My unexpected Sunday afternoon masturbation session

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How a CEI video spiced my Sunday up.
As this is my first written experience, let me introduce myself.

Male, 28, and the most important bit you need to know: I'm a passionate masturbator. Do not get me wrong, I love sex (with both genders) and as I've been told I'm quite good at it, but for some reason I prefer to play with myself. My personal history includes all kind of masturbation techniques, ranging from the most typical to the most kinky. I guess the best thing is to combine sex and masturbation in your life. Anyway, let's stop rambling, to the point.

The small experience I'm going to write about happened a Sunday. It was basically unexpected. I received a phone call from one of my buddies, we had to go for some beers, but for some unfortunate circumstances he could not make it, as a result I was out of plan for that day. So I switched to a plan B. Of course this meant wanking all afternoon.

I was alone at home, so I made myself comfortable, I sat in front of the computer and I started the typical routine. I started browsing some porn sites for some pictures. I don't want to get into much detail here as this is not the interesting part of the story, but I was soon naked, gently stroking my decently hard dick.

I was starting to get hot and I felt I needed something more, maybe a little bit of interaction, so I started skype, and looked like it was a lucky day because soon a nice looking buddy appeared. Quite soon, we started a chat.

He was a nice Japanese guy. We've wanked together several times. I think it is important to say here that I've got a fetish for lingerie and underwear, I like it on others and on myself. So before switching the webcam on I put a nice small thong I've got. I love the feeling of my balls compressed in it, as well as my hard knob being barely covered in that black small piece of fabric.

That day I was feeling particularly submisive, so I asked him what kind of show he wanted to watch. He wanted to see me having some anal fun, not unexpected.

I rushed into my room and I got my small anal dildo and sume lubricant, I put myself on all fours and started inserting it after applying some lube. My friend was enjoying it and his stroke speed was increasing. He was completely nude and, by the look of his face, he was enjoying it. Not satisfied though, he soon asked for some bigger tools. Again, I did not disappoint him. I got my girlfriend's dildo, a more realistic and real size dick.

I applied a good dose of lubricant, and, still with my thong on, I showed my dear friend how I inserted it slowly into my hole. My balls were full and willing to explode and my dick dripping with pre-cum. After some seconds I was moaning with pleasure, a little bit too much maybe. I just wanted my watcher to have a nice acoustic show as well. Soon after this I heard some noise and I could see my wank buddy cumming all over himself. I enjoyed the view and I nearly came when I saw all of his cum dripping from his hard cock. But suddenly the guy turned off his cam and I sat there alone, still with the dildo in my ass.

This disappointed me a little bit, but I'm kind of used to these situations. Also I was pretty excited and it would not take me long to cum myself. I decided that the best thing I could do was just get to one of those porn tube pages, start a video and finish.

So I did. I started a nice selection of cum on faces. I left the dildo. I brought the thong to my knees and I started stroking, watching how those girls ate those jizz blows. Then something came into my mind. One of the few things I had never been able to do was to eat my own jizz.

I had tried several times, but at the crucial moment when the cum came flying out of my cock I always closed the mouth, or I just plain missed my face entirely. As I was pretty hot I decided to try one of those 'Cum Eating Instructions' videos where a nice lady tells exactly how you should wank, and then, eat your own cum.

I looked for one of those vidoes and I found one, with a really nice lady in pink lingerie, the video was only five minutes long. With my state, that was more than long enough.

I played the video. The girl was really hot and described everything with a lovely precision. I started jerking gently as she was "commanding" me, then she told me to start harder. At that point I had to stop as I was about to cum and there were some minutes left. I stopped stroking and instead I started to rub my balls, never ceasing to listen to her soft voice telling me how much she wanted to see me eating cum.

After those two minutes, which felt like an eternity, she ordered me to get on my back, with my legs on the wall, I moved to this position quickly and did as I was being told. I grabbed my dick with both hands and started stroking harder and harder. No surprise, I was really hot, and when I heard the order to cum my dick exploded throwing a big load of jizz. At that precise moment I moaned as a result of the orgasm and the majority of cum went inside my mouth.

I didn't know why but I was quite shocked. I had manage to do the most important part of the deal. I was frankly surprised that I was not disgusted. After realizing this I heard the voice of the video ordering me to swallow.

I gave it a second thought, that was the second part, the one that I've never managed to accomplish. After some seconds I did it. I had finally managed to swallow my own load, and it tasted lovely.

The video finished and I sat back, with my tongue licking the remains of the juice from my chin.

Soon after my friend phoned me again. He had solved his issue and could go for the beers. That Sunday turned out to be quite okay.