Naughty IM'in

By SirSpanksAlot80

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This story takes place one night when a naughty friend and I start to chat through IM.

With her permission I have posted here for all to enjoy.

Becca: Hi, how are you, How was your day?

Just catching up since it's been a couple of days since we chatted.

Spanky: Just fine how are you, I've missed you

Our usual start to our conversations. A little chit chat and then, the conversation turns into a heated one.

Spanky: would you be down with trying something for me.

Becca: Whats that?

Spanky: It's a masturbation technique I come up with, want to see if it works for women too.

Becca: Yeah I'll try anything once or twice if I like it.

Spanky: Mmmmmm, Nice.

Spanky: I'll tell you what I want you to do.

Spanky: You don't have to answer just read and enjoy.

Becca: OK :)

Spanky: Can you play with yourself in the position your in right now and finger yourself?

Becca: OH yes, I'm very comfortable totally naked and waiting.

Spanky: Mmmmm, SO SEXY ;)

Spanky: I want you to lean back in your chair, spreading your legs wide so you can see the screen and still play with yourself. With your right hand, run your thumb across your mouth.

Spanky: Tracing your bottom lip with your thumb. Gently suck on it like you would a nice hard cock. Mmmmm, that's it, so SEXY

Spanky: Now run your left hand down your neck to your collarbone tracing it from shoulder to shoulder. Let it lightly run down in between your breast, up and down. As it comes down again let it cup your hot heavy left breast. Lightly fondle your tit. Squeeze it nice and soft.

Spanky: I want you to play with your nipple. Twist and pull it lightly, not to hard but not to softly just enough to make you moan. That's it feel your body start to tingle as you twist and pull your nipple making it grow hard.

Spanky: Now slowly move to your right nipple. Twisting and pulling it too. Make it nice and hard like the other one. I know you want to rub your slit right now but don't she will have to wait a little longer.

Spanky: Release your breast. Now slowly run your right hand down your chest. Cupping both of your tits with your hands. Fondle them like your lover would.

Spanky: Twist and pull your nipples making them rock hard nubs. Flick your thumb across the tips of your nipples. Ohhh yeah that's it feel the pleasure run down your body.

Spanky: Slowly massage your tits in your palms, then flick your thumbs across your nipples again.

Spanky: Now run your left hand slowly down your belly. Keep twisting your nipple with your right hand. Lightly run your finger tips around your belly button just on the edge.

Spanky: Feel your belly quiver under your hand. Make sure you breath nice and steady. Twist your nipple a bit harder now.

Spanky: Let your left hand continue down your belly. But stop at your pubic area.

Spanky: Remember to breath nice and steady. Run your fingers down a bit further hitting the top of your mound. Lightly let them run up and down. Not touching your slit just the top of your mound. Rubbing the hot wet flesh nice and slow.

Spanky: Bring your hard nipple up to your mouth and suck on it. Nibble on your nipple a bit, not to hard just enough, then suck on it. You feel like you want to slam your fingers into your wet pussy.

Spanky: Don't she will still have to wait a bit more. Now grip your hard nipple with your teeth and flick your tongue across the tip of it. Still breathing run your hand up your belly again making it's way to your other nipple.

Spanky: Tease it again for me, twist and pull it.

Becca: Oh fuck I want to play

Spanky: Mmmmm, that's so sexy. Now the fun will start baby.

Spanky: Release both of your breasts. Make sure your legs are far enough apart to finger your wet pussy. Nice and steady run you left hand slowly down to your hot, wet, mound.

Spanky: Let your fingers lightly go up and down your wet lips. Nice and slow. With your thumb flick your hard clit only once. Don't forget to breath nice and steady.

Becca: OH FUCK!!!

Spanky: Lightly but steady rub your clit again for me

Becca: Oh yeeeeesssssss!!!

Spanky: Now cup your wet, hot pussy with your left hand. Place your palm against your clit, rub your fingers thru your lips, using your middle finger to slip in between your lips. Use your index and ring to press your lips around your middle.

Spanky: Lightly run your hand up and down your pussy. Still remembering to breath nice and steady.

Becca: Mmmmmmmmmmm

Spanky: Your other hand is lightly rubbing up and down your inner thigh. Still breathing nice and steady.

Spanky: Now let your middle finger slip into your hot, wet pussy. Thrusting in and out nice and slow. Breath. Don't forget to breath.

Becca: Oh fuck!!!!!!!

Spanky: I know you want to just slam your finger deep and hard into your waiting pussy but don't. Remember to breath.

Spanky: Rubbing your palm harder on your throbbing clit. Slowly pick up your pace of letting your finger slide in and out of your pussy.

Spanky: Breath!!!

Spanky: Grind your palm, rub harder on your clit. Feel the pleasure flow through your body.

Becca: I can't I'm gonna explode!!!

Spanky: That's the point. But don't cum yet, and don't forget to breath.

Spanky: Slide your finger in a bit more nice and steady, thrusting in and out of your throbbing, wet pussy.

Spanky: Breathing is important. So don't forget to breath

Spanky: Mmmmm, I can just imagine your dripping wet now. So I want you to pull your finger out and lightly rub your clit. Very lightly you will feel like you will cum. But don't, make it last a bit longer.

Becca: Oh fuck!!! I want to cum so bad, babyyyyyy. Oh fuckkkkkk me!!!!

Spanky: Not yet baby

Spanky: Rub your clit in small short circles but lightly, not to hard I want you to feel the ecstasy build up deep in you. Remember to breath baby.

Becca: I'm shaking so hard, its hard to breath

Spanky: Slow down baby. Just lightly rub your clit regain your breathing. If you don't breath you will cum and all the fun will be over!

Spanky: How are you doing baby

Becca: Oh fuck, I am ready to cum so hard baby fuck!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!

Spanky: Not yet baby.

Spanky: Since you are about to blow sexy. I want you to take both hands, rub then up and down your inner thighs nice and steady. Don't forget to breath.

Becca: Fuck me your making me crazy.

Spanky: Feel your kitty needing you to finger her so hard. But she'll have to wait

Becca: Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh

Spanky: Now I want you to slowly, with which ever hand to rub your wet lips. BUT don't touch your clit, just your lips, rub them nice and slow, up and down. Get them wet as possible.

Becca: Now I want to shove them in my pussy

Spanky: No don't do that baby. I want you to enjoy every minute of this. You will be so pleased.

Spanky: Slowly running your fingers up and down. When you get to your clit flick it once. Only once don't forget to breath.

Spanky: Now back down

Spanky: Then up

Becca: Oh fuck

Spanky: Now back down

Spanky: Feel your kitty begging you to make her cum

Becca: Please baby!!!

Spanky: As you get back up to the clit flick it again

Becca: Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkk!!!

Spanky: Now I want you to slowly insert two fingers nice and steady but don't thrust, just slide them in

Becca: Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Spanky: Feel your tunnel grip your fingers, begging for you to thrust, in and out of your wet, hot kitty. But be patience

Spanky: With the other hand I want you to lick your index and middle finger. Now lightly rub your clit slowly not to hard.

Spanky: Now slowly thrust you finger in and out of your pussy

Becca: Your making me crazy!!!

Spanky: Not hard just enough. Feel your walls grip your fingers, slowly thrust them in and out nice and steady.

Becca: I'm cumming baby I can't help it. Oh Fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

Spanky: Yeah you came. You didn't remember to breath.

Becca: I'm sorryy. Damn fingers are shaking too much baby, it's hard to type :)

Spanky: No, don't be

Becca: I was breathing!!!

Spanky: Mmmmm, how do you feel

Becca: I am shaking all over and weak. Oh fuck I'm so weak.

Spanky: Yeah I knew that would happen, don't try to get up and walk right now

Becca: Cant even stand up

Spanky: Mmmmm, this was so GOOD baby. I have the biggest hard on right now and pre-cum running down my shaft.

Becca: Oh fuck. I wish I was there to lick it off, like a sucker ;)

Spanky: GOD!!! I wish you were here too baby. Licking and sucking my throbbing cock.

Becca: I'm sorry baby but I'm gonna have some company soon. I have to jump in the shower because when we chat I'm a mess after :)

Spanky: Mmmm,. that's so FUCKING SEXY :D

Becca: Thank you so much baby, it was magical like always. Love you my horny lil devil xoxo

Spanky: Love you too my NAUGHTY lil angel xoxo