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My Seven Day Plan - Night 3

Although away, it still formed part of my seven-day plan
It was Wednesday morning and Robert and Samantha had an early start to their day. Samantha packed Robert’s overnight bag for him whilst he showered and shaved for work. Samantha zipped up the bag just as Robert finished in the bathroom, towel around his waist and came up from behind her to put his arms around her waist.

“What a wonderful evening last night, I am sure going to miss you tonight …!” he whispered to her and Samantha smiled at the recognition.

“It’s only one night sweetheart; I will call you before you call it a night,” Samantha whispered back to him, tilting her head back and resting it on his shoulder.

Robert kissed Samantha’s neck and walked over to their dressing room to get ready for work whilst Samantha went to shower.

Samantha met Robert downstairs in the kitchen to join him for their ritual morning coffee together. They did not have time to chat this morning as they usually did, over everything and nothing, as Robert had to be at the airport in forty minutes. He finished his coffee, placed his coffee mug in the sink and went over to Samantha still sitting at the kitchen table. Pulling her up towards him, he hugged her and kissed her passionately.

“Now don’t go and miss me too much!” he said as he released her from his embrace and turned around and walked out of the kitchen towards the front door.

“I don’t think I will have time to!” she replied as Robert walked out the door.

Samantha left soon afterwards and headed for work. The day was a slow, easy work day and, as Samantha had no urgent work to get out, she decided to join Heather, one of her colleagues, for a lunch that was long overdue. After lunch, the pair of them decided to meet at the local pub after work for a few drinks, as it was not often that Robert was out of town for the night. Anyway, Samantha was not too keen to rush off to an empty home.

It was just after five when Heather met Samantha downstairs at reception and they decided to walk to the local pub, as it was only a block away from their office. They enjoyed their walk, chatted, and giggled along the way like two mischievous school girls. Wednesday nights were one of the busier nights at the local and it was already quite full when they arrived. As they edged their way to the bar counter, Samantha could hear a familiar voice call out to them. It was Tim from the office.

“Over here, come and join us!” he beckoned to them.

They both eased their way across the room to where Tim and the others were sitting, thankful that there were seats for them. They both said their hellos and sat down to join them as Tim asked, “What would the two of you like to drink?” Both decided on a dry white wine, so Tim went up to the bar counter and ordered them a bottle to share.

It was just after nine when Samantha noticed the time and, realizing that it was getting late, said her farewells and that she would see them all the next morning. Heather did not join Samantha, as she wanted to stay and have fun with the guys, so Samantha left and walked back up the block to her car and left for home.

Arriving home, Samantha kicked off her shoes, poured herself a nightcap and went upstairs. Sipping her drink as she made her way to the bed, she wondered what Robert was up to. Eventually, standing in only her blouse, skirt and underwear, she decided to call him as she had promised him earlier that morning. She dialed his number and whilst she waited for him to answer, started to unbutton her blouse.

“Hello, my darling,” Robert answered, “I wondered when you were going to call.”

“What are you up to?” Samantha responded. “Pleased to hear from me?”

“Nothing much, just lying on the bed going over some notes from our meeting today, and yes …very pleased to hear that sexy voice of yours again.”

Samantha placed her cellphone next to her on her pillow and pressed the speaker button so that her hands were free.

“I was reminiscing over the last few nights with you and so wanted to have sex with you. I wish it were you were lying next to me right now, your fingers unbuttoning my blouse and not mine.” Samantha purred. “My blouse has slid open revealing my white lacy brassiere, which I am now unclipping. Please tell me what to do next?”

Robert liked where this was going and responded; “Mmmm …. I want your hands to caress your breasts and at the same time tease your nipples … can you feel them harden? I do so love that feeling when they become aroused, as it arouses me, which is happening right now.”

“Oh, my darling, I can feel myself becoming aroused from my toes up to my pleasure land. Where would you like to touch me next?” Samantha sighed, becoming increasingly aroused at the thought of Robert’s fingers undoing her underwear and lightly stroking her hardening nipples.

“I want you to unzip your skirt and pull it off,” Robert answered as he too placed his phone on speaker on the pillow next to him and took off his shorts. Moving the papers out of the way, he made himself comfortable on the bed.

Samantha unzipped her skirt and pulled it off, letting it fall to the carpet. She then slid her white, lacy thong off which was too was dropped to the floor. The sensation that flowed through her was the anticipation of what was to come, having her lover make love to her via the phone. THis was something she had never done before.

“Are you lying comfortably?” Robert asked.

“Yes, I am ,and I am feeling so horny and wet. I want you and am ready to devour you. What would you like me to do? Don’t answer. I am going to tell you what I am going to do. My hands are caressing your body …from your already erect nipples …slowly down your chest and over your belly …to your very aroused and hard shaft. Oh, my darling, what I wouldn’t do to feel that pre-cum oozing from your thick, hard cock. To have my fingers wrapped around that stiff shaft as my fingers tease the ridge of that swollen head of your beautiful penis. Imagine my hand around your penis as I begin to massage it slowly.”

A pleasurable moan escaped Robert before he managed; “Imagine my hands as I fondle your breasts, my fingers teasing your nipples with my one hand as my other hand softly caresses your belly down towards your pussy.”

Samantha’s hands responded to each of Robert’s gestures. Robert could hear Samantha moan with pleasure through the speaker of his phone. He was as aroused as Samantha, his hand tightening around his already erect shaft as he slowly stroked his penis, listening to her.

Samantha, now fully aroused, listened intently as Robert whispered; “My one hand is now caressing your shaven mound as the finger of my other hand caress your belly. I can feel your wetness as my fingers probe those soft lips of yours. Samantha, you feel so good. my darling.Your clit feels so hard. I would love to have you feel my tongue on you. Touch yourself, my darling, feel how wet you are and imagine my fingers parting your soft lips, sliding up into you and feeling the warmth of your tight pussy. Feel my fingers going into you and massaging the inner walls of your warm pussy.”

“Oh, Robert, that feels so special. Although I am touching myself, it is actually your hands that are doing this to me,” Samantha moaned as her hands followed Robert’s cues. “You are so hard,” she continued, wanting to excite him as much as he was her; “I want to imagine that it is your penis inside me now, stretching me and thrusting up inside me. I want you to fuck me, Robert!”

With that, Samantha reached over to her bedside cupboard to retrieve her vibrator and switched it on. Placing it between her legs, she started rubbing it between her moistened lips to lubricate the substitute for Robert’s cock. Her lips parted as “Robert’s” cock entered her and eased its way into her moist sheath. Parting her legs even wider, she pushed the vibrator deeper into her and felt her pussy stretch as it filled her.

“Oh, Robert, have got my vibrator inside me and imagining it is your hard cock. Oh, my God, my darling, I want you to fuck me,” she moaned as she thrust the plastic cock into her aching vagina.

Robert loved hearing Samantha enjoying herself, which turned him on even more. Listening to Samantha moaning and telling him what she was doing aroused him immensely. The grip on his penis intensified as he stroked himself, listening to his wife fucking herself as if it were him.

Samantha started to feel the warmth of the volcano that was about to erupt within and the intensity of her moans were noticeably apparent to Robert. His stroking became even more intense as Samantha’s cries “Fuck me. Oh, Robert, fuck me harder,” became more intense and louder as she started to orgasm.

“Oh, God,” Samantha screamed through the phone as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her body, triggering Robert’s orgasm.

He spurted hot cum over his chest as Samantha cried out her pleasurable moans, pumping his hard cock as she convulsed in her own ecstasy. For a long while there was no sound heard from either phone as each relaxed in the moment of fulfillment.

“I can’t wait to be home,” Robert said eventually.

Samantha smiled; “Hope you have the energy, my darling.”

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