Naughty at night

By Masquerade

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Elizabeth uses her toys and hot thoughts to get herself off. A short story.
It's finally the weekend. After a productive day around the house I'm ready to get down and naughty. Most importantly I'm ready to get off, once, maybe twice. Hi my name is Elizabeth. I work hard and I play harder. I have all kind of fun things in my tool box to ensure my pleasure. I could have fun with my husband, but he's away on business. I'm 28 and all curves.

Tonight I chose a pink dolphin vibrator with a special extension that vibrates and twirls around my clit, when used correctly. As I crawl into bed naked after my shower I start picturing this dirty little scene in my mind. A gentle hummmm sounds through my room. In my mind:

I see a young girl just turned 18 rinsing her body in the shower. Her tanned body in beautiful, her breasts lush. I watch as the water and soap makes a path down her firm sexy breasts to her hip followed by her hand. She brings her hand back up to tease her nipples, as more water caresses her body from above. The feel of the water is like tongues licking her body, making her hot. Her other hand slips down to slid her fingers gently through her pussy. She is starting to flush with pleasure, and lets out a little moan as she pinches her nipple and begins to play with her clit in earnest.

I know just how she fills as I start twirling that little nub on my vibrator around my clit just teasing myself. In my story she's going at it seeking sweet release on her nimble little fingers. Another moan escapes as her strokes become more urgent. Suddenly she feels a male body slip in behind her. She can't believe she was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn't even notice the curtain move. His arms cross over her chest as he says " I thought you could use some help. I've been watching you for weeks now wanting to suck those sweet nipples, and fuck that wet tight pussy of yours Elizabeth." It's her step brother Zack. He's on vacation from college. Zack has a sexy body, and goes to the gym on a regular basis. Elizabeth always thought he was hot, but she's shy, and he's off limits anyway. Another moan lets out as his fingers replaces her own on her breasts.

I'm delaying the inevitable as I twirl my pink dildo in my pussy, tightening my muscles to heighten my pleasure. I'm just waiting for the story to reach it's climax before I reach mine. Zack spins his step sister around and looks up into her shining eyes. Her face is filled with desire and he looks at her pretty breasts, and cups them. Their beautiful and he wants them in his mouth. Zack pushes them together and takes them into his mouth both at the same time. Elizabeth's quick inhalation lets him know she's excited. He lets her left one slip and tongues her right. His fingers play over her other nipple. " Elizabeth play with that pretty pussy." She moves her right hand back down and begins teasing her pussy again. He was hard just seeing her through the clear shower curtain, which he neatly installed upon his arrival. Now it almost hurt to be so close to Elizabeth but not in her. He stands up and takes her in his arms and kisses her like a starving man at his first meal. Her mouth was sweet and cool and he can't help himself, he plunges his tongue through her lips mimicking what his cock wants to do to her body. She begins to kiss him back, and before he knows it they are both breathing hard and moaning. Her body begins to press into his in time with his kisses. He can't take another second! He has to be in her, this torturers just to much. He lifts her legs and she seems to understand what he wants. She crosses her ankles behind him as he presses her against the shower wall. His dick's already at her entrance, and he adjusts so that he plunges into her. Shies tight, wet and hot. All things good. He could feel her vagina tight around his dick as she wiggles against him. He slowly moves in and out, the position affording him the ability to choose the speed, and depth. He makes two short strokes in and out then a hard stroke in. He could hear her heavy breathing and moans near his ear, he knows his moans and grunts are just as loud. Elizabeth's putty in his hands but playtime's over. He thrust in and out of her, his speed increasing. God if he knew she was gonna feel this good he would have found a way to fuck her sooner! He could feel her nails score his back and knows she is close. It just turns him on more. He is pumping wildly, her breasts jiggling, as his cock plunges into her pussy. He can smell her desire now. All thoughts left as he felt his balls tightened, Elizabeth let out a soul wrenching moan, and began trembling. Thats all it took, he shot his load, and his orgasm kept going. Sperm kept pumping into her hot cunt."Holy fuck!"

I began to cum and am trembling all over. If you could see me you would see a woman flushed with passion, her nipples pointy and pink. My vagina trembled over the length of my fake cock. Finally my orgasm eased.I felt my juices leak out of my pussy, and swiped some up with two fingers. I smelled sweet. I tasted even better. Someday I hope to taste another womans pussy. Maybe I'll share that fantasy with you next.