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My unknown lover

phone sex is an adventure, with a peeking partner
The incessant ringing of the phone pulls me from the shower, I pick it up, and after saying hello, I stop and listen close. That deep southern drawl pulls me in again.

“You may not believe this,” he says, “But I can see you, I know exactly where and how your standing. You’re standing with your hand on your hip, trying to look out the window without getting too close. Wondering if you will spot me, finally get to see where I am. Catch me staring at your nakedness. That’s it look harder, you have no idea where I could possibly be.”

“Please…” I whisper into the phone.

“Oh, yes, I see everything you do, I see when you go to bed at night, when your touching yourself, how you like to rub your clit, pulling and pinching your nipples, how your body arches as you cum.”

A shudder rolls over me knowing this man knows my every move. His voice deep and sexy causes me to quiver. I absently touch my pussy, not knowing how he could be watching me so closely, where the hell is he?

“That’s it," he growls,"Touch your pussy, rub it hard and get it wet.”

My hand pauses.

“No, baby you can’t stop now. You like it when I tell you how you’re a nasty slut. You know you like that you can make men drool over your wet cunt, your fat ass and your hard nipples. You like knowing that you can make any man grab his cock and start stroking, wanting to fill your sweet wet cunt. Yes, slut, I even watch you while your chatting on the internet, fingering yourself, sucking the cum from your fingers. You’re such a horny slut, just the way I like it.”

I must admit this guy has it pretty accurate. He seems to know of my extra curricular activities. A multitude of thoughts runs through my brain. Can he really see me fucking my pussy as I chat on my computer, or when one of my dates calls me? Does he have my phone tapped? Does he know about the phone sex, with my male and female lovers? How hot I get when we describe how we are touching ourselves or what we want to do to each other, until we both cum so hard that we are breathless? Does he know how I love to have a hard cock buried in my pussy making me cum or how I love to feel my girl's mouth on my cunt and mine on hers as we fill each other's mouth with cum?

Strangely enough, it gives me a thrill, knowing that he is out there watchin. At the same time, it makes me nervous. How can he possibly know?

“Now,” he says, “Reach down and touch that pretty naked cunt for me. Show me how wet and horny you are. Show me what you would do to my cock, should I decide to give it to you to play with. Make your cunt cum for me, knowing that my cock is hard, and throbbing for you to impale your hot little cunt on it."

My hand touches my nipples.

He growls into the phone, “That’s it, baby, touch your nipples. Pinch them hard. Twist them. Pull your tits up away from your body with them. Let me see how badly you want a hard cock in your wet cunt. Put the phone down, put it on speaker, and rub your hard clit for me. Does that surprise you baby, that I know your clit gets hard? You just can’t help but jerk it like I jerk my cock while I’m watching you.”

“Now go kneel on the couch, face the wall. That’s it, just like that. Push that fat ass out towards the window, so I can see your cunt dripping. Let me have a good clear view of that beautiful hairless cunt. Spread your legs wider. Yes, that’s it. Open those fat, puffy lips for me. It’s so wet it glistens. You’re so close to cumming, aren’t you? Horny slut, you want my man meat in your cunt right now, don’t you slut? You want me to fuck you, like the whore you really are, don’t you?”

“Right about now, you wouldn’t care whose cock was in your cunt, you just want one, buried deep inside, sliding between your swollen, aching lips. Pounding deep into you, bringing you so close to cumming that you would be begging for release. Am I right? Does that cunt need to cum? Well? Answer me, bitch.”

“Yes!” I screamed. “I need a cock. Your cock, any cock. I don’t care, I need to be fucked. Hard. Please, I just need my cunt filled.”

Knowing what was coming next, my body starts to quiver, and I can feel my juices flowing.

Chuckling into the phone, he says. “You really are a slut, aren’t you? You would fuck anything that came near you right now, wouldn’t you? Okay, slut, show me how you want to fuck me. Use your dildo, and slowly put it into your cunt. Does that feel good? Don’t spoil it for either of us now. Don’t cum yet. Yes, slut, the thoughts of that cunt on my cock, has me stroking, and I’m almost ready to blow my load. Fuck me, I wish I was in there with you, instead of just watching you, trying to imagine that tight cunt on my cock. A little faster now, baby, fuck that cunt faster! Look at how your juices flow and run down your thighs. I want to taste your cum, feel it coating my tongue and lips. Yesssss! Cum. Cum now, slut, cum with me, Fuck me! Cum! Fuck that cock in and out of your cunt. Harder. Use both hands. That’s it. Fuck me, I’m cumming.”

His words imprinting in my thoughts as my body tenses, I canott help it. My cunt demands the release. I feel my muscles spasm as my cunt bites down on my dildo.

Screaming out, “Oh, fuck, yessssss.” My cum squirting from me, panting and fighting for breath, I manage to ask, “You know me too well, where the fuck are you?”

His breathless reply comes to me. “I’m right there with you my sweet slut. Same time tomorrow?”

“Same time tomorrow,” I reply and I break the connection, looking quickly out the window hoping to spot my unknown lover.

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