcame us, we would masturbate together. Sally opened my eyes to so much sexual wonder.

I was unaware that some women enjoyed anal sex. My only experience in this area was many years previous, when, during a boozy romp in the hot tub, my poor aim found me inside my wife's arse. I recalled her gasping loudly, "Wrong hole," and I withdrew and raised my sights a little.

But Sally loved anal, and I was happy to oblige. The tightness of her sphincter was an amazing feeling, and her climaxes during anal were off the scale.

I loved giving her so much pleasure. Occasionally, in our emails, we would send each other links to some website or other, displaying things we might like to experiment with. Sally became interested in having a squirting orgasm, so we both read up on the subject, then visited an adult shop together to buy a suitable toy. We were like giggling school kids in the store, and ended up with a bag of goodies. Our shopping included a fleshlight for me, which we named Frances, and a big black cock dildo for her. We called it Jim.

Our conversations over the bar at the golf club took on a whole new meaning after that, as she'd tell me that Jim had been visiting, or she'd ask me how Frances was feeling.

My mates also noticed my game was deteriorating. Since Sally and I became lovers, my handicap had blown out by three shots. It was difficult to concentrate on my game for the first few holes of a round on Saturdays when Sally worked.

The afternoon Sally squirted for me was the most beautiful thing we'd done together. We had both taken the afternoon off work, and had a couple of hours to spend together, so we took our time. Sally had spread a big bath towel on the bed, saying she wanted one of my special massages. I was all for it. I just loved oiling her body, then massaging her slowly, starting at her neck and shoulders, working my way down her back to her hips, enjoying her soft moans of pleasure as she relaxed under my touch.

As I massaged her legs, she parted them slightly, giving me a nice view of her pussy, which had begun to swell and lubricate. My cock was hard in anticipation, and brushed against her as I worked up and down her soft flesh. I was so excited, and it wouldn't be long before I slid my body on top of hers, and entered her from behind, which was how we would usually begin fucking during my massages.

As I was kneading her upper thighs, brushing her vulva lightly, she raised her hips to allow me access, or so I thought. Instead she rolled onto her back, and asked me to kiss her nipples. As I did so, she reached under her pillow and retrieved the slender g-spot vibe we had bought on our shopping trip.

Sally told me to keep sucking on her breasts as she turned the toy on and slid it inside herself. She closed her eyes as she toyed herself, her breathing became heavy, and she raised her knees high. I sat up and just watched, holding her free hand in mine, our fingers entwined, her grip on my hand becoming quite hard as she began to shake. It was like no orgasm I'd seen her have before.

Sally's head shook from side to side and she cried out in ecstasy. I looked down to her hand holding the wand firmly in place, obviously hitting the right spot, then she gripped my hand tightly, her arse lifted off the bed, and her back arched as a jet of fluid gushed up and out.

The toy ejected from Sally's vagina as she slumped into the bed, shaking and sweaty. I leaned down and cradled her to my chest, trying to hold her still. The intensity of her orgasm frightened me; she felt like she was sobbing against me as I held her, then she fell limp as I eased her down onto the bed. She was breathless.

Finally Sally opened her eyes, and slowly focused on mine. I was relieved when she smiled at me.

"Well, what do you think?"

I just gazed into her eyes, stroking her face. "I love you, baby."

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