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My Shy Little Fling: Part One

An arrogant executive begins to fantasise about his new employee.

I tilted my head to one side to get a better look at Alison's ass as she stooped to refill the printer in the center of the office. The door of my office framed the image perfectly.

One of the main reasons I chose this office when joining the company was due to the great view of both the printer station and the water cooler I had from behind my desk when the door was open. I reclined further into my chair and let my eyes linger on the sight in front of me, thankful somewhat that there were no members of E&D around to catch me in the act and level me with an equality in the workplace lecture.

Alison was fairly new to the company and although I hadn't yet spoken to her personally, I knew that she was fresh to us from university. She was one of those highly educated young girls who was struggling to find work that justified her huge student loan.

She wasn't really my usual type, being short but not petite and blonde rather than the brunettes I usually went for. However, something about the way her grey business suit and buttoned down shirts strained against her fuller figure stirred something in me, especially on a dull Wednesday afternoon. She was also single. I knew this because I had read her CV and application; management has its perks after all. Her being single was always a bonus; you tend to be able to flirt more with the single girls.

After a minute or so of fidgeting with the printer, she moved off back to her workstation and out of view of my office. Thankful for the few minutes respite, I returned to my work for the day with the thought of that full, biteable ass lending both a smirk to my lips and a slight bulge to my trousers.

After a dull afternoon of sending chain emails and checking my stocks online, 5pm finally rolled around and the familiar sounds of people heading home filtered through my doorway. It didn't take people long to thin out once they were no long required to be here. The office emptied and I took the opportunity to go and refill my coffee.

I liked to stay behind after the worker bees have left; it made me look like I actually did something to justify my large salary and sometimes people left their workstations unlocked. The latter provided me the opportunity to read through some interesting private emails...

I wandered across the shop floor towards the kitchen area and noticed Alison was still at her small desk amid a pile of printed letters and empty envelopes. Her suit jacket was draped over the back of her chair and in this light, I could just make out her white bra beneath her shirt. Perched on the edge of her desk sat Karl, one of the young up-and-comers in the company whom I was scheduled to interview in two days hence for a position in middle-management. I watched the two of them casually as I refilled my mug from the coffee machine.

Karl sat in a pose of obvious flirtation, his knees wide and his dark muscled arms folded over his chest. Alison sat back in her chair, giggling at something the young man had said and I noticed the slight shrug in her shoulders that suggested she was pushing her already ample breasts out to their full potential.

Karl generally had that effect around the office; he was young, black, good looking, and had the kind of unattainable physique middle aged men like myself could only look at in envy. I also knew that there was only a handful of women in the office he hadn't slept with, married women included. I could tell Alison was interested but she was possessed of that shy demeanor that meant Karl was going to have to work at his conquest.

My coffee mug full, I wandered back to my office. Both Karl and Alison hushed their conversation as I made a point of strolling closer to their workstation. Karl nodded his head at me and gave me his customary "Evenin' Boss."

I returned a knowing smirk and slipped casually into my office. As I settled behind my mahogany desk I could hear the rustle of cloth and the rattle of chairs that meant the pair were leaving.

I made sure to give them a good five or so minutes to leave the office proper before wandering over to the south facing window of my office. The mirrored window looked out onto the car park and I couldn't help but shake my head as I watched the pair get into Karl's black BMW 3 series.

I knew of course that the gesture was most likely completely innocent; Alison did not own a car and with the dark nights drawing in I would have probably rebuked any man that let a young girl walk home on her own. But still, I couldn't help but find myself intrigued by the thought of the two of them together.

I suddenly had a very vivid mental image of Alison, her milky white rounded cheeks and full red lips straining to accommodate the long, thick veiny cock that Karl was always boasting about. I could almost hear her muffled groans as she pulled at the buttons to her shirt, taking out a large heavy breast and giving her nipple the attention it was begging for as her tongue swirled around the bulbous tip of the cock that filled her mouth. I could see Karl's fingers in her blonde hair, urging her further down his black shaft and controlling the rhythm with which she swallowed him.

I could feel my own girth now straining against my suit trousers and a wide smirk crossed my lips. She was far too meek for any of those shenanigans but after the monotonous day I had just experienced, the thought of her adorable round face being used in such a way set my pulse racing.

I began to imagine her on her knees right now in front of me. I played through the scenario in my head. Surely if she was willing to milk Karl's cock simply for driving her home, she would work wonders for a boss who offered her the bigger things. A glut of mental images pounded through my head. I thought of face fucking her as she knelt before me, her chin soaked with her own spit and the mascara running from her large blue eyes. I thought of pushing her onto my desk, pulling those tight fitting trousers down past her ample ass and fucking into her like a grunting animal as she clung to the polished wood.

Even better, I thought of the office outside being full. My dull eyed minions slaving over their keyboards while behind my closed door I punished Alison's plump little ass, my hand clamped over her mouth to ensure our sordid little affair went unnoticed.

My cock was in my hand now and I pumped it slowly, my mind fixated on the things I wanted to do to this girl. A plan began to form in my mind; one borne of a mixture of lust, power and arrogance. What had started that day as a quick eyeful by the printer had suddenly turned into a need to fuck this young girl. Her sheepish and quiet appearance when among the rest of the workforce would mask the slut I would make her at any private opportunity.

Playing around at work was nothing new to me. In my time with the company I had had intimate knowledge of a lot of my female employees all while maintaining the outward guise of being a happily married man. Alison would be different though; she wouldn't make demands of me when the affair lost its spark. She wouldn't expect me to purchase her expensive trinkets or foot the bill at five-star hotels whenever I wanted to fuck her. She would be my submissive, shy little fling.

I thought of her pretty little face looking up at me as I pumped my cock harder and faster. I saw her pinching at her nipples as her spare hand worked with urgency between her legs. I watched the glazed look of lust and ecstasy in her eyes. I had to grip my windowsill as a thick stream of cum shot from my cock across my office floor. I groaned and murmured her name. Tomorrow I would set things in motion...

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