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Mysterious Tease

Mysterious Tease

I never knew how alluring the unknown could be...till him.
I was sitting in the corner of the room in my tiny library cubical. I couldn't stop tapping my pencil rhythmically and absentmindedly on the desktop. Normally I was a giggling ball of fun, drawing attention to myself with my crazy talks. Unfortunately not today. Instead, I was supposed to be studying for the looming finals next week, but I was a little preoccupied with a mystery. I couldn't focus on my work, I glanced down at my newly ruined mechanical pencil.

Who was this guy?

My mind kept wandering to the mysterious guy that had been haunting all my normal hangouts. This man had been in and out of my little circle of friends for weeks now. I honestly couldn't get him out of my mind.

I first noticed him in the Quad just sitting there in the shade reading a book. Then I saw him in the food court eating dinner. Now, he was a few rows down from me, sitting at a table talking to a friend of mine about the way different wages and incomes work in different cultures.

Great, so now I was smacking over a smart and cute guy, just lovely.

I haven't had a challenge like this in a long time. But it was almost finals and I needed to work on school. I should not be concentrating about getting into those incredibly, perfectly, snug fitting jeans of his. I shook my head to get that exquisite dream making image out of my head. His looks were just above a normal height, with pure black hair, and deep grey eyes. Nothing extraordinary to me, but there was just something...unusual.

Blushing ten shades of red, I grabbed my books and headed out the door in a blur of speed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him look up at me, as he shifted in his seat to see my speedy exit from the room.

As I walked across the green, I decided a shower and some dinner would help me get into a better mind set to tackle those papers that were burning holes in my book bag. I ditched my bag immediately upon walking through the door and slowly pulled off my tee, not stopping a bit as I raced to the bathroom.

By the time I reached for the knob to turn on the water, I was down to just my bra and panties. The rest of my clothes made a perfect trail to where I stood in front of my shower. I glanced in the mirror thinking back to the library.

My eyes became wider as I tilted my head to the left and I could see the image of him behind me leaning in to kiss my neck. His breath was sweet on my ear and I felt the beat of his heart on my back. His hands slowly wrapped around to my breast. He worked my nipples, gently pulling them through the grey lace.

What the hell?!

I snapped out of it and turned around. The water was steaming up the room. I slowly tugged my bra off and let it fall to the ground. I ran my fingers over my hips and hiked my panties down just to see the wetness staining the light grey lace. 

Great he was really getting to me. Maybe ice cold water would have been a better idea. 

I closed the curtain to the shower with one final look at the foggy mirror longing for the image to be real. I grabbed my favorite coconut shower soap and my luffa, as I worked it into a drenching lather. Slowly, I meticulously started at my toes that were resting on the side step. I worked my way up my leg, as I drifted off in my head, back to his face. His dark silky black hair and those grey eyes that could see deep into you.

Without realizing it, I had moved the luffa around my breasts. I placed it on the shelf and began to massage them till my nipples stood completely hard and achy. I continued to rub each of them and slowly made my way around my neck and back down my hips.

As my breath quickened, I thought back to his jeans and how tightly they wrapped around his bulging package. I'm sure it had to be big and thick to fill them so nicely. My hands now slowly wondered from my breast to my belly and around my hips. The lather was so thick, I appeared to be covered in a layer of snow.

"Mmmm," I slowly and quietly moaned to myself.

My hands found my radiating mound. I slowly slid my hand between my legs letting the foam run down my arm onto my slick pussy. My fingers easily discovered my clit and slowly in a circle, I gingerly rubbed it.

His face burned in my memory as hard and hot as the water washing down over my back. Faster I rubbed, darting a finger in my slit in a slow rhythm. His voice hit my memory like a ton of bricks. How smooth and deep it was. It had such an affect on me even though it wasn't directed at me. My breathing grew ragged as I allow his voice to fill my head.

"Cum for me baby. Be a good girl."

I placed my free hand against the smooth cold tile to brace myself. I felt his imaginary arm wrap around my waist pulling me closer to him. I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck, or was that just the steam?

"Do it, let me see. Don't you want to please me?"

With his last question, I had lost completely what little self restraint I had left. My slit immediately started to quiver and I focused on him as I began to organism strong and loudly. My pussy squeezed down on my finger as I finally came. I stood under the steady stream of the hot water, and let out a long sigh of relief and frustration.

Dressed and sitting in my favorite over sized chair minutes later, my mind wondered back to the shower and him.

"For the love girl, get over it!" I said out loud to myself.

There was a sharp rap at my door. I immediately opened it to reveal my friend Ran and HIM!

"Hey, what's up Ran?" I asked startled.

"Not much dear. Wanted you to meet a new friend. I thought maybe he could help you on that economics paper."

"Oh yeah?" starring straight at MY mysterious man, kind of ignoring Ran. 

Stretching out his arm and uncurling splendid long fingers, he offered his hand to me. "Hello Erin, I've seen you around. By the way, I'm Blake."

His hand wrapped gently around mine as I just nodded, stood up, and smiled. Then he flashed me the most wicked and evil grin I had ever seen. With a little tug of his hand I stepped just inches away from him. He leaned forward, grinning and whispered...Good girl.

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